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 Chen Erwa did not say a word in the end, and he just shook a few times finally, there's no sound, leaving only endless despair in his eyes.

That giant virtual shadow directly stuffed Xiao Chen into its own mouth, the original invisible ghost unexpectedly issued a "creaky" sound while the giant virtual shadow's huge mouth chewing, and gradually disappeared in the giant virtual shadow's mouth.

I knew that Xiao Chen did deserved it, but I couldn't help feeling a shiver when I saw this scene. I also felt a little shiver about Witch Yan. The old lady was not as harmonious as she used to be in my mind.

Luo Wen has been shivering around, I felt very uncomfortable with the present appearance of Witch Yan, "scared?" I asked Luo Wen trying to make conversation.

Luo Wen glanced at me, he looked pale and crying: "how do I write the report?"

I stunned for a moment, almost laughed out, and then I felt sad, ah, so many police died. At this time Witch Yan had put away the virtual shadow, the whole virtual shadow behind her directly become smaller, finally integrated into her shadow.

Witch Yan told Luo Wen not to reveal existence of us. Then she returned to the car and sat down next to my mother in the eyes of Luo Wen, as she passed by me, very said in a very low voice "Your mother and me have a good relationship."

I understood what she meant, but after seeing the power and ruthlessness of Witch Yan, there was no way to rest assured as before. However, I also believed the words of Witch Yan, her relationship with my mom was really good. She definitively wouldn't do anything bad to my mother at that time, but in the future, who can guarantee. Now Witch Yan in my eyes was just like a time bomb.

Things here was over, but the matter of Xueer had not begun. I patted on Luo Wen's shoulders, as a consolation, and then got on the car. This time no longer delayed, I went back to my hometown straightly. As for helping Jiaojiao to find her body, after I told her things about Xueer. Jiaojiao also agreed to wait until I finished it, after all, she did not know where her body was. It was not easy to look for it because of the endless mountain of my hometown.

My home was cleaned by relatives everyday. After I got my room, I was exhausted. When I was driving, I couldn't stop dozing off. Luckily, Aunt Li reminded me all the time. Otherwise, I would have dropped into ditch, but when I laid in bed, I did not feel any sleepiness, the scene of this evening came to my mind again and again, only to turn into a sigh in the end.

Perhaps because I slept late last night that nobody waked me up after daybreak, I got up until lunch time. I relaxed my stiff body and then walked out of the room, my mother and Xueer were in the courtyard of my house, chatting with a group of acquaintances who look familiar, but I didn't know how to call them, of course, it was my mother that chatted with them, Xueer was praised in most of the conversations.

I said hello to them one by one under my mother's direction. I tried to make an appointment with Aunt Li to go and have a look at the place that in the photo, it was exactly the entrance of the village.

Aunt Li did not promise me but told me that Witch Yan had another plan. I didn't quite understand what she meant. Perhaps because of Lulu, I trusted the people in the ghost building, and this kind of trust was even more than my trust in Witch Yan.

After dinner, Witch Yan came over, she was very prestige in the surrounding villages, simply greeted to me, and then took me to the mess grave behind the ancestral temple.

We must know that although this was a mess grave, ordinary people were not allowed to come. It is said that it was the place where the Japanese killed the whole village during the War of Resistance against Japan. At that time, the bodies were buried on this spot. For those who survived, whom here buried were their own relatives, and for people by then, what buried here were their elder family: Grandpa, great Grandpa and so on.

I remember that when I was a child I came here once, I didn't know anything about it. Then I was beaten. I was very sad, so my memory was very deep. When I stepped in again, there was totally no childhood impression here.

It was surrounded by thick bamboo which were very dense, I did not know how many generations already, and in the center of the bamboo forest there was a small slope, covered with nameless weeds, they were as tall as adults, completely covered the ground.

There was a small stone altar near the ancestral temple here, which was the only evidence to prove it was a grave.

Witch Yan took me to the in front of altar, took out fragrant wax, paper, candle from her bag and put them closely one by one. She then said to me: "you have blood of Wu's family, so I take you here to pray for the ancestors to protect Xueer, Yin Qi is very heavy here, Xueer is unable to come."

I nodded, and then watched her settled down tributes and lit candles, after praying and paying homage, she let me did the same thing in her way. Certainly, I did it ,then she put a small white bowl on the altar and poured white wine into it, she punctured my index finger with a needle and dripped three drops of blood into it.

Then she read a paragraph of text, but Witch Yan read very fast, I completely unable to follow what she was saying. By then, I was surprised to see that the slope in front of me had a lot of cyan smoke, and it was circle around in the middle of the sky obscured by bamboo forest, I didn't know what they were. But what could be sure was that it was not the same thing as what I had seen before. It was neither Yin Qi, Ghost Qi, nor resentment, injustice.

"Kneel down." Witch Yan yelled when I was looking at the smoke, I was scared and took a while to get back myself, respectfully kneeling on the ground, it was our Wu family's ancestral grave.

When Witch Yan's muttering incantations, the cyan smoke wandering in the air intertwined with each other, rotating into the bowl of my blood, the whole bowl of wine all turned cyan, until all the smoke entered, Witch Yan knelt down and kowtowed. It Looked like it was over.

Just when I thought that Witch Yan would give me the rest of the wine in the bowl, she shook off a little incense ash that had not burned out, and then she put the paper ash and candles, which turned my stomach. If she let me drink it, to be honest, I really couldn't do it.

Fortunately, it was obviously not for me to drink, because after she had done all things, the wine gradually solidified in my astonished eyes, and finally became cyan, with a strange fragrance, I could not say what the smell it was like, but it was not repulsive.

Witch Yan seemed tired, sitting on the ground for a while and then stood up, her head was full of sweat, the hands that holding bowl were slightly trembling.