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 Chapter 463: Malicious Scheme

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"The Five-dragon Regions have become disordered. Since I've already achieved my main objective, I'd better return quickly, otherwise, something bad is bound to happen. Ji Yeyue and her companions couldn't have gotten far!" Zhou Bao thought. Without the Void Traveller, coupled with the fact that the Five-dragon Regions were in total chaos, they could have never walked through this place so easily. After all, they hadn't even reached the Mysterious Realm yet!

"I've got to find them first, then I can finally return the things I received from Master Jin Hua to pacify them just a bit. As for everything else, I'd best put them aside for now." While thinking, he suddenly sensed something. When he looked up, a hint of confusion flashed through his eyes.

"Aye, what's that? What a strange spirit!"

Whilst it was faint and vanished quickly, he had managed to sense it. Just that brief moment was enough to make his Demonic Qi tremble.

"A fairy weapon, it's a fairy weapon! Dear God! Although its spirit is different from my Furnace of Immortality, both are equally immense and amazing. That was unquestionably the spirit of a fairy weapon. Could it be that Yu Nantian is just around the corner?" Just as such a thought struck Zhou Bao's mind, he immediately devised a malicious scheme.

Yes, a malicious scheme!

"I wonder what the consequence will be after the man from the Divine Wind Palace possessed a hatred of life and death with the Rolling Dragon King!" While thinking of the powerful strength and unfathomable schemes of the Divine Wind Palace together with the overwhelming power of the Lunar True Thunder that the Rolling Dragon King had displayed just now, Zhou Bao thought of a good idea. He displayed his Phantom Body Skill and directly flashed toward the location he had sensed the spirit but a moment ago.

The area was an uninhabited island quite far away from the center of Rolling Dragon King's Sea Area, with a distance of 300 or 400 miles at the very least. Although the Lunar True Thunder was really quite powerful, it failed to freeze this Sea Area because the power had simply not reached here. However, just as Zhou Bao dived into the water, he immediately felt the piercing chill flow into his body.

The Primitive Dragon Chimera was a Fierce Beast of antiquity, which lived in the boundless sea. However, just as living environments in the sea varied, so did the living creatures within. With the powerful Demonic Fire, the Primitive Dragon Chimera usually favored a warm environment. As such, it occupied the area surrounding an underwater volcano as its domain. It seldom ventured out into the cold zone which was covered by glaciers. Now, however, through the bombardment of the Lunar True Thunder, this area of the sea had also become an icy ocean. Even though the entire Sea Area, spanning tens of thousands of miles, was not completely frozen, the incarnation of the Dragon Chimera simply could not move as smoothly as it once had.

"Damn! What Divine Sense did the Rolling Dragon King display on earth? It's so powerful that even the Sea Area that spans tens of thousands of miles was affected in an instant. Perhaps even Ye Qingtian's North Pole Frozen Wheel could not display such a power. Could it be that the Rolling Dragon King displayed this power by using a fairy weapon as well?"

Such a simple idea, however, vastly underestimated the unimaginable power of Ye Qingtian's North Pole Frozen Wheel and fairy weapons as a whole.

The fairy weapon was so powerful that it was capable of destroying both the heavens and earth itself, with its full might unleashed. Restricted by their own cultivation, both Zhou Bao and Ye Qingtian were unable to display the real power of their fairy weapons. If its power could be fully unleashed, it would almost certainly far surpass the power of the Lunar True Thunder. Such a weapon could be a hundredfold or even a thousandfold powerful than something like the Lunar True Thunder. This knowledge, of course, was yet unknown to Zhou Bao.

Zhou Bao himself just sighed with emotion on this matter because he did not wish to waste so much time pondering such things in the freezing water. He fully tapped into his spiritual mind and carefully searched the area within an area of just over 1,000 feet.

"Rationally speaking, Yu Nantian was severely injured when he escaped from other's pursuit and had even activated his fairy weapon forcibly. Thus, he could never have recovered in such a short time. Instead, he can only hide himself away like a mouse walking across the street. There was no way could he ostentatiously reveal the spirit of his fairy weapon. However, would he dare to entice his enemies by doing so?"

After searching for half a day, Zhou Bao still could not find any clues. The only thing he could sense was the faint chill around him, and the lifelessness of his surroundings. From the plant life, the seaweed, moss and the coral, to the teaming aquatic creatures swimming the sea, including the fish, the shrimp, and shellfish, all had died. Even the faint life of plankton had been snuffed out.

All kinds of corpses floated through the seawater towards the seafloor, including the corpses of whales that were 1,000 feet long and bugs that were smaller than ants. The icy blue seabed had turned into a graveyard for the creatures that died from the sharp frost. Although Zhou Bao was quite powerful, he still felt frightened before such an unnatural sight.

The Rolling Dragon King killed countless creatures by using the Lunar True Thunder, which would undoubtedly earn him an unbelievable amount of bad karma. As a practitioner, slaughtering creatures on such a large scale was a great taboo.

"Damn it! Since the Rolling Dragon King had the guts to do this, he must hate me to his very bones. I absolutely cannot reveal myself. I wonder whether a part of this negative karma will be mine to bear. If it is, then I will certainly have many troubles in the future!"

