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 Chapter 82: Almighty Qin Asks Fu Jiu to Call Him Big Brother

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Whatever, the Almighty wasn't just shameless for only one or two days anyway.

But this hardware was really good.

The main point was that she had to set matters straight.

Fu Jiu hooked the corners of her lips up. She took a step forward and raised her hand, wanting to grasp the man's shoulder and tease him.

However, she never expected Qin Mo to react so quickly this time. Before she could put her hands up, he had grabbed her wrist, and a spontaneous force pinned her to the wall nearby. His breath was cold. "You don't want your paws anymore?"

Fu Jiu was still laughing with her eyes shining. "Almighty Qin, I just realized that your ears are quite fragile..."

There were so many people around. Everyone who saw this scene had their eyes wide open, especially the store manager who was standing on the side as he looked on. He almost started to tremble.

What... what on earth is this?

Never had they heard that Young Master Qin liked this kind of person... This beautiful youngster with silver hair... Did the people from the Qin Corporation know that?

The geeks who came here to buy equipment were looking, and they secretly swallowed their drool. They wanted to take photos, but they were afraid to do so.

No one could provoke Almighty Qin.

But that posture did let people think about something else.

In addition, the two faces were ridiculously good looking. Each one of them seemed to send out pheromones, making it inevitable for people to think in a particular manner.

Fu Jiu did not feel anything, but she was not pleased at being pinned to the wall. Looking at that handsome face just inches away, she smiled widely and cocked her head...

Qin Mo pushed the youngster when he noticed him attempting to blow at him again, pinning him back against the wall. His eyes gleamed with an especially charming color. "Fu, Jiu."

The youngster's tender and small face had made him hesitate at pinching the youngster hard.

However, in order to give the youngster a lesson, Qin Mo still took action. He bent over overbearingly. His thin lips got closer to her left ear, which had a black earring. The warm breath, matched with his handsome side face gave people a sense of indescribable ambiguity. But his voice hit her ear heavily with a cold tone, easily leaving one numb. "Let an elder brother like me share his experience with you. Do not blow into a man's ear, understood?"

Qin Mo stood up straight after he was done with his piece.

He hadn't known how this fellow could feel indifferent as he flirted with others, but when he saw the porcelain-like white ear and round ear lobe a while ago, he had an impulse to toy around.

He must have been enraged by that fellow who flirted with others regardless of the situation. Even he was influenced as well.

But that person just laughed with an evil face. He was not shocked at all and squinted. "Brother?"

Qin Mo lifted his eyebrows and adjusted his tie without feeling appalled. "I'm older than you. If not an elder brother, then what?"

That was true. But to regard Almighty Qin as an older brother... gave her a lot of pressure. After all, he looked like a dishonest businessman from head to toe. What if he played a trick on her again and made her sign a contract selling herself...

Fu Jiu knitted her eyebrows together, realizing that what she had done was not worth it.

Noticing that the youngster was still deep in thought, Qin Mo suddenly got angry and lowered his voice. "So? You feel wronged calling me Brother?"

"Of course not." Fu Jiu curled her lips into a smile. "Brother Mo, it will be even better if you are a person who likes younger brothers."

Hearing the youngster call him Brother Mo was quite pleasing, so Qin Mo indulged him. After all, Fu Jiu was younger than him...