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 Qin Mo's eyes dimmed, spitting another line, "Between the National League and Li Mengran, which do you value more?"

It was a question of choice.

Fu Jiu wasn't certain how a person in a relationship would feel. If she was really in a relationship with Li Mengran, she would definitely view her with higher importance, but for this matter, Fu Jiu didn't want to lie.

"The National League." Fu Jiu added another line, "But Li Mengran is my girlfriend."

Qin Mo lifted a brow. "A girlfriend that isn't as important as the National League?"

"Yes, at this moment." Fu Jiu couldn't wrap her mind over it, but the Almighty seemed less distant.

Qin Mo continued calmly, "Then she isn't that important."

"She is important, too." Fu Jiu wanted the Almighty to know she had reasons for taking action.

Qin Mo remained silent, his gaze dimming once more.

Next, he removed his outerwear, tossing it onto the sofa carelessly, leaving only a white shirt. He had his sleeves cuffed up, stuffing his hands into his pockets as he glanced at Fu Jiu. Even though he hadn't spoken, the threat was obvious.

Fu Jiu was smart enough to get the hint, the moment his gaze shifted, she sealed her mouth.

"Just this once." Qin Mo narrowed the gap between them, his deep gaze peeking through long and dense lashes. "If it happens again, I'm going to lock you up."

Fu Jiu didn't doubt him at all, but judging from his tone, he seemed to have accepted her excuse. Posing as Li Mengran's boyfriend was indeed a brilliant move.

However, the police would definitely bring Li Mengran in for questioning. Thus, she was worried about one thing.

She hadn't expected to be dragged here by the Almighty.

Hence, she couldn't make calls.

As the plan was at its end, she had to tell Li Mengran not to say a word about the girl to the police.

There wasn't much danger involved, but that wouldn't stop the police from questioning Li Mengran.

Fu Jiu was still contemplating when a familiar low voice asked, "How long are you going to wear that female outfit?"

Fu Jiu lifted her lids, bumping straight into his calm gaze. The Almighty frowned slightly, seemingly not too pleased with her current appearance.

Fu Jiu understood a straight guy's thoughts, they wouldn't be able to accept cross-dressing.

The Almighty was just too straight.

She wasn't the least bit close.

Qin Mo wasn't too straight but the youngster dressed in a female outfit sent extreme thoughts through his mind.

Ever since he brought the youngster in, a million punishments flashed through his mind.

One of which was to obtain him.

However, he was clear that once he acted that way, their relationship would never be the same again - which forced him to let go.

But the youngster kept hovering at his side with a female's appearance, having zero self-consciousness.

"I'll change once I'm home." Fu Jiu understood his intentions by his unwavering stare. It would be best to never dress as a female in front of the Almighty again. It would always serve as a reminder of the kiss.

Qin Mo tugged his collar, tilting his head over. "Did I say you can go home?"

Fu Jiu: ... Was she really going to sleep overnight here?

"I exerted much brain power in order to capture you. So, Little Jiu, you better behave and stop testing my patience." Qin Mo lifted a brow, tossing a white sweater onto her head. "Change out of your clothes before coming out."