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 Nos Ukog is awaken by a kick on his face, and then there comes a kick on his chest, but not the end there comes a kick on his stomach and finally, on his crotch.

Nos "Iyaah!"


The guys didn't stop even though, Nos's body is swelling all over and blood coming out from his nose and mouth. They keep beating him while enjoying the feeling until they stop after satisfying themselves.

Nos first thought why is this happening to him while groaning. Soon, an answer comes within his mind.

A while ago, Dlanor Weaklington the 3rd prince of Stronghold kingdom is in the square and saw the unfair beating of a small lady by a group of huge and hunk people. Driven by anger, he approched the group slowly, manly with a slight dignity and whispered.

Nos "Please Release that Weak"

". . . "

Then the current event unfold. He was stunned and immediately summond his powers ready to smash those who beat him but unexpectedly nothing happened within or with his surrounding. There are just some small changes in his body such as regeneration of his wounds and nothing else. He observed the surroundings.

Huge and green flatland.

Tall trees, green and large forests at a distance.

Blue skies.

People walking, disappearing, flying covered with fire, water, wind, metal, earth, light and darkness. He didn't notice it a while ago but most of people have strange abilities. Well this doesn't surprised him because, he saw this on his past experiences.

The most that shocked him was that both him and the lady he saved seems Normal and he can't muster any strength when he was beaten, but felt the extreme pain from being beaten even after regenerating.

He then thought of himself or his new self. Then an answer appeared within his mind. "Automatic Search engine" He immediately thought, He finally had this incredible ability! "No one can stop me now because I'm too smart as Google!". He tried to think again for what is the answer to the riddle, "Which comes first, the Egg or the Chicken" . . . After waiting, nothing happened so he tried again but had the same nothingness. He refused to believe he was and idiot so he thinks of another easy question. "How far is the distance between the earth and the sun".

". . ." Eventually he gave up. He focused on the most important thing. "Who am I? "


Dlanor Weaklington - 3rd son of King Strong Weaklington. 3rd Prince of the Stronghold Kingdom sizing up to thousand plus km. The past Dlanor didn't know by how exactly. He is a dumb but honest, sincere, pure, virgin person, when somebody needs a help he immediatly comes forward and help when he is not helping others.

Last time when he spotted an unkown person lurking in their territory space wearing a white battle suit.

Dlanor "Do you need help? "

That person was taken aback, enhanced his physical body and activated his innate powers, ready to retaliate, but he soon recognized the person. Dlanor Weaklington

S.Person "Hur-hur . Yes, I am Professional Assassin sent by your father's friend and is currently looking for your mother to finish her . . I mean finish my task with her"

Dlanor "Oh! Mr.Professional I'm glad to help you. Walk straight to the north after 3hours you would see her by the lakeside. Would you like me to accompany you? Or call her to here instead?"

"No thank you little Dlanor, I will go by my self and it would be much faster and safe." Said the person grinning ear to ear.

That's how he lost her mother. Nos was mad by how dumb this person is but still slightly impressed not by the dumbness but of-course because of this person's pure honesty and sincerity. "If Dlanor just know some common sense. Tsk tsk".

While he was deep in thought the lady approched and smiled to him.

"Thank you, his Highness Prince Dlanor."

Nos was a little dumbfounded. She knows this person so he must act accordingly to avoid trouble. He must be not too smart so he spoke while stuttering.

Nos ". . . Yo. . Your name is? "

Anna "My name is Anna . . . I'm also a Weak"

Nos ". . ."