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 When Rao Rong received the news, he immediately sent a dot to You Hongliang to indicate that the coast was clear.

You Hongliang's eyes lit up.

Since it was safe, he could go all out tonight.

You Hongliang couldn't suppress his excitement.

If it wasn't for the constant warnings by the other party to wait until the movie ended, he would definitely have been out right this moment.

A pity there were five minutes left.

The girl in the Internet café glanced at her meticulous plan, an obvious look of satisfaction on her face.

Her lips stretched further across her face when she saw the crime squad watching the images in the surveillance room.

What was the point of that?

With just a bend, You Hongliang would be able to grab the items amongst the crowd.

That angle wouldn't be captured by the surveillance cameras and those people at the exit, who assumed they were at the right place.

As for the surveillance, she just had to infiltrate the system.

She moved her fingers as though everything was under her control.

Since the Internet café provided lunch, the lady staff came over asking if she needed anything. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

She glared at her sideways impatiently, her voice cold and hostile. "I don't need anything, leave me alone."

The staff paused slightly in an awkward stance, but she didn't say anything since youngsters these days seemed to act in such a manner, they were a common sight after all. She turned, asking the next customer in sight.

The girl continued to move her fingers, enlarging the original image before retracting her irritated glance.

After calming herself, she entered the code, prepared to target surveillance along the theater's walkway.

She played a video she had prepared to replace the surveillance. It was a video taken a while back when You Hongliang had come to watch a movie.

After the movie had ended, You Hongliang hadn't left immediately. Instead, he had remained in an accessory store for two hours.

He just needed to send these to the crime squad and since he didn't drive his own car, they wouldn't know that he had left.

The plan was perfect.

After attacking the surveillance successfully, the smile on the girl's face thickened as she attempted to gain control of the surveillance room.

She needed time, but to her, breaking into a firewall wouldn't take long.

Meanwhile inside the theater, Qin Mo lifted his lids.

A person's actions were usually a reflection of his inner thoughts and he could tell the state You Hongliang was in.

Extreme excitement ━ since he had been looking at his phone countless number of times.

This was a serial murder case. Some of these criminals would have unique reactions before the execution of the crime.

With less than a minute left to the end of the movie, Qin Mo's fingers moved discreetly, sending one word into the chat.

This word was just like him, elegant and imposing. "Retract."

The special forces troop was the first to take action. They first sought out the manager and passed the evidence over before instructing, "We need your cooperation."

The movie was finally over.

Some of the audience was still engrossed in the movie even when the closing credits had appeared.

The music started playing and the staff was already entering with their torch. "Thank you for your patronage, this movie has ended. Please be careful on your way out and remember to take all our belongings. I hope you enjoyed the movie. We anticipate your next visit."