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 In this peace, Ye Tian Xie's heartstrings suddenly tensed. He turned his eyes and looked at the roof of the skyscraper across the store.....In that instant, a dangerous aura was approaching with a faint whistle at a speed that normal people could not even react to.....

No! It wasn't just one, it was two!

The second one was tightly following the first.

Three words passed through Ye Tian Xie's mind.....

Sniper rifle bullets!!

When he was about to react, Xiao Xi leaning against him turning her body at an even greater speed and pointed at the sky.

The aura of danger disappeared in an instant. When Ye Tian Xie's eyes which were better than an eagle's locked onto the sniper bullets, there was a flash in front of his eyes as the two sniper bullets disappeared from his sight......They disappeared without a trace.

Disappearing at the same time were the two fuzzy black spots on the roof.

They didn't hide as soon as they fired the first bullet, but rather.....they disappeared into thin air.

If this was seen by anyone else, they would be so scared that they would think they were in a nightmare.

Ye Tian Xie looked outside for a long time before reaching out to press down on Xiao Xi's outstretched hands, revealing a cold smile.....Pretty good, he even sent snipers after him.

Just how much does he want to die.....

The three girls were happily trying out various kinds of clothes, wishing that they could try all the clothes here for him to see. Ye Tian Xie looked at the three girls and his heart was filled with a stir that he couldn't calm for a long time.

Xiao Xi.....Just who was she.....Just what kind of ability did she have.....Could it be it was really like the legends, the so called Divine Power?


When they returned home, it was already night time. After an entire morning and afternoon, the things they bought filled an entire two cars. In the end, they had no choice but to have Su Fei Fei called her family's servants to bring transport trucks over.

Li Xian Er didn't have a habit to go shopping, so Ye Tian Xie had never experienced how powerful girls were in this aspects. After a single day, he was more tired than fighting a life and death battle for an entire day. That vitality that was several times that of normal people was completely used.

Su Fei Fei in comparison.....Even the delicate looking Chen Xin and little Xue'er had happy expressions on their faces, not even having their fill. They wanted to go for another three days.

Ye Tian Xie fell down on the sofa and his body was so weak that he didn't want to get up again. Su Fei Fei's voice fell into his ears, "Tian Xie, quickly move these things...." Ye Tian Xie gave two groans before looking for something to cover his head with.

After this day, the atmosphere between Ye Tian Xie and Chen Xin, as well as Su Fei Fei had changed very subtly. Although normally Chen Xin would frequently secretly look at Ye Tian Xie, it was unknown how many times she secretly looked at him tonight. In her eyes, there was a star like glow and it was unknown what was deep in her mind.

After dinner, Ye Tian Xie's body was still worn out. The three girls were watching an entertainment show that Ye Tian Xie could not understand. He fell into bed early, but he did not sleep and directly entered the «Destiny» world.

Xing Li was still lying on the bed, she was just too tired. She was still sleeping even now or perhaps she woke up and couldn't find him, so she fell asleep while waiting.

When she was sleeping, her body was rolled up like a kitten that was sensitive to the cold. The purple crystal clothes on her were faintly glowing. That naturally were not normal clothes and it seemed like.....it directly grew out from her body, making her unable to take it off.

Ye Tian Xie watched her for a while, silently thinking about how to take care of her.

A person that could kill the Azure Dragon with a single slash, there was no doubt that this girl had an astonishing origin.

Xing Li......He didn't know if there would be people who knew that name. He had to go ask around.

At this time, there was a purple glow that suddenly appeared on Ye Tian Xie's hand. There was a figure that appeared from the purple glow.....It was actually Xiao Xi.

Ye Tian Xie was incomparably certain that Xiao Xi did not have any gaming equipment.....The first time he saw her in this world, she had also appeared this suddenly. Then with a flash of purple light, she disappeared from in front of him and returned to the real world.

Xiao Xi had many things that couldn't be explained and there was not a single answer found for these incredible things. Ye Tian Xie wanted to speak, but suddenly he felt an intense killing intent.....

The source of that killing intent was actually Xiao Xi......Her target was actually Xing Li sleeping on the bed.

With the sudden cold air, the purple crystal glow who had been locked on clearly suffered a large stimulus. Her body trembled and woke up in the piercing ice cold air. Her sleepy eyes looked at Ye Tian Xie and looked at the closed eyed purple clothed girl beside him.

Ye Tian Xie knit his brow and quickly sat down beside Xing Li, using his body to block Xiao Xi's aura......Although Xiao Xi did not open her eyes, she did not need her eyes to see everything she wanted to see.

"Xing Li, are you hungry?" Ye Tian Xie supported her small body as he asked this. The humans of this world all required normal meals,otherwise they would also starve to death. Now that Xing Li was this weak, not having a bit of strength in her body, she couldn't even compare to a normal person. The current her definitely needed to have a nutritious diet.

"So.....hungry....." She grabbed Ye Tian Xie's clothes and spoke in a wear voice. Her dim eyes eagerly looked at him like a baby asking for food from their mother.

"Un, then let's go eat. Xiao Xi, what do you want to eat? We'll go together.....That's right, she's called Xing Li and will be your little sister from now on. Xing Li.....She is called Xiao Xi, you have call her big sister." Ye Tian Xie smiled as he spoke to Xiao Xi. He could feel Xiao Xi's hostility towards Xing Li, even a deep kind of fear.....Just like Nameless from before!

Only, no matter why she was and what she did, since he made the promise to her, before she recovered her strength and could protect herself, he would not let her be harmed in any way.

"Un.....Big.....sister....." Xing Li obediently called out. Although she wasn't smiling and her face was a bit confused, her voice was still serious and gentle. It was a weakness that didn't have any hostility or force behind it.

Xiao Xi's hostility dissipated before it completely disappeared. Towards Ye Tian Xie, she was just too docile. Even if it was someone she had to kill before, as long as Ye Tian Xie recognized them, she would let them all go. Not to mention right now she couldn't feel anything worrying from Xing Li's body at all.