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 The commotion wasn't small.

Even Yun Hu, who was drinking his bottled water, turned over.

The moment he caught sight of the two of them, he understood the fuss.

But something was odd.

Why was Captain Qin at A University?

The moment Yun Hu stood up, the person behind smashed the basketball in his hand. "Young Master Yun, where are you going? You can speak up if you're feeling scared."

His words didn't just land in Yun Hu's ears, but the surrounding spectators all heard it, too, including Fu Jiu and Qin Mo.

They both weren't seated. One of them was wearing a black mask, a hand stuffed in his pants pocket; the long and slender figure standing there with a lifted brow.

That person didn't seem to pick up on the change in the atmosphere, he walked forward with his lifted finger. "As you chose computer science as major, you should behave and be a nerd. What's the big deal about knowing how to play e-games? Don't use your looks to seduce girls, got it?"

Yun Hu turned his lids, staring straight at him. "I don't understand."

"You!" He choked. "You aren't going to take my advice? Then let's have a real match on the court, why don't you dare to have a match?"

Yun Hu gave him a 'you are dumb' expression before continuing to walk forward, seemingly saying, 'I'm not playing because you aren't worthy.'

That person fumed, his eyes narrowing. "Just a look and I can sense your actions with Lin Feng, is gay sex that exciting?"

Yun Hu placed his bag down, his gaze turning to ice.

"What's wrong? You want to hit me?" The person taped his face, pushing it towards Yun Hu. "Come on, if you hit me, you won't be able to play in the National League, would you wish to be restricted..."


Before he could finish his sentence, a basketball came flying over from the spectator stand.

The ball slammed into his knees accurately.

Pain shot through him, even his face started to convulse as he hugged onto his legs, screaming out, "F*ck! Who did it!"

He screamed as he turned towards the direction the ball came from.

The silver-haired youngster stood amidst the crowd, he brushed his black mask, his gaze dark. "Pardon me, it was a slip."

"You... you!" He had an urge to rush over.

Another basketball came flying over.

This time, it wasn't his knees but his face!


He stumbled backwards slightly before falling over, his world spinning.

He caressed his nose, now completely red.


Who was it this time?!

In the time he took to stand up, the culprit, Qin Mo was already by his side, his voice calm. "I slipped as well, those that play e-games tend to have slippery hands."

"You-you guys!" He was prepared to scold them.

Yun Hu tugged on his outerwear. "Didn't you want a match? Come on."

Just a sight and the crowd knew that Yun Hu was infuriated.

In fact, Yun Hu had already mentioned that he wouldn't be playing basketball during this period of time since the National League was approaching and he didn't wish for any hand injury.

But this person had clearly touched a nerve.

"Brother Hu, we can't."

Even though they were from the same major, they were afraid these sports student had something up their sleeves.

Besides, with their skills, they didn't stand a chance, thus chickening out before the battle had even started.

Yun Hu frowned.

Fu Jiu removed her mask. "I'll play."