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 There were two luxury cars parked outside the villa. Inside the villa the lights were bright, but it was quiet. Ye Qian steadied his breathing and slowly made his way inside.

Ye Qian stopped in front of the door and carefully listened for sounds of movement inside. Inside he could hear many sounds of breathing. For Ye Qian who had encountered many bloody battles and had experience in many hostage rescue situations, he could judge how many people there were based on the sound of breathing. It was very evident that inside was not just Qin Yue, Zhao Ya and Hu Ke.

Ye Qian slowly opened the villa's door. Suddenly to people in black clothes appeared in Ye Qian's view. Ye Qian did not hesitate. Blood Wave glowed red in his hand was resting against one of the guys' necks in an instant. The person in the black seemed to be studden and his hand went to his waist, bu Ye Qian was faster. He pulled out the other man's gun from his waist and in a moment placed the barrel of the gun against the other man in black's forehead. All of the movements were smooth and perfect. The two people in black had no chance to make a move.

"Papapa!" The sound of clapping came from inside. A middle-aged man's voice reached Ye Qian's ears, "Good, very good. I, Qin Tian, find you worthy of my daughter's interest. Your skill is out of the ordinary."

Ye Qian gawked and turned to look inside. He saw a middle-aged man sitting on the sofa, his whole body exuding a very special aura. Domineering, Ye Qian felt that this word suited this middle-aged man. At this moment, the middle-aged man looked at Ye Qian with admiring eyes. He was certainly the man who spoke before.

Qin Yue, Zhao Ya and Hu Ke were sitting on the other side, their faces looking surprised. It seemed they were scared by Ye Qian's actions. Ye Qian now knew that he misunderstood. Earlier while he had entered and was making his move, he already noticed Qin Yue sitting next to the middle-aged man. But like an arrow that had left the bow, once he Ye Qian made his move he could not stop, so he had to subdue the two men in suits first.

"Ye Qian, you misunderstand!" Qin Yue finally reacted and called out to him hurriedly.

Ye Qian swept a look over the room and then put his dagger away. He smiled to everybody in the room and returned the gun. The other two had unconvinced looks as they glared at Ye Qian angrily.

"Haven't you been embarrassed enough? Get out!" The middle aged man shouted. The two lowered their heads in shame and left, standing outside the villa's door.

Ye Qian went to sit across from the middle-aged man. He had not spoken yet when Zhao Ya cried out, "Wow, Ye Qian, you were so cool. Ay, tell me quickly, what were you holding earlier? It was red all over. It looked like a dagger but also not. I've never seen a dagger all red before."

Ye Qian looked at her helplessly and didn't reply. He turned to look at Qin Ye, apparently waiting for Qin Yue to make introductions.

"Ye Qian, this is my father." Naturally, Qin Yue understood Ye Qian's meaning.

Ye Qian stared blankly. He did not expect that this middle-aged man would be Qin Yue's father, the leader of the Hongmen. No wonder he had a domineering air about him that ordinary people would not be able to resist. But it seemed like Qin Tian did not come here today to visit his daughter, but to see Ye Qian. Ye Qian slowly turned his head to face at Qin Tian.

The two met eye-to-eye, both not saying anything. There was no fire of enmity, nor was there regret over not meeting sooner. Both of them were just calm, looking at each other silently. This was a simple and at the same time a complex battle, the battle of looks, the battle of minds, the first showdown of personalities.

Qin Yue, Zhao Ya and Hu Ke looked at them both and could not help staring, then they became silent, not daring to speak even a word, even their breathing became quieter. Zhao Ya naturally did not understand what Ye Qian and Qin Tian were doing, she just gawked; But Qin Yue and Hu Ke could see that they were in a battle with no fire beacon.

The seconds ticked by as the two of them continued to look at each other face to face. Ye Qian was no longer deliberately lowering his own domineering aura, or else he would not be able to bear the strong pressure from Qin Tian. Qin Tian expression gradually became shocked. His brows slightly furrowed. Ye Qian still smiled calmly and indifferently, there was no break in his eye contact.

"Good, very good!" Finally, Qin Tian broke the silence and spoke.

Qin Yue discreetly let out the breath she was holding. But she could not help feeling a little surprised that her own father was defeated by Ye Qian. Hu Ke's face had a faint smile of satisfaction, as if she was admiring Ye Qian very much. Zhao Ya just stared vacantly, not knowing what was happening.

But it was very clear to Ye Qian that this time he had not really won. He appeared calm because of his long experience doing mercenary work, his mental power was relatively better than most. In their confrontation earlier, only the two people involved really understood what happened. Ye Qian knew he did not win, at the most, it was a draw. Qin Tian naturally understood this too, but both of them did not explain. There were some things that did not need to be put in words.

"I have hear a lot about the illustrious name of the sect lord of the Hongmen. Meeting you today, the rumors do not compare, making this xiaozi truly admire you." Ye Qian smiled faintly and praised.

"Haha, Ye-xianzhi is overpraising. I have heard of Ye-xiannzhi's name too. I took the liberty of dropping by to trouble you today, I hope Ye-xianzhi does not mind?" Qin Tian laughed.

Ye Qian stared blankly, he laughed in surprised then said, "Lord Qin is joking, xiaozi is not famous, where could Lord Qin have heard of xianzhi's name?"

Qin Tian guffawed and said, "Ye-xianzhi is an eminent person who has bad memory. A few days ago I sent people to invite you for a visit. Those subordinates were careless and hot-headed and offended you. Asking Ye-xianzhi to please not take offense."

Ye Qian thought of the incident outside Qin Yue's school a few days ago. So it turns out they were sent by Qin Tian. Ye Qian smiled and said, "I didn't know that those brothers where Lord Qin's men, I committed a huge mistake, asking Lord Qin to please forgive me."

Qin Tian smiled and said, "We are all family here, we do not need such courtesies. You and Yue'er are a good match. If you do not mind, call me uncle."

Ye Qian stared blankly, when did they become a family? First Zhao Tian Hao said it, then Qin Tian said it. Ye Qian felt really alarmed. He could not help turning his gaze onto to Qin Yue. For the first time ever, that girl shyly turned to look the other way, not daring to meet Ye Qian's eyes.