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 Chapter 10 The New Ghost

I asked Mimi about this. She felt so happy and told me that I couldn't understand that feeling at all.

"What kind of feeling?" I asked.

Mimi said: "You see, I was a prostitute and the customers always played with me, while my boss, Mr. Zhang, treated me as a tool for earning money. I felt so wronged as they pointed or talked about us when we were on the street. To be honest, we were earning the money with our body; it was actually hard-earned money."

Then she switched the conversation to some other subject and said: "But I would feel different when I stayed with those children supported by me. They would write to me and sincerely call me 'Aunt', they would show their awards, send me their school reports and invite me to their school, saying that they would put a red scarf for me by themselves."

She said: "I liked this kind of feeling, to be respected, respected by the purest people in the world."

"Oh, as you wish," I agreed with what she said.

I always thought Mimi was only a popular prostitute, but now I knew that she had principles and a good heart. Though she had her shortcoming, this would never stop me from thinking she was a rather good person.

I was chatting with Mimi while I was drawing the tattoo.

Just as I was about to finish, she cried out with a rather informal voice, her face flushed.

I just thought that, oh no, she might have been "excited" by the needle.

I had met some customers, who would feel incredible pleasure from the pain of the tattooing process.

It was just like the pleasure when men made love; it was not so strong at the beginning, but it would explode when it reached a certain level that would send one into a "high" state.

Now Mimi was in a state of intoxication due to the pleasure of the needle, she was moaning.

"Oh...that's cool...oh...come on...oh...yeah".

While Mimi was shouting, l touched her skin, feeling that it was very tense, and it was flushed red everywhere, and she was sweating as if her skin was covered with oil. It was so wet it even made me excited too.

She kept rubbing her tights and flexed the soles of her feet. Well...it was a woman's psychological reaction. But this was 'wickedness' which would offend the ghost, sol glanced at my Wu Sa.

Then l found its corner was floating up even though there was no wind, and the "half ghost" side appeared in the mirror. I immediately thought it might be because the ghostly spirit didn't like Mimi's dissolute behavior, and stopped this Yin and Yang Tattoo before it was complete.

But once the ghost sprit stopped, something terrible might happen. This had never happened to me before, but my master told me that the ghostly spirit would always disturb me and the person who was given the tattoo, and never give it up.

I had no time to persuade Mimi and stop her shouting. I looked down and said to my feet sincerely: "You are there now, my Lord. Please check and confirm that Mimi was not offending you on purpose; she was too sensitive and caused this situation. She is a good woman, she even supports poor students. She was so kind-hearted, so please forgive her."

I was speaking there and the garment corner dropped slowly after it floated for some time, covering the mirror. Then l wiped away my cold sweat and finally felt relieved.

At this time, Mimi woke up from the pleasant condition. She knew she had gotten into trouble hearing what l had just said. She asked: "Brother, did l... offend...it?"

"It's ok; a kind-hearted girl wouldn't always have bad luck," l finished the last ten-or-so lines and patted her belly: Ok, the base is finished. For the dye, l will get it tomorrow and you can come back after tomorrow. You will never be disturbed by Xiao Bai's ghost after l complete the Yin and Yang Tattoo.

I needed to get the dye for the red lotus Yaksha from coffin soil and anew ghost; I had to get it from outside since I didn't have it at the moment. Therefore, the tattooing would be delayed till the day after next.

Actually, the art of Yin and Yang Tattoos had developed for hundreds of years, and it didn't use dead people's blood for the dye anymore, which was also extended to more types, such as the gods type, the ghosts type, the evil soul type, etc.

The red lotus Yaksha belonged to the Yin and Yang Tattoos of the gods type, and this type needed a "new soul", or a recently deceased soul.

"So, thank you so much. Well, my brother, how about a reward? Let me serve you all night?"

"Just wait till the Yin and Yang Tattoo is finished. I've no interest today and even got pretty scared". It was also my first time to doing the tattoo. Just forget her; I was nervous after all that happened.

"So can I go to work now?" Mimi asked me.

I said, "Of course!" Then got two tubes of anti-inflammatory cream from the house. I told her to apply it over the tattooed skin to prevent infection.

"Thanks my brother. So, what about the ten thousand for the tattoo?" Mimi tried to ask me.