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 Restriction of going out. My mom cried, then gave out a roar that I had never heard and barred me from going out. Besides, my mom still remembered what Witch Yan had said, so she told me that when I recovered, I should never go out of the ghost building. Of course, mom was afraid to live in the ghost building, but with the help of Wu Jian, she rented a store on the opposite side of the ghost building, selling snacks.

Kaoshan Street itself was a commercial street and the flow of people was very large, so mom's business was very good, but this action also caused the woman ghosts in the ghost building cheering. The previous few times, mom was scared very much and then she gradually got used to it. Afterwards, she no longer needed me to go out. Those woman ghosts would go straight to mom's stall to buy food. Mom also didn't charge them any money, but she just had one request, that was that my mom let them watch me.

My days in the ghost building made me worse than death. Even if I went to the bathroom a little longer, a ghost face would suddenly emerge from the wall to see if I was going to escape, and the most skillful woman to do was Xiao Lingdang, because this gourmet lover had become my mom's spy.

I really wanted to go to Sishui City to find Lulu and Queen. I also had told my mom that if it wasn't for the injury on my head, I would have directly taken the tablespoon in her hand and broken my head.

I had no choice but to entrust Hu Tie and other two people, but Hu Tie and Xiao Hong were falling in love, so I could only pray that they would still remember the task I gave them.

The high pressure from my mom and the watching from those woman ghosts let me began to live a normal life. Of course, this is just normal for me.

I got up at noon every day and had lunch with mom. In the afternoon, I often surfed the Internet or took a nap, had dinner with mom at evening. Then I would take a walk in the area of Kaoshan Street and call Hu Tie and others to ask about the situation, and then I would go to work in the ghost building. Finally, I would had a night snack with mom and back to the ghost building to sleep.

The days were so uneventful. If it wasn't for the photos I received every three days, I would almost forget that I actually spent most of my time with ghosts.

As for those photos, I just had a look of them and put them aside. No matter how strange those photos were, I was not in the mood to have am exploration. The photos also were gradually getting weird. I didn't realize it at first, until one day Xiao Lingdang came to tell me that I had a problem with my pen pal. Then I found that time interval for photo delivery had changed from every three days to every four-day, five day, finally to every month.

The content of the photo was also gradually changing, and I could just vaguely feel those changes, but for a while I did not knew what on earth had changed.

That worried me, because my life had changed from these three photos, and now I've adapted to it, and I didn't want to change my life again because of the change in photos.

I made a phone call to Wu Jian who, after all, was criminal police, and it was better to let analyses this. It also wasn't the point that he couldn't these changes in photos, because I could tell him one by one.

During these days, it seemed that Wu Jian was also very free, and he even went out for a trip, which made me very jealous of him. After he got back, he went straight to the ghost building and we took out all the photos together and analyzed them one by one.

After working for two days, we finished the work and even my voice became very hoarse. Wu Jian told me that he wanted to take these photos back and had study on them, and then he left. Because my voice was hoarse, and I was watched by my mom, I was even discontent with Wu Jian, and I also thought it seemed that Wu Jian was the root of my abnormal life.

Of course, this was the performance of my mom's caring and I also didn't really have a problem with Wu Jian.

I didn't know how long Wu Jian's analysis would last and then I started a regular life again. The only big thing that happened around me was the fact that Yan'er and the long shirt man seemed to be in love and their relationship was getting closer. I could find this from Yan'er's behavior.

Now I was used to seeing that the long shirt man's arms or legs were broken.

Just when I had the illusion that I had lived like this all my life, Wu Jian came, took out his analysis, and then said, the first sentence of his words was that, "Your responsibility is heavy. Think about it." Then he patted me on the shoulder and left.

I was stunned for a long time before I opened up the analysis information compiled by Wu Jian. Then I knew what change that I vaguely felt was and also understood what he meant.

Over the next few days, I became silent. My mom was very worried about me, but Witch Yan had clearly found something, so she always comforted my mom. I was also grateful to Witch Yan for this. Although she had been living in our family without paying anything, I hoped that my whole lifetime could be so, because, at least, my mom and Xue'er would be worried about me any more.

Just as I couldn't make up my mind, the photos I received left me with no choice.

I urged the ghost building not to open tonight. All the girls in the ghost building sat round the table with me. The only outsiders were Wu Jian and the long shirt man who carried his head in his head. As for why his head was carried in his hand, I thought you should ask Yan'er.

All the people were here. Then I put the photos in the middle of the table and said with a heavy tone, "There are some changes in the photo a period of time ago and now I can just receive photos once a month. Besides, the first of the three photos remains the same, the second has a ghosting, and the third directly becomes blurry. I originally never want to care about this, but..." I felt my nose sour and I almost cried. Then Wu Jian immediately came to comfort me and wanted to say that for me, but I stopped him.

I picked up three photos in the middle of the table to show everyone.

The first photo: a little girl under the age of 10, who wearing a pink dress, was sitting on a merry-go-round and grinning.

The second photo: the little girl figure was suspended in midair. What was hanging her was not a rope, but an iron wire, which was wrapped tightly in an old locust tree. Under her feet, there was a dark deep hole whose bottom could be seen. The weirdest thing was that the little girl even had a strange smile on her face. However, in the ghosting of the photo, the little girl was not hung, but just looked the iron wire in the midair, crying.

The third photo: it was supposed to be a ghost, but it was a blur, as if the camera lens was shaken seriously when taking photos, so the content of this photo couldn't be recognized.

Because head of the long shirt man was put on the table, he was the first one to see these. I could see that his face suddenly turned weird and then he just looked at me with surprise.

I was not surprised because the little girl in the photo was Xue'er, and almost all of them had seen her in my mom's house.

All their eyes focused on me and the expressions on his face also became very strange. Beside me, Xiao Lingdang even pulled my hand, pulled my hand hard, which seemed that she was showing my attitude that she would certainly help me.

I was grateful to take a look at her, though she had became my mom's spy. I also knew she was really worried about me and sincerely regarded me as her friend.