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 Momentarily, the entire bus fell into silence and everyone turned to look at Almighty Xiao.

The filming crew was suddenly reminded that back in the days, Xiao Mochao would often be matched with others.

However, Qin Mo had been the only person that had caught his interest, willing him to say more than a few words.

Zhao Sanpang coughed violently. "What our captain means is..."

"The problem on Weibo," Almighty Xiao added.

Zhao Sanpang heaved a sigh of relief, he was seriously worried he would fight with Little Spade for Qin Mo.

"The problem escalated on my side, they seem to be rooting for both of us. I don't mind. What do you think?"

The crowd was stunned. This tone... The two of them... they probably had a past.

Qin Mo remained silent, tugging the youngster's collar. His intentions were clear, he wanted to room with Bo Jiu.

Zhao Sanpang was worried about his captain's feelings, so he stepped forward to comfort him. "No worries, Captain, I'll accompany you tonight."

"There isn't a need."

A simple three words, but a totally different attitude. This...

"Let's have a drink tonight."

Almighty Xiao glanced at Qin Mo.


They continued to converse, being completely oblivious to the others.

Zhao Sanpang turned decisively, lowering his voice. "Little Spade, your enemy has appeared. Xiao isn't an easy opponent. Are you prepared for it?"

"How about tossing you out?" Bo Jiu lifted a brow.

After being appointed to sleep with the Almighty, Bo Jiu felt a need to have a good conversation with the filming crew. She suggested sleeping separately to the storyboard director.

"Sleep separately?" The storyboard director raised her voice. Even Qin Mo, who had his eyes shut, swept her glance.

Bo Jiu eyed her immediately.

"Cough." She lowered her voice, before continuing, "That's not possible, two guests share a room in order for the footage to be more interesting. Don't worry, we are professionals, there won't be any problem with the footage."

Bo Jiu wanted to correct her misconceptions on her worry, but they had already arrived at the hotel.

Probably due to the photos released on Weibo, the fans in Lin City had arrived in front of the hotel and were awaiting them with excitement.

Zhao Sanpang pulled a mirror and shades from his pocket, taking a good look at himself before turning to Bo Jiu. "Ain't I dashing?"


But why would a grown man like yourself have a mirror in his pocket?!

In fact, he really was handsome.

All of them were dressed in their combat gear, a white shirt, and carried a standardized black shoulder bag. When they alighted the bus, they immediately caught everyone's eye because this wasn't a common sight.

The three teams stood together, which was a sight to behold.

Even from afar, the commotion from the fans could be heard.

"I guess this can't be helped, my looks are simply unparalleled," Zhan Sanpang remarked as they walked.

Lin Chentao gave him a merciless kick.

As fans, they enjoyed such interactions, finding their relationship adorable.

Moreover, after catching them in real life, they realized exactly how handsome both Spade Z and Almighty Qin were and that their interactions had the ability to send their hearts to tremble.

For instance, the youngster was originally walking ahead with a hand stuffed in his pocket, but then Almighty Qin reached out to grab the youngster's bag.

The youngster stilled, glancing towards the Almighty.

Almighty Qin returned his gaze, his lips upturned, that warm heart-achingly ravishing smile sent the crowd into a frenzy as they snapped shots uncontrollably!

The film crew never anticipated such a large crowd awaiting them.

Fortunately, they had quick reflexes, activating the hotel security to control the site.

However, there were many things to be aware of when controlling fans as it wouldn't be good to end up on the headlines.

Hence, the security guards couldn't act too aggressively, using their bodies to defend without much daring to push much.

The main director shouted until his voice was hoarse before they could enter the hotel. Thankfully, there wasn't any unpleasantness.

But if this situation were to persist, they would probably have to shorten the filming duration tomorrow.

Popularity had its benefits but likewise, it could bring unavoidable hindrance.

"F*ck, my hairstyle." Zhao Sanpang pointed to his head. It had been pushed so much that it started to stand, adding a comedic touch.

Lin Chentao laughed. "This is the last time I'm going to participate in outdoor reality programs."

Bo Jiu raised a brow while Lin Chentao clenched his teeth. "Why aren't you asking me the reason!"

Bo Jiu remained silent, unwrapping a lollipop.

Lin Chentao couldn't resist it any longer. "In the past, I didn't think the fans should act this way."

"How did you think they should act?" Zhao Sanpang asked.

Lin Chentao couldn't explain his emotions. He just felt upset when the fans refused to listen, continually and aggressively chasing after them, even at the expense of the film crew's safety.

