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 Chapter 234: Endless Cycle of Reincarnation

After Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce's first auction ended, they took out a total of four pieces of equipment and three of them had gone to God's Realm's Buried God. This was not very hard for people to accept because the power behind him was the God's Realm Guild. However, everyone knew that the greatest winner was the Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce without a doubt.

From their first auction, the Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce had made a total of 10320000 just on admission tickets. This had never been seen before in the virtual gaming world and was considered the highest even in the real world. The requirements for accomplishing this record was one, the influence of the Destiny world, two, the giant attraction of great equipment, and three, the careful calculations of Liu Qi Yue.

The gold coins gained in the auction was: 1010810000.

The total sum was: 1114010000 gold coins.

This was truly an astronomical figure.

No one had expected this......Perhaps even Liu Qi Yue, Ye Tian Xie, and Zuo Po Jun would not have expected this kind of income.

At the same time, compared to this income, the Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce's fame was being spread across the Chinese server. Even the foreign players caring about the only piece of Spiritual Grade Equipment in the Chinese server began to remember the Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce's name. Today's Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce was no longer know for just Liu Qi Yue.

On the other side, how the Shrouded Heaven's First Chamber of Commerce's auction went and what the results were, not a single person cared about it anymore.

On the afternoon of the auction, the number of players heading to the Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce to buy equipment almost could not step over the gate because it was so crowded that one could not go in. From the popularity gained in half a day after showing their strength, it was hard for players to resist and it had become everyone's first choice.

In the same afternoon, the Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce also began to recruit large amounts of chefs, engineers, design, and herbalist players......All kinds of people were recruited. For even the most basic receptionists, waiters, and welcoming players, the minimum wage was enough to turn people's eyes red and make them spit out blood. With these high wages, players came from every direction.....However, a single announcement had cut the players in half.....Males were not allowed, non Life Job players were not allowed, non beauties were not allowed, and those with bad attitudes were not allowed.

The majority of female players that were eliminated was because of their Jobs and another portion was sent away because of the first test. The ones picked in the end were beauties among beauties that Liu Qi Yue had personally picked in the end......Whether it was the past or the present, the Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce only had women. In the future, this company would still continue to only have women employees.

For the income from this auction, the admission tickets money had gone to the Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce and the 1010810000 gold coins from the auction itself was all deposited into Ye Tian Xie's funds card by Liu Qi Yue. Her explanation was.....The scale of the Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce and their prestige was all given to them by Ye Tian Xie. So it could be said that the Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce currently belonged to him. The money obtained from the auction would naturally all belong to him and she wouldn't charge the 15% auction fee.


Year 2210, July 27th. The Wednesday sky was dimly lit.

From a young age, I have lived under the shadow of an illness. My body is weak just like dying grass, having no strength at all. For me, mother and father found many doctors, but I always knew that there was no way of saving me.

However, for my family, I have used my courage to live on......Twelve years now, I have not died, but my father and mother......have already long died, leaving one after the other......While the illness in my body continues to erupt, I suddenly lose the will to fight against the heavens. If it wasn't for my elder sister, I would have already left this seemingly gentle but dangerous world.

My illness is getting worse and I'm spending close to two thirds of everyday unconscious. That day, elder sister happily told me that she made a large amount of money in that mysterious and desirable Destiny world. I am very happy, but, I am a burden to elder sister.....I am her burden and the final weak thing she can rely on.

So, I cannot die.

After that day, every time that elder sister spoke with me, she would always mention a single man. She said that he had given her hope and courage, she spoke of how outstanding he was, she spoke of how dazzling he was, she spoke of how he made her feel safe, she spoke of how he had a beautiful girlfriend, she spoke of how he.....

When speaking of him, elder sister's eyes would light up.....Slowly, I began to realize something......

Elder sister always said that I am an angel, not a person of this world, so god wants to take me back early. She was not willing to let go, so she wanted to steal me back from god. Silly elder sister, don't you know that even though this angel loves your warmth, I still can't disobey god's orders?

I really wanted to bask in the sunlight. Although this dark world had elder sister in it, I want to touch the soft grass, listen to the bird's cries, and feel the sensation of rain.....I still have many, many wishes.....

Elder sister entered the game again, taking care of that person's ingame house. I also want to take a look.....only my body was weak, too weak.....making me disappointed.....

That feeling of always sleeping.....If she didn't have me, what would elder sister do.....By herself.....how would she go on......

That day, that bad person name Huang Quan came again. Although aunty Li had chased him away again, this time, his face was very terrifying. He might lead a group of people to come and steal elder sister away next time.....I really hope that I'm just scaring myself and it won't be true, but I'm really afraid......

I already have a broken body. Since Destiny has thrown me away, it must be nice to elder sister, but.....As long as elder sister can live peacefully and happily, even if I have to live in despair forever, I will be willing and satisfied.

Elder sister said, that as long as she had me, I was her entire world. However, wasn't elder sister everything to me as well? She was the only light in my darkness. Although she was a little weak, she was my sun.

As long as long she had elder sister, even if she was in hell, she would bravely look up at the heavens. As long as I could give up anything, I would fall into a deep sleep and give up my life to always protect my elder sister's crystal like smile......


The only little window was letting in a rough light that shined into the corner of the little room. Chen Xue closed her diary and closed her eyes. She breathed the air that was filled with death.....Without knowing when, her body had become so weak that even breathing was hard.

