A ringing phone shattered her thoughts.

However, this time, Qin Mo wasn't called by the special forces troops, but the crime squad.

When Bo Jiu saw the name Little Huang appearing on his phone screen, she paused, wondering who it was.

For him to pick such an endearing nickname...

Unexpectedly, the Almighty picked it up nonchalantly. "What is it?"

The person replied calmly, "Something big."

Even though the other person said just two words, it was enough for her to identify him.

It was obviously Director Huang from the crime squad.

So Director Huang was 'Little Huang'?

The Almighty's naming skills were over the top.

That aside, the Almighty didn't seem to be guarding against her when he picked up the call because Bo Jiu could faintly hear the voice from the other side.

"I have an answer to the girl's case. It was as you said, this matter isn't that simple. There's an app that allows users to befriend each other. The app allows cars nearby to post their status. Girls who are willing can provide the drivers with their numbers in order for them to send them home. As those cars are usually backed up by a company, nothing should happen, but the girl mentioned that's how she contracted AIDS and..."

Bo Jiu once again confirmed that he wasn't afraid of her hearing the contents because when Director Huang paused, he prompted, "And?"

"And we found out that the car that picked her up wasn't the same as the one that she left her number with, even though both cars are BMW. But according to the original driver, the records were clear, he had picked up another girl and after sending her home, he returned home as well. Hence, he wasn't the culprit. After our men told her about this, she didn't seem to be in a right state of mind and said she hadn't expected the note to be real."

Qin Mo's eyes lit up. "What note?"

"There was a note left in the hotel. Initially, she didn't understand what it meant, brushing it off as a joke, but with the current state of things, everything seemed to have been planned. There was a line written on the note, 'Guess who's the next one contracting the sickness.'

Director Huang's voice was lowered.

If it was as he had said, the nature of the case would be different.

"Can you guess who's the next one?"

It was obviously a serial case, and if it was such a case, this perpetrator was a highly unstable transmitter.

He was an AIDS carrier, making him the best murder weapon.

Bo Jiu had wanted to unleash her mental strength, giving the Almighty his privacy, but he didn't seem willing to let her off.

Instead, he asked for the specifics. "Where did they have sex? Do you have details from the hotel?"

"Yes and no, the girl mentioned that her identification card was used to get the room since the guy left to get a bottle of red wine he had forgotten. He told her to send him the room number after it was done..."

Bo Jiu couldn't help letting out a whistle, which happened to enter Little Huang's ears. He widened his eyes. "What's the situation?"

Qin Mo glanced at the youngster, seeming unruffled. "My cat."

This answer was an insult to his intelligence!

Which cat could whistle?!

Just as he was about to question him, a cat's cry came from the other side.

Bo Jiu was caressing him.

However, Princess didn't just cry, he was having a fit!

Did the youngster really think he didn't have a temper?!

Qin Mo continued looking sickly, his tone infuriating. "You should have heard, he isn't at his best today."

With just one line, he successfully placed the blame on his cat and forced Director Huang to swallow all his doubts.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"Then could you ask your cat why did he whistle?"

Qin Mo replied leisurely, "We can discuss that later, did the hotel capture the man's appearance?"

"No, it didn't. Not because he was disguised, but rather because of the large crowd that day. He took the lift with a huge group and once he was out, he had his head lowered the entire time, preventing the cameras from capturing anything."

Director Huang clenched his teeth, a sign of how frustrated he was.

Qin Mo, on the other hand, remained calm. "I understand." He was prepared to hang up, but Director Huang gasped.

"Can't you provide me with some profiling so that I have a direction?"

"I'll send it to you in a while." Qin Mo hung up after, eyeing the youngster. "Fess up, why did you whistle just now?"

Bo Jiu simply smiled faintly. "Since the female paid, this just means that the guy is either someone good looking or extremely wealthy."

"Oh?" Qin Mo raised a brow. "Why do you say so?"

Bo Jiu placed her laptop down. "There are many people who would be willing to give birth for people as handsome as me and Brother Mo. If something did happen, who would care about the hotel fee?"

It was the same for her thinking about kidnapping the Almighty and leaving a huge sum of money in return.

As opposed to the ransom, bringing him away was of greater importance.

