The love night snack prepared by Manager Feng successfully aroused the whine of people.

But it was really good to the body.

According to himself, it was a porridge made with celery and spinach leaves. And there was stewed mint leaves in it, too.

Hearing the recipe, Fu Jiu thought Feng Yi should be kept away from the kitchen.

"Baby Feng, please stop your brother later on."

Feng Shang was just forced to have the porridge by his brother. He said in a glum face, "I can't stop...stop him. He...He likes cooking."

Fu Jiu: "..." A gaming manager should like cooking. And the main thing was that the food was so disgusting. How could you like to cook!

But Feng Yi himself was confident. "It tastes good, isn't it?"

Fu Jiu thought it indeed didn't kill anybody.

But Lin Feng reacted badly. He rushed to the bathroom when he just had the porridge.

The Almighty was the only one who survived. He only spoke three words to Feng Yi. "My stomach aches."

There was no way to describe the expression of Feng Yi at that time. Shameless, too shameless. An excuse used for so many times!

But Qin Mo was still strong and very calm.

Feng Yi thought the Almighty was too shameless, so he said nothing and started to get to the point they were here today. "The second match of the regional competition will begin at tomorrow afternoon. This time we don't have time to rest but need to work around the clock. So it's not only a test to our technique, but also our physical strength. Therefore, to avoid eye inflammation, I'll follow you in addition to regular medication. I will make porridge for you. As of the rest, I believe you have heard about the record of Xiangnan from Fatty. Since there were two main players who didn't play the game. It would be better for small Spade and Young Master Qin to play as little as possible and save for the national competition as a secret weapon to compete with Xiang Nan. Because nobody knows how powerful the whole team of Xiang Nan is."

"Don't idol and Almighty Qin play in it?" Feng Shang asked back anxiously, "What if... if we lose the game?"

Feng Yi looked at his brother. "If we lose like that, we also won't win in the national competition."

"Okay," Fu Jiu said in a clear voice. With one hand in the trouser pocket, she stood up and smiled.

Feng Yi knew that Fu Jiu had got the point of what he said.

Truth was simple.

Even if there were good players in the regional competition, it was a regional competition after all.

Many squads saved their strength to the national competition.

Such as Xiangnan.

It won the top three in the regional competition without key players.

If Supreme Alliance would lose the game without Fu Jiu and Qin Mo.

Then the difference was apparent.

It really didn't have to go to the national competition.

Everybody was aware of the relationship in it.

Especially Yunhu. Smart as he and with a blood of soldier. "Don't worry, we can win."

"What Yunhu said is right." Feng Yi took the suit. "It will be the anniversary of Supreme Alliance after the regional competition. I have bought tickets for the ski resort as well as hotel suite. If we can win brilliantly, we will celebrate the New Year at Hot spring villa. And there will also be masquerade you're looking forward to."

The players were excited at the word "masquerade".

There was only one person. People didn't know what Lin Feng was thinking. He maliciously said with one hand clutched. "I should never drew the shortest straw while drawing lots this year.

"Does the masquerade require drawing lots?" Fu Jiu raised her eyebrows.

Lin Feng was about to say something to the youngster.

While Qin Mo's eyes suddenly flashed. He pulled over the collar of the youngster and said in a light voice. "Keep practicing your hand speed."

And in this way, the key points of drawing lots in masquerade Lin Feng was about to say didn't been conveyed successfully...