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 Wu Chiren's plan was still quite good. He made a high-profile appearance first, and then explained the reason for his disappearance. It was because the upstream supplier had problems, so he went to sell the goods.

Regarding the contract losses caused by this side, he would compensate for it one by one. Since Wu Chiren had claimed to be responsible, then those companies that were about to sue the salesmen temporarily gave up their intention to sue.

After all, someone stood up and took responsibility for the matter, so why should they pursue the salesmen? These salesmen were just victims, and it was impossible for them to have a wallet that was big enough to pay for their losses.

This move by Wu Chiren also caused the police to give up the action of arresting him. After all, Wu Chiren had already said very clearly that he didn't disappear after the fraud, but went to sell the goods!

Although everyone held a grudge against him since the matter had developed to this point, there was no direct evidence that Wu Chiren was committing fraud. They could only say that he was hiding from debt.

However, although they didn't catch him, there were still people keeping an eye on him. It was impossible for him to escape.

Afterward, Yang Ming also saw the relevant reports, but he was too lazy to take care of this matter. Before that, Yang Ming's hatred against Wu Chiren was deep, but after seeing him, that kind of hatred couldn't be vented.

What if I really did beat him up? Then can my hatred be resolved? Not necessarily! Do I still have to look for an opportunity to kill him? Yang Ming shook his head. His own state of mind had started to be more open about his previous grudge.

For example, Zhou Jiajia, the way Yang Ming saw her now, there was no hate at all. But his heart was feeling a little awkward. Moreover, Yang Ming had already treated her like a good friend...

Therefore, when Yang Ming saw Wu Chiren today. He indeed had anger that rushed to the head. However, after he told him that the letter couldn't be found, Yang Ming only had regret and didn't bother to teach him a lesson.

Back in the plaza, Yang Ming retrieved Sun Jie's car and returned to the Dafa Hotel.

"Things have been solved." Yang Ming pushed the door of Lin Changqing's room open and smiled.

"Solved?" Lin Changqing was astounded. "You paid the money to them?"

It was natural that Lin Changqing would think so. It was only a short while. Yang Ming came back after leaving for a while. If he went to find Mei Renyi, it should be impossible. So there was only one possibility, Yang Ming paid the two companies that sued.

"The money compensation must be paid, but it wasn't me." Yang Ming shrugged indifferently and sat by Lin Zhiyun's side. "Of course, whoever took the money will be returning the money."

"You mean Mei Renyi?" Lin Changqing was stunned. "How is it possible? Didn't he disappear? He still came back? Is he stupid?"

"I'm not sure if he's stupid. But if he doesn't pay the money, he will face more trouble." Yang Ming smiled and spoke ambiguously.

Lin Changqing was a bit lost, but he heard that Mei Renyi was coming back. He was relieved and happy. Lin Changqing didn't know what was going on, but it didn't mean that Lin Zhiyun didn't know. Yang Ming and she had known each other for so long. She was very familiar with Yang Ming's ruthless means. Yang Ming probably has used some extreme approach, right?

Just like the last time, Bi Hai and Ge Xinyao... Lin Zhiyun looked at Yang Ming deeply. Yang Ming felt Lin Zhiyun's gaze and winked at her.

Lin Zhiyun's face suddenly became red, and she quickly looked away and didn't dare to look at him again...

Maybe it was because of last night's embarrassment, or Lin Zhiyun hadn't seen her father for a long time. In short, in the afternoon when Yang Ming came back, Lin Zhiyun was in Lin Changqing's room. Looking at the father and daughter whispering to each other, Yang Ming didn't want to disturb them. He got up and went to Hou Zhenhan's room.

On Hou Zhenhan's side, Yang Ming had ordered him to recall those who went to monitor around. Yang Ming didn't believe that Wu Chiren could run away. It was because even when Yang Ming didn't monitor him, Brother Snake would keep an eye on him!

Brother Snake must not let Wu Chiren run away in order to protect himself. Second, if Wu Chiren really ran away, then would Yang Ming spare him? Therefore, Brother Snake wouldn't let Wu Chiren have a chance to escape. He would keep an eye on Wu Chiren very closely.

