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 In Bo family's mansion.

Bo Jiu wasn't sure how long she slept.

As the skies were starting to light up, she inched her eyes open, her fingers twitching. The phone in her hand was out of battery, but still warm.

The Almighty didn't hang up?

Bo Jiu lifted a brow.

She hugged Princess, warming her hands.

The Almighty was indeed despicable, in order to drain her battery, he hadn't closed the video call, deliberating wasting the battery.

She was going to do that next time, but first, she would sleep.

When there wasn't a test or competition, she usually slept until 11 am, but today, the Internet was buzzing because of a new gaming video.

The content was, "I'm an audience in the Japanese server and wanted to ask the ID of this Almighty!"

There were more than a thousand comments.

"Cool! Their team cooperation is amazing!"

"They actually dared to play on the Japanese server, I'm impressed! Why does the playing style of this sorcerer seem so familiar?"

"It's Goddess Luo Luojiang! It definitely is, there isn't anyone else who could play the character with such gallant!"

"I'm here to expose the assassin that died the most times, he has to be Lin Chentao!"

"Is the helper my Almighty Yun?"

"Is the archer my Almighty Chen?"

"True fans would be able to pick up on their idols, but what about the tank?"

"I'm not sure, but what exactly is this situation, players from different teams... came together?"

"Don't you know? Our idols have such an interest, but they don't do it often."

"Is the tank Zhao Sanpang?"

"No, our Fatty doesn't like tower kills."

"Honestly, tanks don't usually play like this, he seems more like an assassin. It's not normal for a tank to kill at the bottom of a tower."

"You mean the tank isn't good?"

"I don't think he's good."

"But he didn't cause trouble and is the MVP."

"Tank? MVP? Tanks won't end up as the MVP in normal circumstances."

"It isn't surprising considering all the tower kills."

"To summarise, if it wasn't for Goddess Luo Luojiang and the others, he would have died easily."

"Am I the only one that believes he played so boldly because Goddess Luo Luojiang and the others were behind him?"

"You mean it's a strategy? Wow, I'm starting to be interested in the tank, who exactly is he? Any fans recognize him?"

A pity regardless of the view counts, no one recognized the tank.

The audience was really curious since the tank's playing style was out of the ordinary.

During Supreme Alliance's match that day, Spade Z used a tank.

"Wait a minute? My Big Spade isn't using the archer?"

"It's already the fourth time!"

"He still hasn't played the helper."

"He really is an all-rounder!"

"I want to watch my Big Spade as a tank!"

In the end, they were met with a familiar scene!

Even though he was a tank, he executed a tower kill.

Even though he was a tank, she managed to create a tempo for the crowd.

Even though he was a tank, he held control, becoming the MVP.

What was going on?

Everyone was confused.

A fan of Spade Z remarked seriously, "The tank in the video from the Japanese server is definitely Big Spade, what do you guys think?"

Everyone: "..."