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 Chapter 100 The Wig

It was used by malformed baby hairs.

Thought the baby was innocent at that time, it was actually in the most primitive state for a human being.

Humans could predict, hear and see evil things, and this was absolutely true for babies as well.

Sometimes, when a baby cried suddenly, it was because it saw something evil or bad. However, as infants grew up, they gradually lost this ability until the age of five or six years.

The malformed babies harbored strong resentment. This was because they could read the sad moods in their parents or relatives when they were born.

The malformed hairs from a malformed baby also contained some of that resentment, and it was this kind of material, called lanugos, that was used for the Yin Shave.

So, how was it made? Just fill a big tub with resin oil, then put the lanugos of the malformed baby into it and let it grow.

During this time, you needed to throw in a few live animals, such as frogs, fish, or mice.

Those lanugos would stretch toward the animals and kill them by constriction.

When those lanugos had eaten ten of those live animals... they became ghost lanugos.

I asked Uncle Ma: "What are those lanugos used for?"

"How do they take effect?" Uncle Ma said: "Once the ghost lanugos have connected with your hair, they will hide in your hair by themselves."

Four or five hours after the haircut, those lanugos would enter your body from the acupoint behind your earlobe.

"Then?" I asked him.

He said: "Once they enter, you will have to turn to Ma Xiaoguo for haircuts... Those lanugos will not be happy if you go to other barbers. They might even make you lose your temper and fight with other barbers, and you'll eventually have to turn to Ma Xiaoguo."

Then Uncle Ma said: "This is why the first time is free in Ma Xiaoguo's shop."

"Wow, that's amazing." Uncle Ma's Yin Shave was not so simple.

Feng Chunsheng asked: "Uncle Ma... I have one question... Are those lanugos harmful to human beings?"

"This is what I'm worried about." Uncle Ma said: "When those lanugos enter the body, they will eat your vital essence and your life will be reduced. It is slow, but it can really hurt you as time goes by. It's a truly wicked thing to do."

When I heard this, I got worried. Why did he only think of earning money... ?

Uncle Ma said: "Well, I am going to bring a guy here tomorrow. He is very strong, and he will knock Ma Xiaoguo unconscious; then you can give him the Yin and Yang tattoo."

"That's really violent!" I was surprised to hear this.

Uncle Ma frowned and said: "This is the only way to save Ma Xiaoguo. He will calm down when the Yin and Yang tattoo is finished. Then, he will be clear-headed and get rid of all those lanugos."

"They can be pulled out?" I asked him.

Uncle Ma said: "If it can get in it can also be pulled out. I will have already killed him if he had done so many murderous things."

"All right, let's make a deal." I agreed with him. We had to be violent since he would never listen to us... We could beat him and gave him the tattoo while he was unconscious.

Then we three had an agreement, and Uncle Ma left.

We just thought of one thing: it was terrible that we had our hair cut there while Uncle Ma was not around. Damn, now those lanugos would enter our bodies.

Ma Xiaoguo was such a devil.

Speaking of the ghost lanugos, we needed to go to the back of the barbershop and see if we could peek into how he was growing those ghost lanugos in the small back room?

The baby's hair would eat live animals. It was pretty nasty, and it was my first time hearing of this.

I told Feng Chunsheng about my idea, and he agreed.

We got out of the car and found our way around to the back of the barbershop.

It was a dead end and there was only one small path to enter. There were not so many people, but a lot of piled junk.

The window of the small back room where the ghost lanugos were brought up was sealed with thick blinds.

But... there was a small hole at the top of the blinds.

I could see inside through that hole if I could just reach.

I said to Feng Chunsheng: "Brother Chun... give me a leg up and let me check first, then it's your turn, OK?"

Everyone would be curious if those ghost lanugos could move. It was really strange and terrible at the same time.

He thought for a while and agreed.

He laid his hands on the windowsill and bent down, and I stepped on his back and leaned toward the blinds. I looked through the little hole and checked out the inside.