It was because Yang Ming had figured this out that he could safely ignore Brother Snake.

Unexpectedly, the matter was solved smoothly. Hou Zhenhan and others who were brought by Yang Ming weren't utilized much.

"Big Hou, go back first. Right, leave your Jetta here. You and your underlings can go back with the minivan." Yang Ming said.

"Brother Yang, aren't you leaving?" Hou Zhenhan asked.

"I need to wait for a while. Uncle Lin still doesn't believe it. I guess the evening news will report this matter. I will wait for the news before coming back. You should do your business first. As for Sun Jie, I'm worried. You help me to deal with her." Yang Ming instructed.

"Okay, then I will go back first. Brother Yang, call me anytime if you need me." Hou Zhenhan said as he packed his bags and got ready to leave.

Yang Ming took Hou Zhenhan's car key and returned to his room. He watched TV out of boredom.

Ha, there's actually Phoenix Television[1] here? Yang Ming didn't really like watching these entertainment programs, but Yang Ming's gaze stopped on the TV screen!

It was because the large font on the screen had displayed a few words - Shu Ya Interview - New Year's Day special program. This program was a replay, not a live broadcast. Now the New Year's Day had passed. However, Yang Ming didn't care. He wasn't a dedicated celebrity fan that he needed to watch a television program bounded by time.

Shu Ya? Yang Ming put down the remote control and stared at the TV screen with interest. For this celebrity, Yang Ming was still concerned about it. If not for anything else but just because he was stupid enough to spend a large sum to buy a ring from her. However, coincidentally, this ring was the one that he gave to Su Ya in the past!

Therefore, Yang Ming couldn't help but pay more attention to this celebrity who had a similar name to Su Ya.

Yang Ming did think that this Shu Ya was the Su Ya from the past, but the difference in appearance between them was really too big, right? Although they were both sweet and pleasing, they were just two different people!

Women change at 18 years old, but at least the outline won't change. On the TV, this Shu Ya had no shadow of Su Ya at that time, so Yang Ming had to give up his guess.

It's just that this Shu Ya wasn't the Su Ya from that year. Just from the fact that she had the ring which he gave to Su Ya meant that there may be some connection between Shu Ya and Su Ya.

So Yang Ming began to pay attention to this person called Shu Ya.

"Later, let us invite our huge celebrity, Shu Ya..." This program was a high-profile variety show in Hong Kong. This host was also popular.

"Hello everyone..." Shu Ya came on the stage leisurely, and then she sat down beside the host.

"Welcome, Miss Shu Ya. Thank you for participating in our XXXX program." The host and Shu Ya shook hands and then began to talk about nonsense topics. It was all about some of the latest information about Shu Ya. After a long time, the topics changed. "Miss Shu Ya, I heard that in the new album that you are about to release, there is a hit song called "Our Commemoration" which was about the ring that you auctioned off before. Is that right?"

"..." Shu Ya was silent for a while and then nodded. "Yes, I personally wrote the lyrics of this song."

"Oh? It turns out that it is really like this. It seems that the rumors are true!" The host pretended to be surprised and exaggeratedly opened his mouth. "This song is very sad, whether it's the melody or lyrics. I would like to ask Miss Shu Ya. Since the ring is so important to you, why are you selling it?"

"Can I not answer this question?" Shu Ya sighed and smiled reluctantly. "People are impulsive sometimes, right? I am no exception."

"Okay, then we won't discuss this issue." The host also saw Shu Ya's dissatisfaction. This was a live broadcast. She didn't want to influence the atmosphere of the program because of this. "According to the report of XX Weekly, someone saw you and Zhong Xiaotian walking in and out of a three-star hotel. Is this true?"

"Probably wrong?" Shu Ya showed a surprised expression. "There aren't photos. How can this news be believed?"

"Hehe, but anyway, the outside rumors are that you and Zhong Xiaotian are having a relationship. Is this thing true?" The host never forgets to dig into Shu Ya's privacy.

"Of course not. I have already said that my heart belongs to someone." Shu Ya smiled.

"Can you reveal what he does?" The host asked quickly.