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 Chapter 69 The character for 'Shamanism'

Feng Chunsheng said: "Life is created for use without killing.

I asked him what he meant.

He said, "A person is born with a birth chart. There is a saying, 'hard work is more important than destiny'."

In geomancy, there was a saying to tell the priority of one's fate. 'First is life; second is luck; third is Feng Shui; fourth is accumulated merit, and fifth is learning in school.

The meaning of these two sentences was the same. It was possible to change one's fate by sheer effort, but there was a limit. Everyone's life was different. A person with good luck could achieve a measure of success with only a little effort.

A person who had a poor fate had to pay with incomparable hardships to obtain success.

That is a birth chart.

He said, "Life is created for use without killing. This is the birth chart of life, based on the date of birth and the Bazi. The person who has this kind of life has a peaceful and stable temper, is a very loving and compassionate, and their heart is bigger than ordinary people's."

I thought his explanation was fine. After all, what kind of person was Mimi? She used her own money to help poor children go back to school. Such a person loved like the mother of love.

But what conflict did the birth chart have with the ghost house?

I asked him: "What is the connection between her and the ghost house?"

"Of course." He said, "With this kind of birth chart, it's not easy to go up against ghosts. Ghosts also like peaceful people. If their temper was calm, a ghost would not take the initiative to harm them."

He also said that other than the ghosts with a lot of resentment, ghosts usually do not harm people.

After all, ghosts were not insane.

H said: "The boss behind the scenes, he found that a good sales girl had two characteristics. First, she could bluff men, so that she could sell the houses; second, she could appease the evil spirit in the ghost house, so that nothing too strange would happen if they stayed for a long time in the ghost house."

"Ah? Then we're, we're still..."Liao Min wanted to say, they were haunted by ghosts.

He hummed coldly and said that if you walk along the riverbank long enough, your shoes will get wet. Their birth charts were good, so visiting a ghost house once or twice wouldn't be a problem; but many times? Would there be a problem?

Of course.

He said to us, "The people behind the control of ghost houses are skilled in geomancy, they're knowledgeable people. Those two men really killed other people."

I asked Liao Min and Mimi, "Yes, in addition to Xiao Hong, three other people died. Who were they? How did they die?"

Mimi thought and said, "I only know one, called Xie Meng. She died the day before yesterday, and I went to see her body this morning."

"How did she die?" I asked Mimi.

Mimi thought about it and said, "She was stuffed to death."

"What?" I asked Mimi.

Mimi said that Xie Meng ate a lot of compressed biscuits, and then drank a lot of water. Then her stomach was huge, and finally she was stuffed to death.


This was the first time I heard of such an exaggerated method of death.

In fact, when the compressed biscuits absorbed water, they would swell from the size of finger to the size of a fist.

Mimi said that the doctor told her that Xie Meng's stomach was bloated to a dozen times its normal size. She really couldn't suffer through it, and just died.

Then I asked, "And the two other people?"

"Two other people?" Mimi shook her head and said she did not know.

Then, Liao Min said she was familiar with the two other people.

One of them was called Ma Yu. She died before Liao Min found me the night before.

"How did she die?" I asked Liao Min.

She said, "Ma Yu died because of a car accident. When she died, I was in her car."

I hurriedly asked what was going on at the time.

Liao Min said she and Ma Yu worked together that day, and she was in her car.

Ma Yu was driving to the city our city center when, suddenly, she was cut off by another car.

She had a violent temper, or 'road rage'. If she got cut off, she'd cut them off too. After a few times, she really couldn't stand it anymore. She was in a really bad mood.

She opened the window, stretched her neck out, and wanted to scold the other driver.

Just then, a small truck hauling steel plates galloped past. The small truck's load of steel was slanting, and hit her head.

Her head rolled more than ten laps on the ground like a ball, until it was finally crushed by a car's front wheel.

Liao Min was frightened silly. She didn't do anything until the car hit the railing at the side of the road and stopped. Then she just opened the door and squatted on the road, vomiting her guts out.

Liao Min said this story was published in the local newspaper.

