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 Before she could process his words, Qin Mo picked her up and swapped their places.

He was now beneath her with his shirt half opened, exposing his flawless and defined chest, which stirred an insatiable desire within her.

Bo Jiu sat on his firm waist, watching the irresistible man below her as he held onto her waist. His gaze was hard as a black diamond yet calm and deep like a black hole that sucked her in.

Some men were so handsome they could stir everyone who saw them, regardless of their gender.

Qin Mo was one of them if he was willing.

Previously, Bo Jiu had already had a taste of his seduction power.

She had thought that was the limit, but she could not have been more mistaken. He raised his black pants, his shirt fully unbuttoned. Just lying there was enough to unleash his undeniable male charisma.

It intensified when his sweat trailed down his defined jaw to stop on his collarbone.

Probably everyone wanted to taint him and Bo Jiu was no different.

She had always been straightforward with the things she liked.

This was why the very first time she had set her eyes on him, she had wanted to exchange her puppy with her keyboard.

In the end, he had found the keyboard too old and hadn't been willing to accept her money, causing her to be moody for a long while.

She had climbed the wall of his house everyday to watch him read and feed her impatiently, and to see that arrogant and cold face.

He had even warned her, "You can come, but you can't dirty my books."

She had always been outside, constantly filled with dirt. This was the innocence a child possessed.

As the little neighborhood boss, she had to show her domineering side, but since that had been what her puppy had wanted, she had washed up before heading over. Moreover, as a child of the Bo family, she had been taught to bring a gift whenever she visited someone.

Although he had never been interested in the things she had brought, one day, her puppy had somehow become interested in her electronic devices.

After cleaning it for her, he had torn open her favorite Overlord game before gifting her a miniature drone.

He was someone she adored and because of this, she became hesitant.

Her identity wasn't suitable.

If the Almighty hadn't been a criminal psychologist, if he had just been a second tier criminal psychologist, she probably wouldn't have found it a pity since she wouldn't have fallen for him because he wasn't.

Before she had met him, Bo Jiu had never expected there to be such a person ━ a brightness so formidable it wasn't affected by the darkness.

She wanted to possess it, but was afraid that after her identity was exposed, he would treat her coldly since they both understood the differences in their path.

She belonged to the dark while he stood at the pinnacle.

However, she had once said that if the Almighty kissed her again, she would kidnap him. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Even if she didn't kidnap him, at least she would sleep with him.

At this thought, Bo Jiu laughed, lowering her head towards the handsome face. "Brother Mo, I did provide you with the chance to back out."

Qin Mo arched a brow, a desire to laugh rising in him. What exactly was she thinking about? "Do you need a confirmation that I have thought it through?"