He didn't know that his future troubles were much more than he had ever thought. The Lunar True Thunder had not only slain ordinary living creatures in the sea but also hundreds of Genuine Immortals that had besieged the Rolling Dragon Palace, among which only two Genuine Immortals at the Lord of Heaven Realm escaped, namely Lord of Heaven Beicang and Lord of Heaven Jiangchuan. Therefore, it was a heavy karma indeed. Although he had not launched the Lunar True Thunder, he was the reason it had been fired. Hence, some of the negative karma would be passed unto him. Furthermore, more than 30 Demonic Immortals of the Dragon tribe had been slain with such cruel means, and thus, the Thunder Tribulation he would have to undergo in the future would be quite fierce and terrifying. Of course, this was a story for another time further in the future.

Because all ordinary living creatures in the Sea Area had died from the frost, Zhou Bao did not encounter any obstacles whilst searching for the fairy weapon with his spiritual mind.

Suddenly, a light flashed through Zhou Bao's eyes as if he had sensed something. In that very instant he darted toward a dark place and silently hid himself.

"He's around here somewhere. Hah, he is right here!" After several seconds, an exciting voice came from a place not too far away from where Zhou Bao was hidden. "Outsider! The outsider from the Seven-deity Regions, do you honestly believe that you can escape from here? What a joke! You actually dared to intrude into the Rolling Dragon Palace. Did you really think that it would be so easy to break in? After being secretly captured by us, you even tried to escape. Can you escape now? If you're wise, you'd come out and hand over your fairy weapon to me so you won't have to suffer nearly as much, otherwise, I'll show you what misery really is!"

"The outsider from the Seven-deity Regions? The fairy weapon? This guy is pursuing Yu Nantian and now successfully uncovered his whereabouts." Zhou Bao thought secretly. As he saw the figure coming closer, his eyes widened. "Even if he finds Yu Nantian, how dare he come here alone? Didn't he know that Yu Nantian possesses a fairy weapon? Does he have some trump cards to protect himself?"

Pursuing a man with a fairy weapon was not necessarily a good thing. One could easily be hurt by his enemy during any part of this process. Now, if Zhou Bao was asked to pursue Yu Nantian, he was unwilling to do so. Especially because he did not know what fairy weapon Yu Nantian had in his possession, nor did he know what it was capable of. However, if he was asked to kill Ye Qingtian, he would be more than happy to oblige.

At this moment, the figure came much closer and Zhou Bao could see his appearance clearly. Short and skinny, he was a Demonic Immortal in his 30s. He had 16 fingers, and each of them was like a dry branch which was quite unpleasant to the eye. He was exuding a spirit that felt extremely dangerous.

"A Two-tribulation True Immortal? He seems to have just reached the Venerable Realm, and what on earth is he going to rely on?" As Zhou Bao uncovered the first guy's cultivation, he was a little shocked. As a Two-tribulation True Immortal, he could do anything he liked in the Seven-deity Regions, however, in the Sea Area where Demonic Immortals were commonly seen, he was just a nobody. Where was he getting this confidence?

Soon after, he got the answer.

That Demonic Immortal searched the surroundings for a while but failed to find anything. However, it did not upset him and he did not leave either, instead, a sarcastic sneer flashed past his face. He took a brocade pouch out from his waist and patted it. A dozen of earthworm-like golden creatures crawled out of it and quickly spread out in all directions.

"What are they?"

Watching that scene, Zhou Bao was a little bit frightened. He shrunk his body into a crack in the stone. After a while, he clearly felt delicate fluctuating waves had swept through his body, as if it was searching for something. However, it did not find anything special because Zhou Bao had already activated the Snake-like Breath Holding Skill.

"Dear God! What the hell is this kind of thing? The fluctuation of their spiritual minds can not only affect things within a wide range but also can continue searching for a long time. The spiritual minds emitted by those creatures can nearly cover the entire seabed, even penetrating nearly 2,000 feet deep. Moreover, their detection can last for a long time. Under their detection, any living creature that emitted a little spirit will eventually be found."

As expected, after a little while, that Demonic Immortal seemed to find something. He let out a sneer and darted toward a huge coral.

Swish! A shining black light flashed by and beat the Demon Immortal back. Watching this black light, Zhou Bao's heart beat violently.

The spirit of the fairy weapon! Again, he felt the spirit of that fairy weapon. Then, he saw the appearance of the fairy weapon that was treated as a treasure and kept secretly by Yu Nantian.

It was a black Jade Plate with a soft and creamy luster, floating wistfully in the water. The current around it was repelled by the black light emanating from the fairy weapon.

"Damn! I came here with an incarnation of the Primitive Dragon Chimera without my Fiery Eyes, otherwise, I could see it more clearly!" Zhou Bao stared at that black Jade Plate and the sheer magnitude of his greed was about to overwhelm him.

It was a fairy weapon, one that possessed overwhelming power!

It was something that everyone would instinctively crave! Although Zhou Bao already had one in his possession, he still could not suppress his greed when he was presented with the chance to obtain another.