"Let's talk about the second circumstance." The youngster held onto the railings, pulling herself upwards suavely, her lips curved, the mole beneath her eyes looking unusually obvious at the moment. "The girl was attracted to his money and was planning to rail him in slowly. Hence, she wouldn't mind the initial splurges because she was convinced he would be able to give her much more. Brother Mo, you're a psychologist, I'm sure you would have already guessed what I just mentioned. Besides, your conversation wasn't soft, it isn't possible for couples to meet through such an app. Hence, we have to eliminate the possibility of them having an intimate relationship, which leads to the circumstance where he is rich and handsome, allowing the female to open a room willingly. But the latter seems more possible."

Qin Mo lifted his lids, signalling for her to continue.

Bo Jiu tilted her head, looking like a Casanova. "If I were to find a girl for sex, I would never have brought red wine. That is clearly the behavior of a rich man. He drives a luxury car, brings good wine and if he wore expensive clothes, he would definitely entice the hearts of many girls. Since some girls would be attracted to these. I suspect that she must be a very materialistic person as in-spite of her low pay, she was willing to spend two to three thousand on make-up and ten thousand on luxury goods. Hence, becoming a rich wife is one of the most fundamental desires. I won't question her intentions, but it's clear the perpetrator had been manipulating such desires. Such girls would lower their guard towards rich people, hence, agreeing to have sex the first day they met."

Bo Jiu would never have guessed that one day, she would be discussing a case together with the Almighty as a friend.

It was a unique experience which easily ignited excitement within her.

However, quickly, that excitement was extinguished by his words.

"If you were to find a girl for sex?" Qin Mo tilted his head, his voice cold. "I never knew you had such thoughts."

Bo Jiu stilled, not understanding the guilt she felt. "I was just giving an example."

"I I guess physics isn't the only thing you are bad at, even your language is horrid." Qin Mo's gaze didn't warm up. "Who taught you to use such examples?"

With an intellect like the Almighty, Bo Jiu didn't intend to continue that topic. Instead, she inched towards him with a smile. "Isn't it your turn?"

Since a certain someone had been taking care of him for the past two days, Qin Mo warmed up a little before speaking, "The perpetrator should be between 25 and 35 years old. He isn't very good looking, but he isn't ugly either with a certain degree of male charisma. He has a nice smell and is very picky about clothes. He is clean and rich, has the freedom to arrange his time and has a strong vengeance towards materialistic women. He is currently single."

Bo Jiu could only deduce that he was a rich and clean person. How did the Almighty come up with the rest?

"He has a nice smell?" What led to that conjecture? His singlehood could be explained since a married man would often invoke a sense of distance. Bo Jiu agreed that the perpetrator was single, between 25-35 years old and charismatic. She also agreed that he wasn't ugly since anyone that looked like Director Huang with a beer belly, wouldn't be able to entice a girl to enter his car, regardless of how rich he was. Much less to say to be willing to pay for the hotel room. Hence, he definitely wasn't ugly and would probably possess looks that wouldn't install discomfort. But scent?

Qin Mo lowered his lids, breaking into a smile as he watched the youngster frown. "The wall-jumping student isn't that skilled after all. You haven't been paying attention to biology lessons. The initial attraction between a male and female is invoked from both the appearance and the scent they give off. Why else would people shower before having sex? Mmh?"

Bo Jiu was at a loss for words again, pulling Princess over to caress him.

Who would learn that during biology?

Besides, no one other than the Almighty would use that to access a case.

"This is a troublesome serial case since it's obvious the perpetrator isn't dumb and has everything thought out. The phone he used back then is probably already invalid." Bo Jiu managed to pull the topic back to the case.

Qin Mo sat on the pure white bed, raising a brow. "Director Huang didn't seem to have mentioned the line was cut off."

"I guessed it." Bo Jiu didn't avoid his probe. "It's simple. If I were the perpetrator, I would have prepared some props beforehand. The phone line would cut off after every successful meeting. Once there is another target, I would use another line. The car plate should be altered as well, which can be done with a little money. Besides, the perpetrator takes action on a weekend whenever there are a lot of cars. Hence, it isn't hard to blend into the masses."

Qin Mo toyed with the lighter, his voice calm. "That's a good deduction."

Such a compliment could easily invoke cold sweat.

If it was someone else, they would have felt guilty, but Bo Jiu knew she couldn't back down at such a moment. "With the experience in livestreams, this much is easy to deduce."


Qin Mo kept the lighter, smiling at the youngster. "You're trying to hint that the perpetrator isn't new at this."