She turned her head and looked at her elder sister lying on the side, trying to keep as quiet as possible. Chen Xin looked like a lotus as she slept. Her beautiful face had a slight intoxicating smile on it.....She really liked to see this heartfelt smile.....In the game world, she must be really happy. At the same time, her time spent in the game slowly became longer.....But as long as Chen Xue made a slight move or gave a gentle call, she would immediately come out of the game.

"Elder sister, you will be happy......When I am in heaven, I will silently look down on your happiness....." She looked down on the only person she relied on and spoke in the softest voice possible.

Today, it was the eighth day Ye Tian Xie had been on the road.....During these eight days, the players of the Lost Continent had not remained still.....After Ye Tian Xie had completed the Chinese server's faction question, the powers of China formally established their guilds and slowly developed themselves. In just a few days, a name that had never appeared before, but shocked countless people of the Chinese server appeared in front of them.

Passing the territory of the level eighty Golden Armour Battle Bears, Ye Tian Xie finally arrived in a small town. He took a break and opened up the level rankings, which made his brows slightly knit together.

Level Rankings (Same levels are separated by experience points.)

First Place: Xie Tian

Level: 20

Job: Reverse Boned Evil Dragon

Guild: None.

Second Place: Tian Mo Xie

Level: 18

Job: Archer

Guild: Wings of Shrouded Heaven.

On the first day that the Wings of Shrouded Heaven had been established, Tian Mo Xie joining the Wings of Shrouded Heaven had caused a storm, sending violent tremors throughout the Chinese Players. Tian Mo Xie had always acted alone in the past, but this time.....He had actually joined the Wings of Shrouded Heaven!

And the real Tian Mo Xie.....Who was the current Xie Tian responded with a cold smile......

At the auction that day, the person that he had seen before leaving, the masked Archer with standing behind Son of Heaven. Although he had hidden his stats, he could not hide from Ye Tian Xie's Evil Dragon's Eyes. When he saw the words Tian Mo Xie appear in front of him.....If he had not instantly been teleported away from the auction site, he would have lost control.

Tian Mo Xie.....That was the name she had made for him in the past. It was also her that had guided him into the world of virtual gaming. That name had been with him for an entire five years now.

But now, this name......This name that she had created for him was being used by someone else. It ignited the rage deep down inside of him......With Tian Mo Xie's "Undefeated Evil Emperor" nickname, it was not a coincidence since there would be people that would want that name. In that moment, he finally understood.

It was Wings of Shrouded Heaven that had used his name......because Tian Mo Xie was the king of gaming in China that could shake the gaming world. He was the "Undefeated Evil Emperor", regarded as the best in all of China. He had countless admirers and worshippers, with a prestige that could not be compared. The entire world shook because of his name.....If one day, the solo Tian Mo Xie suddenly joined a power.....Then even if it was a very small guild, then that guild's name would resound through the world in a single night.

Wings of Shrouded Heaven had succeeded in accomplishing this. With this success, when the news of Tian Mo Xie joining the Wings of Shrouded Heaven was released, countless numbers of Tian Mo Xie's fans all joined the Wings of Shrouded Heaven.....In the end, Wings of Shrouded Heaven and God's Realm had been established at the same time, but in a few days, the Wings of Shrouded Heaven had five times the development rate of the God's Realm Guild.....Tian Mo Xie's influence could not be compared! Everyone believed that the Wings of Shrouded Heaven that had Tian Mo Xie were the real "wings that would shroud the heavens"!

Another consequence of Wings of Shrouded Heaven's success was.....the fact that they had angered Ye Tian Xie.

Only, one thing that Ye Tian Xie could not understand was that, even though Son of Heaven was in the sixth place, what method had Wings of Shrouded Heaven used to get the fake Tian Mo Xie in such a high position? Since they had this kind of method, why did they not just use it on Son of Heaven himself?

Third Place: Meng Yu Yi

Level: 18

Job: Assassin

Guild: Endless Cycle of Reincarnation

Fourth Place: Eternal Slaughter

Level: 18

Job: Sword Warrior

Guild: None

Fifth Place: Blue Dust

Level: 18

Job: Summoner

Guild: Endless Cycle of Reincarnation

Sixth Place: Son of Heaven

Level: 18

Job: Spear Warrior

Guild: Wings of Shrouded Heaven

Seventh Place: Single Slash Soaring Through the Clouds

Level: 18

Job: Sword Warrior

Guild: Endless Cycle of Reincarnation

Eighth Place: Buried God

Level: 18

Job: Assassin

Guild: God's Realm

Ninth Place: King

Level: 17

Job: Blood Hand

Guild: Endless Cycle of Reincarnation

Tenth Place: Violent Star Shadow Spirit

Level: 17

Job: Sword Warrior

Guild: Endless Cycle of Reincarnation

On the first day a new power was established, almost all the players in the Chinese Server were shocked as they remembered this name. It was the Endless Cycle of Reincarnation. Because in a single day, out of the level ranking's top ten.....there were four people that belonged to the Endless Cycle of Reincarnation!

Today, the original four turned into five people, occupying half of the level rankings top ten! This was an incomparably shocking fact. There were countless speculations formed towards this unknown, mysterious, and strong Endless Cycle of Reincarnation.

At the time, there was an extra "King" added to the original four. An unknown arrogant name.....What made Ye Tian Xie surprised was his job - "Blood Hand"!