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 The squeal of the small canteen was getting weaker and weaker and the light around it was getting stronger and stronger. Through the window, I saw the girls' dormitory which was not far away, and I didn't know when its lights had been lit up. Even the corridor was full of people, who were pointing to the direction of the small canteen hall. I knew this was because the skinny boss and his parents were attacked by the ghosts killed by them. At this moment, I had no time to take care of the demarcation of small canteen or so-called illusion anymore.

Considering that the police would be here soon, I sat down weakly. Seeing Mr. Slave and Mrs. Slave who were no longer moving on the ground, I thought this was getting a lot of trouble, because the police would never believe there was ghosts. What's more, all the injuries on their bodies were caused by us during scuffling with us. What if we were to be judged to be the crime of murder, we would be wronged a lot.

Hu Tie also seemed to have thought of this problem, and he asked me how to do it in a panic, and even he saw the ghosts, he would never be that upset and flurried. After having look at my mobile phone that had been broken terribly on the ground, I shook my head helplessly. When I saw those ghosts who were eating the skinny boss, I suddenly thought of an idea.

"We have avenged you. Can you tell me where your bodies are? You can't let us go to jail for avenging you." I shouted as loudly as I could.

Hu Tie also has thought of this and also looked over there. I kicked him angrily and pointed to Xiao Pang on the ground, saying, "Be quick! Call the 120."

Hu Tie suddenly realized Xiao Pang was still in danger and hastily dialed the telephone. Then I also didn't know whether this guy did that on purpose. Instead of taking the phone from the pocket of Xiao Hong, he directly put his head close to her chest and make a phone call, which made me very depressed.

However, there was no time for caring about the things about men and women, because a female ghost has slowly stood up and turned to look at me. Her long hair pulled down from the face, covering her whole face. Her hands stretched over her mouth and the hair was up and down. It seemed that she was eating something, and I knew that what she was eating now should be the part of the limbs of skinny boss.

When I saw this disgusting scene, I immediately felt many butterflies flying in my stomach and also felt sick enough to vomit. Just as I retched, there was a loud "bang" at the door of the canteen. The kitchen door was kicked straight away and then countless policemen came in. All lights in the canteen were suddenly turned on, which made my eyes ache very much. I unconsciously closed my eyes, but then opened again. The stimulated tear came down at once, but I resisted them.

Because of the light and the end of revenge, those ghosts were slowly fading. I was so anxious in my heart. If the police weren't coming, I would have cried out to those ghosts, "you just told me quickly!"

The female ghost also seemed to understand the urgency of the matter and raised her hand to point the direction. When she raised her hand a little, she was directly knocked by a police officer. The police officer may might feel something, but after striking a chill and taking a look, he no longer paid attention to this. Then he squatted next to Xiao Pang, had a simple check and called an ambulance.

In this knocking, the female ghost directly dissipated, which made me become nervous and hopeless again.

A policeman came over to examine my injuries and then let lie down. One of the policemen had started asking the only one who looked good, Hu Tie, what had happened.

Hu Tie just carefully looked at me, buts I was naturally unable to make any response, because my mind was full of the movement of that female ghost just now. She slightly raised her hand. Although the range of movement is not very large, I could clearly see the direction that she pointed to. The direction was not the grove I had thought of at first, but the direction of the cupboard.

Behind the cupboard was a wall that was not wide enough to hide so many bodies. Behind the wall was a road and a square, with little room to hide the bodies. I didn't think the couple who just came here could hide those bodies under the road or the square. As for the place more far away, it was even more impossible. You know, the monitoring system of this school wasn't no use.

The only possibility was the cupboard.

I pointed to the cupboard and said, "Open it. Inside." Perhaps because the mood relaxed and the wound on the head was more painful, my whole person was also a lot weaker. Although my voice was very weak, but it actually was loud enough to make the policeman around me heard.

It was no longer a small case, and I could see clearly that the police never did any work on that couple after they had checked them, and it was clear that they were dead.

There were people dead in the school and I would big a big case. The police acted very quickly. Two people were directly sent to open the cupboard but they found nothing except some appliances and food. Then the police looked at me strangely.

I was surprised, too. Was my analysis wrong? Immediately, I found that the cupboard was really deep, at least more than one meter. Although the cupboards in the canteen should be much larger than those in the household, I found another point, that was, the water in the water tank was very clear and not muddy, but the dead mice inside were rotten, obviously not just for one day or two.

I didn't know if I was thinking right, but I still thought that was a big doubtful point. Then I pointed to the water tank again. Strange as they felt, they still took a flashlight and began to check it.

After the policeman checked it for a long time, suddenly he yelled, "There is something under this tank."

My heart finally relaxed, and sure enough, there was something wrong with the water tank. However, when I felt relaxed, I could not stand it any more and fell directly into the arm of a policeman, and the last sound in his ear was the shouting of the policeman, "Why isn't the ambulance coming yet?"

When I opened my eyes again, I was already in the hospital. Wu Jian was sitting next to me with a cigarette in his mouth, and he never considered the fact that I, one patient was puffing in the smoke. When he saw me awake, he grinned and said to me, "You're awake."

I nodded weakly and opened my mouth, but did not speak. The great pain in my head made me have an impulse to die.

Then he asked me to stay still and told me exactly what happened after I was unconscious.

After he received my message, he found I never replied him later. Then he thought my phone was power off and there must be something wrong. After all, Sishui City was too far away, so as he went here, he also notified his comrades-in-arms. Shortly after the police arrived, he also arrived here.

He also saw what happened later. When the water in the water tank of kitchen was drained, a bland door was seen, and the top cupboard panel could also be opened. At that time, everyone knew there was something wrong, and a policeman went straight down, but he ran up just within seconds, and then began to vomit.

After cleaning up, it was found that there was a five-meter-square underground cave under the tank, which was obviously dug later. In the cave, it was full of corpses, all of which were incomplete, and their meat had basically disappeared and the only intact was the skull, with a total of 32 people. After comparison, 26 of them were missing students. The other six people have not been identified yet, but the truth of the rumor was basically confirmed. However, the fact that there was no ghost, and Mr. Slave's family also became the murderers.

I, Hu Tie, Xiao Pang and Xiao Hong instantly became heroes since we protected ourselves and our classmates in the face of danger. Of course, we still need to be questioned by the police, but it was generally all right. After all, the whole thing was too weird. It should be said that Mr. Slave and Mrs. Slave died of a myocardial infarction because the police naturally also were unwilling to see the new problems crop up again unexpectedly.

The only difficult point was that why I was in Sishui city and why Xiao Tong didn't have identification. As for the former point, Hu Tie gave an explanation for me. He said I was his friend and he was curious about the canteen rumor, so he asked me to have an exploration with him. As for Xiao Tong, he was a lot older and had a low IQ. Therefore, the police would not know that he was the man with the most powerful strength among us. We directly regarded him as a demented old man, which made him free from being questioned by the police.

After I told Wu Jian that I had a recording on my phone, he left in a hurry and I still couldn't sleep all the time. I was not very worried about the police here. Although the whole thing didn't make sense in many places, what was confirmed was that Mr. Slave and his family killed those people and sold their meat. Hence, whatever happened, we would never be related to this thing. In fact, what I was worried about was my mother, because I knew from Wu Jian, that my mother had been rushing to Sishui City, and the snitch exactly was Wu Jian.