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 Unfortunately, after waiting for a long time, I never heard that strange voice again, and I was afraid that he would leave like this, for I had not thought of any other way to escape. Once he had gone, when the rabbit or the Inner Peace Taoist came back, I was not even sure if I was going to survive.

"Are you still there?" I had an anxious tone.

"Are you still there? Are you still there? Are you still there? "... The echo was there, but the strange voice was not there.

I stood for a while, the heart rose a feeble sadness. People cannot rely on others, because you do not know whether others will help you. My nose was flapping, and my heart was sour, suppressing tears, slowly sitting down.

The sky outside the tree nodule had already darkened. I could only vaguely see the outside scenery. As for the person, then I did not see one. Yes. Ah. It was dark, and who would still wander in the playground.

"You want to go out?" The strange voice sounded, and I almost jumped.

"Yes, I want to go out. Can you help me?" I could clearly hear the anxiety in the echo.

The voice did not respond, but I stood up, silently waiting for their own judgment.

It wasn't long before the strange voice said, "Kill the Inner Peace Taoist and I'll take you out."

I was shocked when I heard I needed to kill the Inner Peace Taoist. If I could kill him, I would not need you to take me out. Uh, still. After all, I didn't find the passage which I came here through. But the problem was not here. Ah. How could I kill the Inner Peace Taoist? He was the ghost that had used soul borrowing. Ah. Besides, he had got the help of rabbits. Although I seemed not afraid of ghosts, and I also had a bit of ability, my ability was only based on the ghost I knew in the ghost building. Perhaps Huang Xiaolong was also included.

I was suddenly shocked by my own thoughts. Yes, I always came into contact with different ghosts. Every time I encountered danger, I would get away from danger. Was it my ability? No, it's all just because of the female ghosts in the ghost building and Huang Xiaolong's Taoist magic, and even the criminal investigation ability of Wu Jian's. In addition to these, I was an ordinary person, at most because I had seen a lot of ghosts, and so became a bit more daring just.

Now only when I was alone, I instantly exposed the original form, and became so helpless.

I did not answer the strange voice, but sat on the ground directly against the wall. Without these friends, I was a brave trash I fell into a deep perplexity. This moment I really looked at myself.

The strange voice saw that I did not answer, and he did not ask any more, and I was trapped in my own confusion. The sky outside the tree was getting darker and darker. The dim little moonlight outside could no longer bring a trace of light to me in the tree hole.

There was darkness around me, but there was no fear in my heart, and any external fear was not as strong or as deep as the fear in my heart.

Since I received the three photos, I had been very smooth. All the danger was just no danger, but now I thought about that. If it were not Qin beauty and Xiao Lingdang, Su Qing would let me off? Would the Jiang Mingming's family have let me go if there were no Witch Yan and Lulu? Everything. If there weren't them, I guessed my bones had turned gray.

But what did I help them with? It just seemed to be causing troubles.

It was nice to be alone. I didn't even want to go out at a certain moment. Maybe without me, they'd be better off.

No, no, they were my friends. I couldn't rely on them all the time, but I shouldn't refuse their help. Just like they came to me, I would do it with all my might. It was like I was here alone. Because we were friends, I couldn't solve my trouble with my ability?

What's more, I had to go out. If I didn't go out, that weird picture would keep haunting my mother and Xue'er. If I didn't go out, Wu Jian and others would think that the second prince outside was the Inner Peace Taoist. If I didn't go out, I would never know what relationship between the people seen on the playground outside the tree and Lulu and the queen.

I stood up and the confusion in my eyes became firm, and I opened my mouth and said, "How am I going to kill the Inner Peace Taoist?"

The strange voice said: "Lead him into this cave, and I will kill him naturally."

It was not what I had thought. I wasn't asked to kill the Inner Peace Taoist. To kill and to lead him was completely different.

But I had been in the hole for so long, and the rabbit that came after me was beaten back by this strange voice. According to this, the owner of the voice should deal with the Inner Peace Taoist personally. But he did not do it. Why? The reason was that he didn't dare to come, perhaps knowing that he would die when he came.

I could not help frowning. This was not easy to do. Ah. After all, no one was stupid enough to go to die.

"Can't you leave?" I asked.

"I am the captain of the guard, and I have been ordered to guard this place, and I mustn't leave without order.

I fainted and stumbled a little, and then I rejoined that the captain of the guard should not have said that he could not leave without orders, but rather that he should have become obsessive after death, and could not leave.

However, my hand unconsciously touched the jade on the chest inside the clothes. Could this command him? I would try anyway.

I took my jade and raised it in the dark. Before I could open my mouth, I heard the sound of "Dong", and then a strange voice sounded: "The bodyguard Huang Li has seen the Queen."

"With this token," I asked hastily, "Can you go out?"

"Yes," replied the Huang Li, and then came the sound of a clap of metal, as if the Huang Li were wearing armor.

A moment later, the voice stopped, and the Huang Li opened his mouth: "The minister Huang Li can only deal with the Inner Peace Taoist. As for the rabbit, I am afraid we need your help."

My scalp was a little numb and was forced to say an "OK". Then I asked what I had to do to deal with the rabbit. I said I had a fight with the rabbit, which was exalting myself. I remembered the first time when I woke up, the rabbit kicked me, and I laid down for a day.

Huang Li said: "The rabbit was injured by me when it went down the hole. It should be difficult to move now, but you ... ... There is a tree that eat soul out there, and as long as the rabbit is introduced into the scope of the tree, it will surely die. It's just that you must not enter its area.

Eat-soul tree. A tree that grew on the ground full of white powder and looked similar to the willow tree suddenly emerged in my heart. I asked if it was that tree. Sure enough, that was the eat-soul tree.

Knowing how to kill the rabbit, my heart also ignited the war intention. As for how to lead the rabbit over, this could only depend on the performance of the presence. But fortunately, the rabbit was injured, its movement inconvenient.