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 Chapter 95 Changing the Weasel Spirit Into The God of Wealth

I asked Chen Sanli, "Didn't Chen Xian'er show favor to the weasel? The weasel brought precious gold and silver to requite the favor, how did he develop such hatred?"

All of a sudden, three hundred people died. It exterminated an entire family.

Such a thing could only come to pass through intense hatred.

Chen Sanli sighed again. He said, "In this world, people are terrible, but a change of human nature is worse.

"Change of human nature?" I asked.


He said that at that time, Huang Erlang brought gold to requite the favor that Chen Xian'er had showed him. The Chen family was very proud. It thoroughly recovered its face in front of its neighbors.

The patriarch of the Chen family was also very satisfied. He said to Chen Xian'er, "A cart of ginseng in exchange for wealth... It's worth it."

That night, the patriarch was in a good mood. He threw a feast in the ancestral hall of the Chen family and feted his business friends around, including the creditors.

He threw this feast not just to entertain his friends. In fact, he firstly wanted to show off, and secondly, he wanted to issue a warning: The Chen family is thriving now. Do not provoke us. If anyone provoked us, they would bring bad fortunes on themselves.

That night, the host and the guests were happy. Everyone was happy.

At the end of the feast, the patriarch stood up and announced that his daughter would marry Huang Erlang.

Huang Erlang only came to repay the favor that time. His mind was still pure.

When Chen Xian'er went to the northeast, she was dressed up as a man. Huang Erlang recognized she was a woman disguised as a man, but he did not know how beautiful she looked.

Now Chen Xian'er was dressed up in her finest dress, lipstick on her lips, her hair draped over her shoulders; she was really glamorous.

Chen Xian'er was so glamorous, Huang Erlang felt ripples in his heart. Of course Huang Erlang agreed to the marriage.

Chen Xian'er also felt that Huang Erlang, other than his small eyes, was quite good. After all, he was tall, with a strong figure; plus, he was rich. Chen Xian'er liked him indeed.

So, at the feast, they fell in love at first sight. Soon, they were betrothed. Huang Erlang moved in to the Chens' home.

However, at the moment, contradictions began.

At that time, the people of the Chen family regarded him as a god of wealth. Everyone started asking him for money.

They thought that since he could bring ten thousand gold coins as a gift to the Chen family, he was definitely a very rich man.

Only the patriarch and Chen Xian'er knew this man was the weasel from the northeast.

So, everyone began to encourage him to give them money.

An elder, even asked him to bring out four thousand gold coins as the bride-price. He said this money must be paid out because, after all, Chen Xian'er was a girl from a respectable family. She couldn't be valued at less than four thousand gold coins.

Huang Erlang said on the spot that he came from the northeast to Minnan, bringing with him ten thousand gold coins. Why did he have to pay a sum of money again?

The elder said, "It's fortunate that you brought ten thousand gold coins, otherwise you'd have to bring out fourteen thousand gold coins as your bride-price."

Huang Erlang didn't agree. He went back to his room and had a discussion with Chen Xian'er.

She was a very face-saving woman. She also felt the elder was reasonable. She asked him, "Am I not worth fourteen thousand gold coins?" She added that if he didn't get the gold, she couldn't marry him. Then, she cried.

Finally, he said, "OK. I'll bring out the money in three days. Then, we shall be married immediately."

He realized the Chen family regarded him as their god of wealth, but he loved Chen Xian'er more and more, so he wanted to get married quickly.

Chen Xian'er agreed on the spot and said yes.

Sure enough, three days later, he brought out the money.

Chen Xian'er was satisfied, and the Chen elders were also satisfied, and allowed them to quickly get married.

In the old days, when a couple was preparing to marry, a lot of things had to be bought. For such a notable family as the Chens, the wedding had to be particularly exquisite.

Chen Xian'er thought her husband was the god of wealth. In order to get face, he had to buy more.

Everything in the wedding hall had to come from the workshops of famous craftsmen.

These things were luxurious. The pomp was great, but the money was wasted.

Huang Erlang was a bit miserable, but in order to make Chen Xian'er happy, he still took out the money.

Thus, their wedding was very luxurious.

