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 I'm screwed.

This was the only thought left in Fu Jiu's mind.

The time seemed to have frozen for the two of them in the moment Qin Mo that took his phone.

After an awkward pause of half a second, Qin Mo looked over at the young man in the bed.

The young man was looking at him as well, and because of his overly pretty face, the more Qin Mo looked at him... the more he wanted to punish him.

"The one on top? You?"

Qin Mo lifted his eyebrows halfway and hooked his thin lips up into a smile. He remained standing at the bedside as he put his left hand down and laid it on the bed sheet.

Fu Jiu acutely felt the bed sink slightly from the Almighty's action of pressing down.

Qin Mo bent over halfway and positioned his knees against the mattress. His legs looked ridiculously beautiful this way.

His majestic face loomed over her instantly without any warning. His eyes were deep and dark, and like blooming poppies, they carried a thick scent of inviolability.

The first rays from the morning sun landed on his solid features, making him look even more domineering.

The two of them were extremely close, and they were so close that Fu Jiu didn't even have space to move around.

The Almighty was too cunning, and he simply cut off her escape routes.

This posture made her look like she was trapped under him, right under his waist.

That man's distinctive minty tobacco scent washed over her from all directions.

He looked at her with those indifferent eyes of his. At that moment, it seemed like he was about to hunt, like a predator exuding a dangerous, tempting glow.

"Since you are so positive about being the one on top, then this big brother of yours shall give you more practice and show you who on earth is the stronger one on top-you or me."

As he spoke, Qin Mo was ready to teach his rascal little brother a good lesson, and his first thought was to rip his clothes off.

Qin Mo's actions alerted Fu Jiu.

"Brother Mo, I have something to say about this!" Fu Jiu backed away a little, but Qin Mo latched onto her wrist.

The Almighty acted like he didn't care. "Really? You have something to say?"

"Even those who get eliminated while playing Werewolf have a chance to say their last words." Fu Jiu put on a very serious face.

Qin Mo was intrigued. He actually wanted to see what this kid still had to say. Furthermore, he even used Werewolf as an example, so the Almighty lifted his eyebrows at the young man, gesturing for him to continue.

Whoever played Hero knew that offense was the best defense.

Fu Jiu moved forward and sat up straight to kiss Qin Mo's right cheek, catching Qin Mo completely off guard. Her eyes were bright, and her silver hair was messy from just waking up. That devilish smile of hers appeared mischievous as she said, "Brother Mo, I just want to say that it's still so early in the morning. Aren't you afraid that I would actually misunderstand that you have a thing for me by trapping me against the wall like this? I just can't help kissing you!"

Qin Mo didn't expect this from Fu Jiu at all. He was so surprised that even his fingers froze. His mood sank, and his eyes darkened like water in a bottomless well.

Fu Jiu seized the opportunity to get herself out of her predicament. As she put one hand in her pocket, she pompously sighed with pity, "Brother Mo, what should I do? The moment I thought I just turned straighter, you ended up flipping my sexual orientation around again. This is bad. This is really bad."

Qin Mo laughed out loud in exasperation, and the corner of his lip seemingly curled up. He stood up straight with his bare feet planted on the floor, looking like a god-a god who came down to earth from the sky.


With his right hand, he pulled Fu Jiu back in with a powerful yank!