Feng Chunsheng immediately said, "This road rage disease should die. It is better to be slower than quicker when driving on the road, understand?"

Liao Min stamped her foot and said, "To be honest, the accident was indeed caused by her, but the whole thing was very weird."

"For example?" he asked.

Liao Min said that the small truck that appeared from behind... did not exist.

Because when Ma Yu drove she was very nervous, and constantly looking in the mirrors. There was no small truck on either side... It appeared out of nowhere.

"That's strange." He was a little surprised.

Liao Min said, "There's something weirder."

She said that when the traffic police came, they pulled up the surveillance video. The surveillance video showed that in this accident, there was no one cutting her off.

In the video, she was zigzagging along a completely empty street.

"That is to say, the car that cut her off it didn't exist?" Feng Chunsheng asked her.

She nodded, "Those cars were ghost cars. They didn't exist, but Ma Yu died."

Feng Chunsheng sighed and asked, "What about the third dead woman?"

She said, "The third woman who died was called Xiaoxiao, and she died the most miserably."

"How miserably?" Feng Chunsheng asked.

She said: "Xiaoxiao died at noon today, in a coffee shop in the city."

I asked her how Xiaoxiao died.

She said that in the afternoon, as her friend, she had gone to the coffee shop to get the surveillance video of her death.

When Xiaoxiao entered the coffee shop, she seemed to be hiding something. She entered the doorway to the coffee shop in a rush, then opened the glass door and looked outside. After a few moments, she went inside.

She appeared to be in a lot of pain, and her mood was fluctuating very noticeably.

Then she found the waiter and asked for a cup of coffee and a pile of paper towels.

After getting the coffee and the paper towels, she sat in a chair with a very strange smile. While laughing, she used a nail clipper to cut her finger and drew some bloody marks on the toilet paper.

She was screaming while drawing them.

In a moment, the whole coffee shop was looking at her.

"What did she draw?" Feng Chunsheng asked Liao Min.

Liao Min said she heard others say that she drew a symbol like ''. Liao Min also drew this symbol on a piece of paper.

Feng Chunsheng looked at the symbol and immediately said, "This is the character for 'Shamanism'. This symbol represents death."

"Do you know that for sure?" I asked him.

He said: "The character for 'Shamanism' is known to many in the ghost business, in fact. I am a geomancy master, so I understand a little about the character for 'Shamanism'. It is nothing."

When I heard he was a geomancy master, I thought that he was definitely not an ordinary person.

Then, Liao Min said, "Xiaoxiao's screaming upset the other diners, and finally the waiter asked her to leave in a friendly way. As a result, Xiaoxiao suddenly became furious, stood up fiercely, and roared, "The weasels want me to die, I must die."

The waiter was going to drag her out by force, but she took up the coffee cup and splashed it all over herself.

When the coffee spilled on her body, it burned.


Flames suddenly burst forth from her body.

The waiter was scared and ran off to hide behind something.

She growled gruesomely, "The weasels want me to die, I must die."

"The weasels want me to die, I must die."

Her shrill roars made the surrounding people, who would have helped put out the fire, too afraid to come forward.

In this way, she was burned to death. While she was burning, she kept repeating, "The weasels want me to die, I must die."

Feng Chunsheng patted the table: "Alas. I'm afraid the weasels really want your lives."

I said to him, "Brother Chun, I feel, there is a method to this matter."

"What method?" He asked me.

I said, "They all died alone, never together, right?"

"Yes." He nodded.

Then I asked, "One more thing. Are they dying in a pattern, rather than randomly? If we figure this out, we will know who will be next."

"It makes sense."

He thought and said, "The weasels' revenge was vindictive. Every time they exercise revenge, they try to inflict the greatest amount of harm. In our country, a family treasures the youngest children most. Maybe the weasels' revenge started from the youngest one? The youngest die first?"

When he summed up such a rule, Mimi immediately stood up and said: "I am the oldest of the group."

Liao Min thought and said, "The third is dying. Wei Xiaoyu is probably the youngest between us three."

Of the seven women, three were left now: Mimi, Liao Min, and Wei Xiaoyu.