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 Chapter 6: Hacker in Action and Meeting Qin Mo in Games

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Now... she was most in need of electronic parts to assemble a laptop with high specs.

The one she had at home was still okay for playing games, but it would leave traces behind if it were used to hack websites.

So making money was of the utmost priority...

"What did you say? Making money?"

The driver was shocked when he heard what Chen Xiaodong had just asked. After he slammed on the brakes, they both turned and looked at Fu Jiu as if they were looking at an alien.

Fu Jiu had a can of cola in her hand. Her delicate eyebrows furrowed. "What? Is it so weird that I want to make money?"

"A little." Chen Xiaodong wasn't expressing his true feelings. It's so freaking weird, alright! You used to spend 1000 RMB a day to show off your nouveau riche status. Anyone who saw that would have the urge to beat you up, and now you're telling me that you want to make money? Are you joking?

Fu Jiu laughed lightly. "People change. I got so poor lately that I need to find something to do."

"Young Master!" The old driver quivered and looked very excited. "If Madam heard you, she would definitely sleep soundly tonight."

Fu Jiu took a sip of the cola. "My mum has business in the other provinces, so don't bother her. It takes time to make money. Uncle Wang, please request a two-day absence for me from school. That will do."

Driver Wang and Chen Xiaodong: "..." All this talk, but all you wanted was to ask for a leave of absence!

"Young Master, if you want to stay at home, you can say it directly. Don't lie to us saying that you want to make money," Chen Xiaodong murmured softly.

Hearing that, Fu Jiu sighed hopelessly.

She realized that no matter what she said, nobody would believe her.

After all, she was an nouveau riche who knew nothing. All she knew was how to chase after handsome guys!

But that was nice, too.

It could be a good disguise...

That night, on the second floor of Fu residence.

Through the mirror, a pair of fair hands could be seen moving swiftly over an old-fashioned keyboard.

Someone who played games could tell that this person had brilliant moves!


A powerful strike was launched!

Boss terminated, first-clear accomplished!

"F*ck! A professional gamer? How did this person pass the Ghost Boss stage?"

"He's not a professional. I had spent some money to get someone to escort me across a tiny map. I didn't expect that he would obtain the first-clear. I'm also freaking shocked, alright!"

"Where's that person? I wanna hire him, what's his name! Is his equipment kickass?"

"Eh, he has no equipment. Looks like a newbie who needs money."

"Who are you lying to? Can a newbie get past the Ghost Boss?"

"It's true. I just PM'ed him, and he just took on a team extermination job. Now he's on his second run. Just wait for the game announcement."

Just as his voice faded, another first-clear announcement was made across the server!

Then, for the third time, fourth time, fifth time... Tenth time!

The name Spade Z would show up atop the game screen every time!

Those operation skills were like computer effects; they made everyone's blood boil!

In the professional alliance team, an adorable cat-like young man screamed excitedly, "Young Master Qin, take a look at this Spade Z! So cool, let's poach him! We need him!"

Qin Mo turned, his legs crossed. His pitch black eyes and overly fair skin made him look like a vampire royal. His laidback and free temperament was even more elevated when he had on that alliance uniform. "Rookie?"