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 Sister Hua took these photos and had a look, and then she just looked at me, saying, "Isn't Xue'er all right here?"

I just nodded and then Wu Jian explained, "That's the biggest change in photos now. In the past, he would receive the photos just after the people in the photos died, and it also seem to let Wu Rui save them. Now it is different. Photos will send to him when the people in it are still alive. Within a month of receiving the photos, everyone in the picture will die, and die in the same way as the second photo shows. I think the second photo is the key, and its ghosting represents two possibilities, that is whether or not Wu Rui manages to save the person in the photo."

Yan'er felt very strange and asked, "What exactly does this mean? To let Wu Rui go to be a hero?"

I pounded the table gently and said almost word by word, "Whatever that means, I have no choice."

"But do you know where this locust tree is? But such a big locust tree should be very rare." Yan'er said.

I nodded hard, "My mom just told me today that an elder in the hometown passed away, she wanted to take Xue'er back to the countryside. Because she didn't want me to come into contact with the dead people or the unlucky things, she didn't take me. Maybe this old locust tree is in the country."

Yes, this old locust tree had left a deep impression in my childhood memory. It was at the entrance of my mom's hometown, and under the tree was the only well in the village.

Sister Hua just nodded, nodded, thinking thoughtfully for a while, and said, "What's your plan?"

After Lulu's death, I was not as casual as ever in the ghost building, so I hesitated for a moment, and opened my mouth to say, "Sister Hua, I don't know where Huang Xiaolong is now, and Wu Jian also has no strength to cope with the ghosts, so I hope..."

"Well." Sister Hua directly interrupted me, and said, "You always talk in a roundabout way, just like a goddamn girl. I'll let Phoenix and Old Mrs. Li to accompany you."

Phoenix and Old Mrs. Li? I have never heard of the two names in the ghost building. When I was about to inquire this, Xiao Lingdang beside me said that she also wanted to with me.

At first, Sister Hua disagreed with it. However, after she said Phoenix and Old Mrs. Li would go there, so there would be no danger, Sister Hua hesitated for a while and finally agreed her to go with us.

It seemed that both Phoenix and Old Mrs. Li were the people with very powerful strength, otherwise she wouldn't agree Xiao Lingdang to go with us.

But then I still asked her about the two people, and she said, "Well, by the way, you could know each other."

After saying, my mouth wiggled, which seemed that I was talking, but there was no voice from my month. After a while, the two people came over from far away. At first, their figures were still very vague, but with their approaching, their figures became very clear. In my eyes, they looked no different from others. If I had not watched they two gradually approaching us, I would have suspect whether they were ghosts.

On the left was a woman in a long red dress, with red wavy hair and the red heels at his feet, which made her look like a flame. However, there was no smile on her beautiful face, so she looked very cold and detached, which formed a sharp difference from her clothes.

On the right also was a woman, but a middle-aged woman. As a matter of fact, I could already guess who they were respectively from the name given by Sister Hua. However, what made me really surprised was her dress. She wore a black dress with blue flowers and even an apron, just like a rural housewife. In addition, her fat round face with a warm smile reminded me of the canteen aunt everyone loved when I was in the village primary school.

The woman in red dress was Phoenix and the canteen aunt was Old Mrs. Li. Then Sister Hua told them something about me and asked them to help me. I did not hear wrong. She used "please" and it seemed that Sister Hua was extremely respectful to the two women.

Old Mrs. Li laughed and agreed with it. Phoenix just nodded and left. I looked at the figure of Phoenix and wondered if it was my hallucination to see her nod her head just now. At this moment, Old Mrs. Li said hello to me and mentioned, "When you are about to leave, just say it'. I will call Phoenix."

I was very fond of Old Mrs. Li and touched the bloody bracelet left by Lulu, and then I said, "Madam, do you think you can stay in here?"

"I love what you say. I think we don't have to stay here. If you have car, we take it. If not, please buy us two bus tickets. It is not easy for us to go out, so I can have a good look at the outside world." Old Mrs. Li looked very happily.

Wu Jian hurriedly said we could drive his car to go there. After chatting for a while, Old Mrs. Li left, and I said to Wu Jian, "Mom and I are leaving during the day, and you should be there as soon as possible at night."

"Why so much trouble?" Yan'er asked doubtfully. "Old Mrs. Li and Phoenix are not ordinary ghosts, so it will not be a big deal for them to bask in the sun."

I was surprised that I had never heard of the ghost who could walk in the sun. I didn't know whether Yan'er was just talking the nonsense, so I strangely looked at Sister Hua. Then she just smiled and nodded, which immediately let me full of confidence to go to save Xue'er.

The people who would go to my mom's hometown has been confirmed and were "my mom, me, Xue'er, Wu Jian, Old Mrs. Li, Phoenix, Xiao Lingdang and Xiao Tong".

However, Wu Jian's car couldn't hold such many people. Therefore, he contacted a friend and they two exchanged car. His friend's car was a seven-seat MPV, which could be fully able to meet the requirements of the number of people.

After going back and persuading my mom to go with these tourists, like Old Mrs. Li, there was another person in our team, that was Witch Yan. The team was luxurious, but there was another problem with the car. Therefore, Wu Jian decided to help me take care of Xiao Tong at home. He also didn't have much use anyway. In addition, although Xiao Tong had the powerful strength, there were so many masters accompanied, so we naturally didn't have to need Xiao Tong to go with us.

But, I finally became the driver.

After all the arrangements had been made, we went on our way according to our scheduled itinerary. My hometown was far away from the county. It's 600 kilometers. Usually even mother rarely went back and Xue'er had never been there, so most of our impression on the hometown still stayed more than ten years ago.

There were mud houses all over the place. However, I thought it had been more than a decade, so the hometown should be well developed. After all, the current countryside almost had small a change after three years and had a great change after five years.

The next afternoon, we were on the road to the hometown and mom started complaining about why the road condition was still so bad. As for this, I just answered her occasionally.

For more than a decade, I hadn't thought of why the road to my hometown was the same as before. However, there was no way to do anything about it. There were few people in our hometown, and the distance between towns sometimes could be several tens of kilometers. In addition, most of today's young people had went out to work, and there only were the the old and the weak people left in the village. A village with a smaller population is only a few dozen people, so it was indeed not worth it to specialize in road repair.

"We're almost arriving there." Mom was a little excited, after all, this was the place where he was born. I also looked out of the window. Outside the window were dense woods and the memory of the past has been blurred. I really didn't know whether we were arriving there, but mom said it should not be wrong.

Then mom and Old Mrs. Li began to talk about the old days in the countryside. The nearly ten hours of communication in the car made mom and Old Mrs. Li familiar with each other, both of whom were very talkative. What's more, the similar age and appearance also made them become the friends with Witch Yan.

Just as they were having fun talking, I suddenly saw a bunch of people in white on the narrow road ahead. I was startled and hurriedly take the brake. I secretly blame myself that I should be so absorbed in listening to what they were talking about, but fortunately, I stopped the car in time.

The sudden brake almost made my mom hit the front seat, and then she just opened her month and blamed me. However, when she suddenly saw the figure in front, she said strangely, "Why is there still a funeral so late?"