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 The replay flashed on the screen.

Even with Spade Z in the competition, Qin Mo was the MVP.

However, that wasn't a surprise since for one of the 2v2 matches, Almighty Qin made Baby Feng watch at the side while he teased the opponents three times.

Baby Feng didn't intend to just watch, but he wasn't able to keep up with his captain and could only follow behind.

Even the last city was captured by him.

Just like that, Qin Mo accumulated more kills than Spade Z.

Of course, that wasn't the only criteria to qualify for the MVP.

There was also his contribution.

The audience noticed that as well. Even if their kills were the same, there were still differences in other areas.

While Almighty Qin killed, he would still destroy a few defense towers, hence, the numbers weren't the same.

Even a professional team would be impressed by the numbers.

However, someone sitting among the crowd thought differently. Unlike during the filming of the variety program, he wasn't dressed in his team's battle attire. Instead, gold rimmed spectacles were resting on his sharp nose bridge, a black mask shielding half of his face.

"The industry has changed, heh."

He let out a slight smirk, but the person beside him heard it.

"Why? Do you still miss it?"

Even though she was here to watch the competition, there was a criminal psychology book in her hand. Her red nails brushed through her long black hair as she tilted her face to eye him.

The light rays blurred her face. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Rao Rong pushed his spectacles. The lenses were reflecting the light. "Why would I? You should know the reason I'm back, this is all for revenge."

"Of course, but I can't seem to be interested in such a competition." Se shut the book. "Why does he like to play something so unfitting of his background? He should withdraw himself as soon as possible, right?"

Rao Rong turned. "According to Qin Mo's personality, he should have forgotten who you are."

"He won't. You don't know him as well as I do, or rather, no one knows him as much as I do." She supported her face with her hands. Even though her eyes were smiling seemingly sweet, it brought out an uneasiness.

Rao Rong remained silent because he couldn't say it. However, he couldn't help admitting to himself that his heart had sped up when he had watched Qin Mo's character finish the players off.

But it was just a faint moment before it disappeared.

Esports was filled with passion, yet it was also an industry which would get rid of anyone without use.

Rao Rong looked at his hands, the light rays blurring his expression.

According to the usual standard, the victory team's captain or vice-captain would have to accept an interview.

As wasn't possible to interview Almighty Qin, the media went straight for Bo Jiu, the handsome long-legged youngster.

The host brought Bo Jiu over to a quieter corner.

On the other end, the players started to leave.

At this moment at the left side of the spectator stand, a male fan shouted in agitation, "Almighty Wata-watanabe?"

Watanabe, who was about to leave, cursed internally!

His first reaction was to look at his vice-captain.

But at this moment, the person that was originally at his side wasn't there!