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 Chapter 80: Almighty Qin Backs Up Lord Jiu

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Fu Jiu: ...Almighty, do you know that it makes it really difficult when you don't follow how things go in novels!?

Qin Mo looked at the youngster who was a little depressed. A faint smile spread across his thin lips. Seizing Fu Jiu's back collar, he stuffed her into the shotgun seat.

When the car drove up, it was extremely conspicuous, especially when there were two equally extraordinary people sitting in it.

Fu Jiu's silver hair was blown wildly by the wind from the open window of the car. With that handsome face and luxurious aura, she was just cool beyond words.

And that beautiful car sliding through the center of the city made people think that two famous superstars must be shooting for a movie.

That scene led people to stop and take photos while the car was waiting for the traffic lights.

However, Qin Mo's right hand was just holding the steering wheel. The conceited and indifferent expression on his face flashed like light reflecting off the car as they stopped in front of the entrance of Computer City.

Fu Jiu stared at that place, and her eyebrows lifted.

There were not many people in the store at that moment, but those who were already there looked in their direction.

To be more accurate, they were looking at Almighty Qin.

After all, this was not just any place but a place that people who liked playing games often went to.

As soon as Qin Mo entered the door, he was recognized by his fans among the crowd.

"It's Almighty Qin!"

"Did he also come here to buy accessories?"

"It's unbelievable to see Almighty Qin here!"

Most of those who came here to buy accessories were boys, so they were not as crazy as the girls.

But due to Qin Mo's great popularity, it was still quite a huge sensation.

When the store manager heard it was Almighty Qin who came, he strode over immediately, not daring to be slow when serving him.

After all, for a businessman, Qin Mo was not only a great gamer but also the young master of the Qin Corporation whose footsteps could shake the entire Jiang City.

The store manager was grinning from side to side, albeit forced. Just as he was about to say something, he saw Fu Jiu standing nearby.

The mouse grabbing incident just happened not too long ago, so the store manager naturally had a deep impression about that event. Fu Jiu's cool silver hair and beautiful face were especially too difficult to forget.

But it never occurred to him that the youngster would come in with Almighty Qin!

The store manager's heart dropped, and he lowered his voice a little. "Young, Young Master Qin..."

Qin Mo glanced at the manager, stating coldly and concisely, "Which mouse did he take a fancy to at noon? Take it out."

He didn't say much, but it was enough to leave an uncomfortable lump in the store manager's throat. "Young Master Qin, here it is. That customer did take a fancy to a mouse, but it was the only one left. After being taken away by others, there were none left. I am now arranging for someone to get more. Would you please wait for a moment? Just a moment please..."

The store manager didn't dare look at Qin Mo's face by the end of the conversation. The strong pressure exerted by the man caused him to almost be unable to lift his head.

Qin Mo's voice was still indifferent. With his finger pointing at Fu Jiu, he said to the store manager, "Remember his face. Give him what he wants later on."

"Yes! Yes!" The store manager knew that CEO Qin had brought Fu Jiu here to set the matter straight. He rejoiced over the fact that he didn't go overboard at noon. Otherwise, according to CEO Qin's modus operandi, he definitely wouldn't be spared. Even his store might've been destroyed!

The store manager was now thinking about what had happened before, and he still felt a little scared. He didn't know what the relationship was between the youngster and CEO Qin. How could CEO Qin accompany him to buy stuff?!