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 Chapter 226: Move House [Part 2]

The fatty rubbed his numb legs and put the reassembled mini flying cars back into his vehicle. All three mini flying cars were currently assembled differently from when they were brought over. Every vehicle had their own emphasises, and they represented three different series within the same car model. There were a couple more series that they weren't able to assemble because they lacked sufficient materials, but the design drawings had already been prepared.

The fatty fished around in his pockets and took out a card. It was a Mist Bodhisattva Empire use debit card. There were only 1 in 100 people on this planet who possessed a card like this, and the remaining 99 used debit cards were only functional within the planet.

The fatty looked a little embarrassed when he passed the card to Cillin. "Er, this is all the money I have left currently, so take it as your and Bel's reward for helping me with my design. And please don't turn me down, I'll feel embarrassed if you do that. The fact is both of you deserve more money than this, so I'll compensate you for the remaining amount once I get the opportunity."

Cillin accepted the debit card and swiped a finger across its surface. A seven digit number was displayed, totalling nearly 1 million MB coins.

Cillin knew that the fatty wasn't lacking in money. He was a high-status noble within a great noble family, and Bel knew even better than Cillin who the fatty was. That was why Cillin hadn't turned him down when the fatty produced the card. Right now he needed money.

By now Old Chang had already gotten up to make breakfast. Both Cillin and Bel told him that they could start immediately rest, so Old Chang let out a sigh and was about to open the shop. The fatty stopped him.

"There is one more thing." The fatty cast a glance at Old Chang before turning to Cillin. "Cillin, what do you think about my shop?"

"It's okay."

"Are you interested in taking it over then?"

Old Chang didn't say anything, but he knew that he would feel sorry to see Cillin leave. After all, it meant that he would eventually be the only worker left in this shop.

Cillin raised his hand in declination, "I don't have the time."

"Hey, don't turn me down just yet. I'll be leaving this place soon for a longer time than usual, so it'll be a waste to just leave my shop empty. That's why I want to gift it to you. That being said, it will be best if you can leave a room for me; I think I'll still come back occasionally to stay for a while."

Seeing that Cillin was silent, the fatty continued, "I'm giving the shop to you for free. Once the procedures are done we can transfer it to you right away. This way, you'll be identified as a city person in your ID card. That is a great advantage, is it not? Also, in the future you can sell the shop to whoever you like; I wouldn't mind. What do you think?"

The fatty said while shooting another glance at Old Chang. His meaning was very obvious: If you received the shop but don't want to use it, you can always gift it to this family, can't you? Why will you turn down such a good offer?

"Is your shop quite big?" Bel looked very interested. "If it is, I'd like to frequent your place and freeload some food in the future."

"It's 5 times bigger than this shop at the parts market," The portly shop owner said.

Although the shop couldn't be considered huge compared to the other shops in the parts market, it was still much bigger than Old Chang's small repair shop.

"Alright. What are the procedures that I need to do?" Cillin asked.

The fatty looked very happy towards Cillin's willingness to accept his shop. He hastily waved a hand and said, "It's not a problem. I'll bring some documents over by tomorrow. Just pack your stuff and get ready."

"We'll talk after the documents are ready. There is still business to be done here."

The fatty didn't stayed behind for breakfast and left in a hurry. The people queuing outside discussed heatedly with each other when they saw the fatty exiting the repair shop.

"Look, he's that fatty who came from the city!"

"I guess he stayed behind for the night. It will appear that they're quite close to each other."

"Yeah, Old Chang and his family are truly amazing."


Old Chang couldn't be bothered to wonder about the people's comments right now. He was feeling a little disconcerted.

After another busy day of work, Cillin talked about his plans with Old Chang during dinner. Cillin wasn't going to stay on this planet permanently, so he wished to leave this shop behind for Old Chang. This way, he would have a place to stay when he came to visit in the future, and Old Chang and his family would be able to improve their status and become members of the city. This was also the best way for them to get Chang Five better treatment in the hospital. After all, the hospitals here treated a patient based on their identity.

"Cillin, I..." Old Chang felt that he didn't deserve this gift.

"You saved our lives. If you haven't helped us, I could be dead in space already. Also, it is time to get Five the treatment he needs as soon as possible. Now is the time when success rate would be the highest."

