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 The thing was, CEO Qin had no intention of restraining himself at all after saying that.

He added quickly, "What was your rank last time?"

Fu Jiu's fingers paused. She really didn't want to answer this question. He was simply throwing a bomb at her.

She highly suspected that this god was doing this on purpose.

It was very possible according to Almighty's cunning personality.

You really couldn't lead this man on by replying to his texts.

Fu Jiu decisively put her phone back into her desk.

Soon, something showed up again. "You have fifty students in your class. At the very least you can get in the top forty-five, right?"

Fu Jiu still didn't say anything, but now she was absolutely sure that this god was doing this to her on purpose!

"Top forty-five?"

Fu Jiu's pretty face was crushed even more.

When she thought that was it, that man sent another text over, "Don't tell me you are in the last three."

She was being skinned layer by layer by a god. So she just admitted it... Fu Jiu frustratedly texted two words back, "Dead last."

"Oh?" Qin Mo raised his beautiful tone up at the end, carrying obvious laughter within his voice. "Ok."

Fu Jiu: "..." What else did you expect? Almighty, you asked so much when you were already certain that I was academically trash.

11:05 am, in a five-star hotel, a table was full of food. It was a little bit early to eat lunch for normal people, but not for business lunches.

As they were looking through the dishes, they found some time to chat with the young man and whet his appetite a little.

Qin Mo looked at the ellipses on the screen, and he envisioned that young man's frustrated face showed up in front of his eyes. The corner of his mouth curled without his knowing.

Secretary Liang looked at the sudden smile on his CEO's face, and his tiger back shook uncontrollably!

CEO Qin had never smiled before during business activities!

And CEO Qin didn't like holding onto his phone... He peeped and saw Fu Jiu's name on the screen... At that moment, Secretary Liang had mixed feelings that couldn't be expressed!

The man who came to meet CEO Qin was from a business family, and he was a lot older than Qin Mo. Seeing his smile, he lifted his eyebrow.

By the time they had almost reached an agreement on the deal, Qin Mo said plainly, "I heard that Boss Xiao has a little brother in high school."

Boss Xiao was shocked. He didn't expect that this Young Master Qin, whose power overshadowed the three provinces, would also be into private issues. He smiled. "Yes, I do have a little brother."

"How are his studies?" Qin Mo took a sip of his wine, and there was no emotion on his godlike face. He looked like he was just having a friendly conversation.

Boss Xiao gave a frustrated laugh. "Not so good actually. I need to go to a parents' conference tomorrow."

"Parents' conference..." Qin Mo repeated this, and his cherry blossom eyes deepened. Nobody knew what he was thinking.

Boss Xiao added, "I can't really blame him. I can't even understand the high school textbooks nowadays, so I was gonna hire a tutor for him."

Qin Mo didn't reply to that.

Boss Xiao thought he was upset and knew when to stop. "Look at me, I can't stop talking about my little brother."

"It's okay, I have a little brother, too. I understand you." Qin Mo's facial expression was still indifferent, and his suit was completely luxurious with an air of royalty.

Hearing that, Secretary Liang nearly spat out the red wine in his mouth. CEO Qin, they are blood-related brothers. Yours is not a real brother!

So what the hell do you really understand!