Many girls who were friends with Chen Xian'er envied her and wished for such a husband.

After the marriage, Chen Xian'er and the Chen family grew bolder.

The things Chen Xian'er ate and drank had to be luxurious. Therefore, many high-end shops and restaurants opened in the region, dedicated to serving Chen Xian'er.

Where Chen Xian'er played happily, ate happily, drank happily, she awarded tips - at least one hundred Yuan.

Once, she ate a roast duck which tasted very good, and she immediately gave the chef one thousand Yuan.

Her extravagance became famous.

Chen Xian'er was no longer that girl who wanted to sell ginseng in the northeast to revitalize her family. She was now a luxurious lady.

In addition to Chen Xian'er spending money every day, the rest of the Chen family often borrowed money from Hung Erlang.

Later, they even figured out a trick to it. If they wanted to borrow money, they would go when Huang Erlang and Chen Xian'er were together.

If he did not agree, those people would say, "Ouch, Xian'er is a heavenly spirit; her husband must be a god of wealth. If you don't lend me money, you can't be the god of wealth."

When they said so, Chen Xian'er immediately felt her face swept away. She'd say, "If you do not lend the money, we will divorce."

Then, he would agree.

This went on for six months, and he felt it was not good.

One night he said to Chen Xian'er, "Do you know I'm a weasel?"

Chen Xian'er said she knew, but it didn't bother her.

He said, "A weasel can make plenty of money, I won't deny it. But do you know how I can make so much money?"

"How?" Chen Xian'er asked him.

He said, "The weasels steal money. I send the little weasels to rich men's houses to take their gold."

"That's nice. Rob the rich and assist the poor," Chen Xian'er said.

He shook his head and said he could not do this anymore. He said he's been taking too much money recently. Those wealthy families began to take measures against the weasels. Even a few ghost hunters had heard that there was a weasel in Minnan and wanted to come over and capture it.

He was so scared now that he dared not take any money anymore.

He said, "Xian'er, I have seven hundred gold coins left. If you aren't so extravagant, it will be enough to last the rest of our lives. In the future, I will not give out any more money, all right?"

Chen Xian'er did not speak at that time, and the next day she still did as usual.

In another three days, she found him to ask for money. Of course, he didn't give her any.

Chen Xian'er was thoroughly dumbfounded. She cried, but this time Huang Erlang had no money to give her.

As the saying went, it was easy to go from frugality to extravagance, but hard to go from extravagance to frugality.

Chen Xian'er was accustomed to spending money like flowing water. When she no longer had her luxuries, she was miserable.

She tried her best to force Huang Erlang to give her the money.

At the time, she thought Huang certainly refused to give her money because he did not like her enough.

She served her husband at night.

But it was still useless.

After a few days, Chen Xian'er listened to her friend. If she wanted to seize a man and make him feel insecure, playing with other men was the best way.

So, Chen Xian'er became very close with a young man, and she deliberately let Huang Erlang see them.

At first he didn't have any words for her.

Chen Xian'er became increasingly angry, until, finally, she had sex with that man.

All of a sudden, she enjoyed another kind of happiness.

Finally, three months later, Huang Erlang had had enough.

He specially invited Chen Xian'er to eat together.

At the table, he told Chen Xian'er he decided to go back to the northeast. He would write a divorce agreement soon.

In order to compensate Chen Xian'er, he was willing to give her five hundred gold coins.

Chen Xian'er was dumbfounded. She was afraid of him going away.

If he didn't go, she would be able to get a large sum of money from him, but if he left, then there was no way.

Chen Xian'er immediately told him she was pregnant, and the child belonged to him.

Hearing of the child, he sighed and said that when the child was born, he would take the child to the northeast and give her one thousand gold coins, but Chen Xian'er shouldn't come looking for him later on.

In fact, he loved her at the beginning. It was a pity that this love was destroyed by Chen Xian'er's greed and faithlessness.

When Chen Sanli recounted that part of the story, I hastened to say, "Professor Chen, Huang Erlang didn't even kill Chen Xian'er. Why did he kill the entire Chen family?"

Professor Chen sighed, "Huang Erlang killed every member of the Chen family because of Chen Xian'er."