"Communicating with Brother Mo is simply a breeze." Bo Jiu threw herself onto the bed, folding her hands behind her head. Since the Almighty wasn't suspecting her anymore, she could focus on the case. "But..."

"But it's possible that someone else is giving him directions."

Before Bo Jiu could speak, Qin Mo had interrupted. Even though he was ill, he still carried an aristocratic air.

Bo Jiu smiled. That was indeed what she had wanted to say. "A befriending app has public notices, but the numbers the girls leave aren't public. It wouldn't be difficult for hackers to get the information, but that's not the case for ordinary people."

This time, Qin Mo remained silent.

He reached for his phone, tapping the screens.

Bo Jiu watched as the words Little Huang appeared on his screen. She was curious about his reaction if Director Huang found out about this nickname.

Director Huang was preoccupied at the moment, but when he saw Qin Mo's call, he was filled with agitation. "Do you have an answer?"

"The serial murder," Qin Mo spoke emotionlessly, "Z is the mastermind."

It wasn't just Director Huang on the other end ━ Bo Jiu froze as well.

Z was the mastermind?

Bo Jiu raised a brow. This conclusion...

"Investigate this together with the Maiden's Sacrifice." Qin Mo's eyes dimmed. "I'll send the profiling for the perpetrator to your email. You can search for him according to the list and regardless of whatever mediums you use, make it known to the masses to not accept such meetings casually."

Director Huang replied, "That will be easy, but are you thinking too much into this case? The Maiden's Sacrifice was through a chat room, but this is through an app. Isn't there a difference in the nature of the cases?"

"Both are done through the internet and the victims are both females. His thoughts are shown through his actions. Both cases are linked to sex. Even though the methods are different, it is fundamentally the same and the main point is that no one would leave a note after executing their crimes. This is the second challenge he is sending to the crime squad."

Every word seemed to hit the spot.

Director Huang's mouth hung wide open while he scratched his head. This was clearly a challenge towards you! The crime squad was just collateral damage!

"After zeroing in on the target, don't make any rash movements. I'll send my men over to interact with the perpetrator to get Z out." After giving his orders, he hung up on him again.

He didn't even give Little Huang a chance to react.

Bo Jiu decided to volunteer. "Brother Mo, what do you think about sending me to follow him? My hand speed isn't bad."

She had to be more proactive since it concerned looking for her imposter.

Qin Mo kept his phone while spitting only one word out lazily. "No."


She would just have to follow the crime squad members because although she respected all of her pet's decisions, it didn't contradict whatever she wanted to do.

Qin Mo turned to sweep her a glance, his tone carrying a hint of warning. "Be obedient, guess what the consequences are if I catch you again."

"Brother Mo, where's the basic trust between humans?" Bo Jiu heaved a sigh of relief. "I haven't hacked into anyone's network in a really long time. Do you know what that is like for a hacker?"

Even though he knew the youngster would never be honest about it, Qin Mo's lips remained lifted as he watched his depressed state.

Bo Jiu curved his lips, jumping off the bed towards the shower with her phone.

After closing the door, she turned on the shower to drown off all the noise.

Amidst the pouring water, the youngster lowered her lids. Her long fingers were pressing onto the screen and her dark eyes were brighter than ever as the letters were turning into Chinese words.

"Follow the crime squad members, the hunt begins. Z."

She lifted her hands, pressing the send button.

Then Bo Jiu tugged on her uniform and the sound of water was heard.

The skies started to darken.

To an esports player, gaming at night had the most feelings.

When the alert for an email sounded, Watanabe glanced towards the person reading a comic on the floor. "Vice-captain, is that your phone?"

"Mmh." Hoshino lowered his lids towards the row of words before he moved his fingers, deleting all traces.

At that moment, he realized that Z was really back.

Unknowingly, it had started to rain outside.

Far away in the county hospital, the ruckus was persisting, drowning out the rain outside.

Fortunately, they were soldiers with good physique, blocking out the cold in the office because if they had been ordinary people, they would have been exhausted.

The special forces soldier was there as well. Since Young Master had given his orders, there mustn't be any mistake and being around was the only way he was reassured the matter could be done smoothly.

But there were too many documents which could only be searched manually without any shortcuts.

Just as he was convinced it would take the entire night, the document was found.

A young soldier bolted upright in a perfect salute. His voice was clear. "Report, I found it!"