A man stand on top of a wall, he is Lenn Lindenbaum the young king of the kingdom of Winter in fertile plains. His beautiful greyish hair matches the dark gray sky that overhung above, but his face filled with indignance.

"It all ends here?" he whisper slowly,

it pains his heart that everything that his ancestor had painstakingly build will crumble in his hand even when he had tried his hardest to prepare for the war.

The War of Divine Will, his wife called it. His wife is a witch, it's rare enough for a secular noble who care so much about bloodline to marry infertile witch more so for a prince who is going to be a king. Even his own father the late king voiced his objection over this matter is still fresh in his mind.

"Do you even understand what are you saying ?!" The old king bellowed in rage, he is surprised and angry at his son the prince word

"Hear me first father, it's not as simple as it seems as the next king of this kingdom I wouldn't just marry someone without reason"

"You-!" the king almost explode again, but seeing his son kneel in front of him somehow his anger subsided "Speak then"

He then explain everything, about the witch that comes to his chamber every night. Everything the witch told him he tell it to his father. Only after the sun had set and his throat as dry as parchment that his story end.

"Is it true?" The old king seems older after hearing this story

"Yes father, I believe in her"

"Will unifying the secular kingdom and the witch kingdom work?"

"I has to be, humanity can't win without the witches corporation"

After being told about the war of divine will with the demon and unifying the secular and witch kingdom is the only way to win this war the late king acceded.

Then in the summer after that Lenn Lindenbaum ascend to the throne and took the witch Lan as Queen.

The new king then spend the last eight years of his kingship to prepare for the upcoming wars and build good relation between the secular and witch kingdoms, he always thought that he was prepared that nothing can caught him unprepared. But he was wrong.

Last winter the demon had started their attack on the kingdoms across the fertile plains, kingdoms fell one after another like leaves in autumn. Be it secular or witches kingdom the demons pays no heed. Not long after, the nightmare happened one secular king betrays the witches by giving them away to the demons. The relation that took years to cultivate rot within days.

When the demons start harassing kingdom of winters border, his queen Lan as an Extraordinary calls for aids from various witch kingdom for no avails. When she travels back to the kings city she was ambushed by mad demons, only she survived from more than twenty envoys sent and not without scratch, Lan lost one of her eye.

"My sisters won't help us in this war but they are willing to take refugees" just like Lenn, she also pained by the betrayal and it's effect "I'm sorry"

"No, it's okay" he said while caressing her black hair "It's better than I imagine"

"I'm sorry that many years ago I placed that burden unto your shoulder only to have it turned out this way" tears trickled down her beautiful face

Lenn was stunned, he rarely seen her cry so he didn't know what to do. He then embrace her even closer "There's nothing we can do anymore"

That night they sleep soundlessly.

A day later he devised an evacuation plan for entire kingdom of winter.

"What is this ?!" Lan screamed loudly her face red with anger

"My peoples need to leave this kingdom, the power that I have accumulated all this year won't be enough to protect them"

"That's not what I'm asking! Why don't you also evacuate? You are the king!"

"Because I'm the king" he chuckled "If this kingdom fall I will fall with it"

"That's nonsense!"

"Don't worry, my knights will fight with me" he rose from his chair "As I said earlier, my powers won't be enough to protect but it will be sufficient to fight back"

"Then I'll fight too!" she urged him

"No, you must evacuate" Lenn shake his head "I need you to lead and protect the civilians"

"Why don't you do it then?!" Lan started to get desperate

"I need to lead the knight, beside you're stronger than me"


"Don't worry, as soon as I won this damned war I will come to you. I promise"

Lan throw herself into Lenn's arm and kiss him, a moment later she push herself out of his embrace and whisper "You better to shave your beard when we meet later"

But they both know that day won't ever happen

"Your majesty! Everything's ready" His knight voice drag him to the present, Lenn the king nodded once before joining his one thousand odd knight. While descending the wall he cast a glance on his city, the magnificent city that has become ghost town.

He mount his horse and pace in front of the knights that is ready to sacrifice themselves for their king.

"My loyal and brave knights, today we will struck back the demons to save humanity we will drive the demons back to the abyss of hell where they came from" King Lenn Lindenbaum gave his passionate speech "Today marks the first time humanity strike back in this Battle of Divine Will! Let our heroic deeds be recorded in history, our soul immortalized in songs and poems"

He unsheathed his sword "Today is the day for humanity to rise! Charge!!"

They charged into the shadows that filled the horizon, into the sky that had turned red as blood.