When I realize that I am in a completely white and well cliche place, but do what!

My name is James and I'm 18, or I had, a normal person who is an Otaku ... Well, it's not so normal hahaha !!!

Well, I'm dead, how did this happen? ... It's better not to remember and very shameful!

"Incredibly, you're not in a panic"

When I am reflecting on my life (total depression), I hear the voice behind me as I turn to find a light behind me.

Who are you?

"No matter who I am, but thanks to my silly mistake you died, and my guilt and I will reward you, I do not have time, so I'll send you on your way"

Suddenly, a light shone on me when I realized I was in the middle of a street, in the middle of a big city ...

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ---------

White light POVs

"Well, I hope this kid can be stronger in the future ... This present and my last help I'll give you"