Bel didn't ask for the money inside the card because he said that Cillin was the one who did all the work. There were other reasons that Bel had refrained from saying that Cillin understood. Why would a royal prince ever lack money? To them, a million probably wasn't even enough to buy a flying car.

After Cillin was done negotiating with Old Chang, they didn't open the shop the next day. Instead, they waited for the portly shop owner to show up while planning for Chang Five's treatment. However, a twenty or so years old young man had shown up instead of the shop owner.

It was obvious that this young man was a man of extraordinary background. Be it in terms of attire or class, he absolutely surpassed those normal citizens inside the city. He reminded Cillin of Qi Geyou, except that he was a lot more restrained than Qi Geyou was. He didn't wear his strength and dominance openly on his sleeves.

The car he drove was extremely eye catching in the Repair Street, and it was obviously expensive at first glance. The second he stood in front the shop entrance, the people gathered there instantly scattered away like rabbits.

"Who is Cillin among you?" The young man asked.

His tone obviously identified him as someone who was used to giving out orders from a seat of power. His gaze paused on Bel for a second, however. He didn't look at him the same way as he looked at everyone else.

"I am." Cillin walked forwards.

The young man didn't waste words and tossed a portfolio into Cillin's hands. "These are the documents for the transfer of the shop. All the procedures have already been completed, and your new city IDs are inside too."

Cillin opened the portfolio and confirmed that everything was prepared as the young man claimed. Normally speaking, it was impossible to finish preparing an ID card in a day, much less the switching process from a commoner to a city person. They would be lucky already if the procedure wasn't delayed over half a year. Power was a good motivator.

The man didn't attempt to stay longer after tossing the portfolio to Cillin. Before he left, Cillin asked, "Where is the shop owner?"

The young man walked towards his flying car without even looking back. "He went home."

This meant that the young man was the portly shop owner's relative. Now that he thought about it, a thinner portly shop owner would share many physical similarities with this young man.

It was a rare break, so Cillin and Bel took a trip to the city and visited Cillin's newly acquired shop. However, the shop that looked perfectly intact outside was completely cleaned out on the inside. Even the bedroom was completely empty.

"He actually has left." Bel understood that the fatty was kidnapped back to his home by his own son yet again. "What do we do? Do we move over tomorrow?"

"Let's finish this as soon as possible."

They didn't go back immediately. Cillin bought a few furnitures and placed them in almost the same way as the layout in Old Chang's repair shop. Both shops had their shops at the ground floor and their living space at the second floor. The only difference was that there was a lot more space in this new shop.

They set down the furnitures properly and even arranged the bedroom. However the kitchen wasn't touched or cleaned out, so they didn't need to buy anything to replenish it. Despite the portly shop owner's appearance, it didn't look like he used any of these kitchen implements at all. Although these items were obviously bought since 2 years ago, they all looked brand new.

Income aside, Old Chang and his family would be a lot safer inside the city at least. Cillin didn't believe that the old foxes in the planetary government were unaware of the behind-the-scenes this shop, but the fatty of the Sizer Family wasn't the only representative of great power on this planet. Who would dare attack this shop when even the royal descendant of one of the three kings was here to support it?

When Cillin and Bel went back to the repair shop, they noticed that Old Chang was looking very excited. He wasn't excited for the shop, but for Chang Three and Chang Four.

Some time ago, Chang Three and Chang Four had received a notice from a reputable school on another planet, and today he was notified that they had officially enrolled into the school after successfully passing through the probation period. It was no wonder that Old Chang was so excited. The fact that they were officially admitted into the school meant that Chang Three and Chang Four's growth would no longer be limited within this small planet. They now had greater room of growth and the opportunity to witness the bigger world outside.

In their case, good things truly come in pairs.

They'd also contacted the hospital where Chang Five was going to undergo his treatment in, but Old Chang thought that something wasn't quite right with the hospital. It wasn't that the hospital was bad, but that it was too good. This unusual treatment puzzled Old Chang a lot, but right now Chang Five's treatment was the most important thing in his priority list. Everything else could come later.

Bel had dealt with the hospital side of things and ensured that the relevant personnel would spend more time to care for the family. Old Chang would be staying in the hospital during Chang Five's treatment until the boy was completely restored. He wasn't worried because Cillin and Bel would be watching over his shop.

While sitting inside the shop, Bel checked the time. It was almost a full month already.

Sigh. Time sure passes so goddamn quickly.