Zhao Sanpang felt the need to comfort him. "Poor Lin, let Brother tell you, all of this doesn't matter. Just take a look at Little Spade's fans, they poured coke all over him, but didn't he remain silent?"

The moment he finished, the temperature seemed to chill, falling by a few degrees.

Bo Jiu was caught off guard, pausing midway as she bit her lollipop and glancing over at Qin Mo.

"When?" the chilling low voice asked, sending a chill down their backs.

When Qin Mo's eyes weren't smiling, it carried a demonic hostility.

Zhao Sanpang shriveled under his gaze, swallowing with difficulty. "Wh-when?"

"When was he splashed with coke?" Qin Mo's entire aura had obviously shifted.

Regardless of his intelligence, Zhao Sanpang understood what he meant. "You probably weren't aware. It was at the start of the competition. Because Little Spade became the vice-captain, hence..."

"That wasn't a fan," Bo Jiu interrupted, her gaze fixed on Qin Mo because she was well aware of her puppy's bottom line.

Qin Mo glanced at the youngster with a deep, pressuring gaze.

Zhao Sanpang and Lin Chentao wanted to hug each other to withstand the cold!

"Who's the mastermind?" Qin Mo asked with a hostile and icy-cold tone.

Bo Jiu remained silent. Since she had already dealt with the person, exposing anything else would leak her relationship with Old White.

If the Almighty found out she had gotten someone to monitor some things, he would start to link it to other matters.

Qin Mo took another look at the youngster before tugging onto his collar, asking leisurely, "You don't want to say it? Let me ask another question, have you gotten back at the person?"

"Of course." Bo Jiu smiled.

The next thing everyone heard was the "Good," from Qin Mo when he released the youngster's collar.

Lin Chentao turned over to ask, "Is taking revenge the main point?"

"It is to Qin Mo, you have no idea how vengeful he is. Those that like him must have been mesmerized by his face. But think about the times he gamed with us. Hasn't he always caused trouble for us?" Zhao Sanpang would never let go of a chance to talk bad about Qin Mo, it was important to maintain his rivalry!

Lin Chentao clenched his fists. "That sounds very right!"

"Impeccable taste you have! How are you feeling now?"

Just a second ago, they had been bickering but now, it seemed as though they had just found their soulmates!

Lin Chentao remarked honestly, "Oh right, Little Spade, I suddenly find my fans rather adorable."

Bo Jiu glanced at both of them before turning towards the visibly hostile back view, giving each of them a kick.

Zhao Sanpang knew he couldn't beat Qin Mo in a fight, but Little Spade... This was a humiliation to his good looks!

"Don't come over. If you come over again, I'll tell others you molested me!" Zhao Sanpang hid behind the sofa, pointing towards Bo Jiu.

Lin Chentao was also in hiding. When he heard the sentence, he exploded. "Fatty, can you have some pride? How can you come up with such an absurd excuse? No, Captain, don't go, save me, 2v1 isn't fair at all! With your help, Little Spade would definitely lose!"

Rao Rong smiled, taking huge strides away.

Before he turned, he glanced back, catching sight of the suave movement by the silver-haired youngster.

Qin Mo really seemed to care about Spade Z.

Such concern was out of character, especially since the youngster was a guy.

He never used to have much emotion...

Time trickled by.

After Bo Jiu was done with the two of them, she paused a brief moment before heading to the room to search for the Almighty.

Humans were often like that: not willing to protect the beautiful memories from the past.

Bo Jiu had the same mentality.

Ever since she had discovered the Almighty's identity, she felt an urge to pamper him.

The Almighty seemed to have changed a lot, but deep inside, there had to be a tiny aspect which had never changed.

Bo Jiu understood this.

After opening the door, she heard Qin Mo talking on the phone. His words were calm. "Investigate."

Bo Jiu paused for a moment before allowing the cameraman to follow her in.

Qin Mo then hung up, glancing at them. "Come over."

Bo Jiu decided that this was her puppy's way of clearing the situation, hence, she smiled, looking mischievous.

Unbeknownst to her, she became unusually obedient in front of the camera.

"I'll go have a drink, you can stay in the room and reflect." Qin Mo pinched the youngster's face, cherishing the texture while his gaze was softening. "After thinking it through, send me a text. Understand?"

Bo Jiu felt regretful because now that they were no longer young, she couldn't just tackle him and even had to reflect...

Later, she would game for a bit before sending him a text.

Almighty Xiao clearly harbored certain intentions towards her puppy, but the Almighty was rather dense in such matters.

Wasn't he gay?

How could he then have such a low defense towards guys?