Edith Kant a.k.a. eDarth Bloodpearl is a powerful dark lord quietly operating behind the scenes, secretly in control of the galactic empire and Barov is an up-and-coming government official thirsting for more power, acquiring it by any means necessary. Somehow he sees her in a gathering full of powerful people, unaware of her true identity as a dark lord and is both attracted to and also somewhat fearful of her ruthless demeanor. He starts accumulating political influence and resources in an attempt to get closer to her when she finally acknowledges his efforts and seeks to bring him within her inner circle. Her apprentice, Mistress Moon, objects to this since she wants to monopolize all her attention for herself and sees him as a threat. eDarth Bloodpearl recruits Barov into her cadre of evil elite regardless of Moon's complaints and he proves to be instrumental in the development and utilization of a huge ice cream bread brainwashing program to keep the masses ignorant and complacent. Barov continues to perform well with all his intricate plots and schemes, further falling into the dark side and eventually he works his way up into Edith's bed. In a moment of weakness after his return home from his dark overlord's room of coital bliss, he is confronted by Mistress Moon where, in a fit of jealous frenzy, she hyper-magnetizes the iron in his blood to rip him apart from the inside out.

Barov wakes up moments later at Neverwinter in his bed soaked with sweat and semen. He chuckles to himself softly as he realizes just how outrageously strong of an effect the Witch Union's newly produced Chaos Cream Bread (which is ice cream made from Evelyn's Chaos Drinks, processed with Lily's magic bacteria, frozen by Agatha's ice magic, stuffed between bread made from Leaf's magic plant GMO's, baked to perfection with Anna's Blackflame, preserved in its pristinely cold state by Candle's ability, enchanted with Doris's demonification ability, packaged in a stylish wrapper designed by Soraya, delivered to him by Nightingale through her world of mist, and with Broken Sword amplifying each witch's magic power in every step of the process) has on an ordinary common man with no magic power.

Barov later reports the results of the Witch Union's new experimental product to His Majesty Roland and he surmises that it actually opened up a path for him to enter his own dream world. Roland then decides to conduct a systematic investigation of the effect of Chaos Cream Bread where he sends a number of volunteers to their own individual dream worlds to later study their findings and finally start getting to the bottom of the mystery that is the origin of the dream world. What exactly is the dream world? Is it just a boring and confusing story arc that appears occasionally for a few chapters every so often just to complicate things and confuse readers or is it something more? Could the matters of the dream world be related to him being reborn here as Roland? Are the deities just fucking with us? Maybe the answers to these questions lie in ice cream. And thus the newly formed group called the Chaos Cream World Warriors is born to determine the cause and defy the deities and their world-switching whims.