Honestly, the Spade fans were bewildered, especially by his last words.

One of them tugged on Sister Turtle's sleeve. "That, Sis, did you hear that?"

Sister Turtle, however, was currently overwhelmed by a sea of emotion and she would never have expected Almighty Qin to be so open about his sexuality.

She coughed heavily as the two little cuties looked towards her.

Whatever, his sexuality wasn't important right now because the main issue was the problem at hand.

Almighty Qin was smarter than any of them. He scrolled on the screen before looking towards the meeting area.

How was he going to sieve out the mastermind? Time was tight, after all.

Qin Mo glanced at the surroundings.

It was fortunate that Feng Yi had divided the official and unofficial fans into two groups after the previous incident.

The only catch was that not all of the unofficial fans were part of the group.

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Qin Mo's eyes started to dim gradually until they emitted bleak darkness.

Sister Turtle had experienced this situation before and was fully aware of it. Ever since the day Spade Z's official support group had been established, many stan groups had surfaced. The official management had advised fans not to join such groups and continuously encouraged them to join the official group. However, even then, they didn't care whether the stan groups were created or whether the fans joined them.

But it was different this time!

They used the group as a medium, using their adoration as an excuse to cause harm to Big Spade since they knew the official management would not be able to sieve them out.

Their intentions were crystal clear ━ but time was too tight.

There was only half an hour left before the match would start.

As the seconds passed, both Feng Yi and those aware of the scheme started feeling heavier.

Helplessness was looming over them and they almost felt breathless.

It was the knowledge of someone going to cause harm, but yet the inability to prevent it, coupled with accusations, which they were going to face after having been harmed.

The feeling inched up their bodies towards their eyes.

Some of the younger ones could no longer take it, turning away as they suppressed their tears.

They were thinking about how to protect that person, they wanted to tell the world everything good about the person ━

but they couldn't even protect him.

Their eyes started to heat up and their hands trembled.

How could they be like this?

The world shouldn't be like this.

Qin Mo stood there for a full thirty seconds before reaching for his phone to make a call. His tone was heavy. "Fatty, bring your laptop over to the front desk of the arena, now."

This meant that Qin Mo had came out with a plan to use Fatty's hacking skills.

No one would have known that after just a call, a masked youngster wearing the battle gear inside out came emerging from the crowd. She suddenly gripped the left hand rail, jumping over. Her shirt was flying in the wind before she landed firmly in front of Qin Mo. The silvery locks beneath her cap blew slightly and her pose was dashing as usual; with a hand stuffed in her pocket. She directed a smile at Sister Turtle before turning to face the Almighty. "Brother Mo, I have been searching the entire arena for you. Why are you looking for Fatty and why did you get him to bring his laptop? Are you going to investigate someone?"