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 Feng Yi glanced over at his little brother and laughed. Every brother would have the same thoughts when they looked at their little brother. "Ah, that little boy has finally grown up."

After Feng Shang had done his checks, he made a call to Coco. His thoughts were pure, he wanted to comfort Coco knowing that he had been stressed out lately.

But before he could say a word, Coco cut in. "You're going to tell me not to be bothered about how others view me, right? I know."

"And, and..." Feng Shang had more to say and was about to start but Coco interrupted him yet again. "And my maneuvering, right? Don't worry, I have trained well, Bro's skills are smoother than before, I'm going to send my thousands of fangirls flying with me tomorrow."

Feng Shang continued, "No, no..."

"What do you mean by no? Ah, the wrist guard? I've gotten them prepared, don't worry."

Feng Shang kept getting cut off. He was so frustrated his face turned red, it really wasn't easy for a child to speak. "That wasn't what I wanted to say, I wanted to tell you not to be anxious and to bring your bunny along."

Coco paused and muttered, "You aren't stuttering anymore."

Feng Shang stiffened as well.

Coco coughed heavily. "I know, I was still anxious, which was why I said so much but I'm better now." Coco tossed himself onto the bed, his face covered by his soft toy. "Feng Shang, we are finally going to compete with Xiangnan. In the past, there would always be rumors on how Supreme Alliance won with their looks. Even though they aren't wrong about our looks, this time, we can finally tell everyone we are a skillful team."

"Mmh." Feng Shang couldn't seem to explain it but ever since before, his heart hadn't stopped racing. They were finally going to prove themselves in the National League. This was a dream he had never dared to think about before.

Feng Shang glanced out the window, the flame burning within his eyes made Feng Yi proud. "It's past 11 pm, go to sleep."

"Al-alarm clock." Feng Shang was afraid he would oversleep.

Feng Yi chuckled. "I'll call everyone tomorrow morning and the competition is at 11 pm. There will be ample time to prepare."

"Alright," he replied that one word smoothly. He walked into his room, switched off the lights and laid on the bed but couldn't stop worrying. He sat back up and went through his things once more.

Xue Yaoyao was behaving the same way as him.

Jiang Zuo laid on the bed while he turned on his side and watched as the figure busied herself. He arched a brow until she was back beside him, with a bag in her hand.

Xue Yaoyao glanced down at the symbol on the bag. That was the Supreme Alliance's crest, a raging flame that burned within them.

Xue Yaoyao reached out to hold her heart, she told herself to have a good sleep so that she could face the competition in her best state...


The dart flew towards the esports poster on the wall. That year, Supreme Alliance had suffered a horrible defeat.

Lin Feng still remembered crying like a baby that year. It wasn't because of the loss, it was because of how defeated that person looked. That seemed like the only time he was that pathetic. If only he had player better or smarter or perhaps thought things through a little more or maybe if he had persevered until their captain was back...

The entire responsibility of the team had rested on Yun Hu's shoulders and he hadn't helped even a bit.

Lin Feng looked at the poster he had struck before he leaped back and threw himself onto the bed.

In reality, the gap between him and his good brother had grown drastically, he didn't wish for the gap to appear in the game as well. But he was afraid that this would be the last time they fought alongside each other and there would be no room for regrets. He wanted to win all the glory from that year. He no longer wanted to be a burden. That was how Lin Feng felt at that moment.

Inside the Qin family's house, Qin Mo watched the youngster in his arms before he stood up to pack her stuff. He then opened his laptop and entered his game ID.

In a short while, the world went crazy. There were countless numbers of comments.

"What's happening? Why is Almighty Qin online at this hour?"

"Is he worried about the competition?"

"It's possible, my Coco wasn't very present during the livestream earlier today, he must have been thinking about the competition tomorrow."

"They are playing against Xiangnan, that definitely warrants their worry."

Unbeknownst to them, Qin Mo went online just to send a certain someone a special crafter silver rifle. He had wanted to give it to her a few days ago but due to the recent events, he hadn't had the chance.

Feng Yi would be shocked if he saw the silver rifle he was going to give Bo Jiu because the silver rifle carried a significant meaning. It was a silver rifle he had personally crafted when he first started to game and had incorporated all sorts of valuable ingredients into it.

That year, it was his most commonly used weapon until there was a change in the makeup of his character, and the Three Thousand Knife Cutting Sword appeared.

This silver rifle had been placed here all this while and could be considered a precious, treasure-ranked weapon. The ingredients he found back then were all rare and priceless and could hardly be found in the newer version. That was how precious it was. And now, the Almighty was giving it to Jiu...

Zhao Sanpang from Xiangnan was the most anxious to see Qin Mo online. He hurriedly sent to the Alliance's chat group, "Qin Mo, are you really nervous? Tell me straight, we won't mock you!"

With that, many other players came online, cracking jokes one after another.

Qin Mo glanced at the screen and arched a brow as he maneuvered his mouse, sending a video to the chat group.

It wasn't a special video, it was the secret Bo Jiu had hidden in the USB she gave him.

Zhao Sanpang sat back casually. He continued to type into the chat, calling Qin Mo for a match. The others in the chat group had the same thought, using this opportunity to tease Qin Mo.

They hadn't expected the video Qin Mo had sent.

Zhao Sanpang assumed it was a tactical video that would come in handy. He clicked on it and was prepared to watch serious, stiffening as the video played on. What the f*ck? Qin Mo and Little Spade's love story?

It wasn't just Zhao Sanpang, there were many others who clicked on the video and all were subjected to his tease!

Who said Qin Mo was nervous? Come out now, they wouldn't going to kill him! He wasn't the least bit nervous and seemed more despicable than usual!

Qin Mo sent a message over. "I'm watching the gift from Spade, singles like you guys probably wouldn't understand."

Being single was Zhao Sanpang's biggest sore point and Qin Mo's tease forced him to go offline. He turned towards the person standing beside him. "Captain, I propose to target Qin Mo tomorrow."

"It isn't necessary." Almighty Xiao stood up. "Supreme Alliance has a fatal flaw, that has just exposed itself."

Zhao Sanpang was confused. "Flaw? What is it?"

"It's in this video." Almighty Xiao pointed towards a point in the video, his eyes gleaming...