I saw several glossy dark green lights inside the room, which made me feel cold.

In the middle of the room was a big tub. It was about four meters long and three meters wide, and there were some hairs floating and moving in it, emitting the occasional baby's cry.

"Damn... It's really amazing." I couldn't help but sigh.

I was about to get down and ask Feng Chunsheng to have a look when I suddenly I saw those hairs come together, and then the pond filled with resin oil and became yellow. At the bottom, I could see a red human shadow.

I could hear a woman's crying:"Wah wah wah wah."

Seeing this, I felt my hair stand on end. My back was tight and my feet were soft.


Peng peng peng.

I pressed my face against the window and heard a tapping sound, then what I saw through the hole completely changed. It turned into to a red eye.

And that thing looked right back at me through the hole.

It was a bloodshot red eye, oozing blood.

I froze for a moment. When I came to, I dropped to the ground and then stood up quickly. I grabbed Feng Chunsheng's hand and said: "Go! Run! There's a ghost in there!"

Feng Chunsheng was stunned. I just dragged him along with me at a dead run back to the street.

I was so scared by that red eye, I felt queasy and got sweaty all over. My hands felt frozen.

Feng Chunsheng frowned and asked me: "Shui, why did we run away? What happened?"

Now I really couldn't speak at all; I felt a little sick. I just wanted to smoke a cigarette to calm myself down, but when I lit one up, I just didn't have any desire to do so. My jaw was trembling.

After ten minutes, I recovered. Then I said to Feng Chunsheng: "Brother Chun... there are more scary things in this barbershop besides that ghost lanugos."

"What's that?" he asked me.

I told him what I'd just seen, including the red human shadow at the bottom of the resin oil tub, and there blood-red eye in the window.

Hearing this, Feng Chunsheng frowned and asked me again: "Did you just make that up because you didn't want me to look by myself?"

Well, he didn't even believe me. I put his hand on my forehead and said: "Feel this. It's as cold as the grave. It's a psychological reaction and I couldn't be faking it."

When he touched it, he knew Ma Xiaoguo was involved in some seriously bad stuff.

He shook his head and said: "Maybe Ma Xiaoguo isn't only making those ghost lanugos in there, but something even more evil."

"What was that ghost shadow?" I frowned.

We didn't know the answer. We would have to keep observing. Feng Chunsheng and I stayed in the car and watched the barbershop.

Then we found something.

Ma Xiaoguo didn't only do haircuts - he also did wigs.

I saw him open the small room where those ghost lanugos were growing and take out several wigs to show to a customer.

Then that customer chose one and gave Ma Xiaoguuo a considerable amount of money.

It was probably more than thirty thousand.

Then the customer put it on their bald head and left the shop.

"What's up with that? One wig cost tens of thousands?" I asked Feng Chunsheng.

Feng Chunsheng started the engine and said: "There must be some trick to those wigs... They must be connected to that red ghost."

Eventually, we caught up with the girl who bought the wig.

I got out of the car and said to her: "Hello, miss."

"Yes?" she replied.

"Well, let me ask you something... This is a very nice wig. So, where did you get it?"

"You can see it's only a wig?" she asked me.

I told her I saw her when she bought it, and assured her that it was rather hard to tell whether it was a wig or real hair.

But it did not look like a wig at all. It looked very real. It was so shiny and bouncy... well, it could pass for genuine hair.

When she heard that I saw her by the wig, she just laughed and said this wig cost her thirty five thousand because she was balding and there was not so much hair on her head at all. That's why she spent so much money on such good wig.

Then she added: "This wig is different from normal wigs."

I asked her in what way.

She said: "As time goes by, this wig will grow into the scalp and become real hair."

I gasped and asked her: "Did that Ma Xiaoguo guy tell you that?"

"Absolutely," she replied.

Now I felt there was a real problem with Ma Xiaoguo. It was not only a matter of ghost lanugos, but also wigs that could grow into living flesh. Well, what the hell was he keeping in that small room?