Chapter 236: Combing her hair

December 5, 2017Ai Hrist

"Then, you ... don't do that.. ..." Yun Shishi said with a twisted tongue.

"That? Which one?" Mu Yazhe lifted an eyebrow and asked. But then, he soon acted according to her will.

Because, originally, she really was worried to be eaten by him!

"Alright, I won't, so come here."

His voice sounds so sharp, so Yun Shishi's shoulders quiver. Her heart is still not willing.

However, she didn't dare to defy his order. And just move closer to him bit by bit. But, when she got close, she smells the elegant scent of his body. The fragrance of magnolia flower!

Mu Yazhe touches her hair with his free hand. So, he learns that her hair was still wet, but has a warm feeling. Mu Yazhe ask while firmly rubbing her hair with his fingers: "You don't dry your hair?"

It's easy very easy for a woman to have a migraine.

Especially, during this age, so she really needs to take care of herself. And if she won't timely dry her hair, it's coldness will go inside her body. So, when she gets older, she will definitely always have a headache.

This girl, she really doesn't know how to take care of herself, right? She doesn't even know this common knowledge.

Yun Shishi shook her head and said: "I usually let them dry naturally."

Mu Yazhe pinches her cheek lightly. It's not forceful, but in a bit mean way: "Go and dry your hair, so you won't feel cold."

When his voice faded, Yun Shishi stared at him with wide eyes open. Did this man just get concerned about me?

When Yun Shishi heard his doting voice, she actually felt warm inside her heart.


As we all know, when she grows up, only her father was kind to her. Only her father shows care. And when her father's business went bankrupt, Yun Liqing and Yun Na become more indifferent to her.

During her school age, she didn't get close to anyone because she was so immersed in her studies. So, she was always alone.

Her teachers were very to kind to her, but... ...


Yun Shishi has always been an understanding person. So, she easily gets touched. Her face turned red when she heard his words: "I don't know where the hair dryer is... ..."

"On the first drawer of the cabinet in the bathroom."

"Oh, ok." Yun Shishi nodded her head, then get up to get it. And when she opened the first drawer, she saw a big white hair dryer.

Yun Shishi took the hairdryer. The hair dryer looks very beautiful. And it really suits to be used by her.

Its quality is really good. But, it was too big and heavy for her. Her hand almost couldn't hold it.

Moreover, her hands are now soft. It has no strength to hold this kind of heavy hair dryer.

Yun Shishi turns on the hair dryer, but she could only clumsily dry her hair.

She rarely used a hair dryer, because she only has little time to study and catch up with her assignments.

And after school, she needed to rush to her work. So, she really doesn't have time to leisurely dry her hair with a blower. She can only let the wind to dry her hair naturally.


The hair dryer was too heavy, so Yun Shishi holds it with her two hands and just let the gust of wind blow dry her hair.

Yun Shishi really cannot understand the concept of hair drying. And if only she had learned a bit earlier, that her beautiful hair would be blown extremely this messy. She wouldn't have done it. Yun Shishi couldn't help but knitted her eyebrows in irritation. She clumsily manages to hold her hair, but things only become more chaotic.

Mu Yazhe could hear a light shout in the bathroom from time to time. So, he couldn't help but find her a little strange. And this time, he doesn't know what mess did that girl has done again.

Mu Yazhe walks over to the bathroom to look. But, when he opened the door, he couldn't help but get stunned.

Yun Shishi's black hair looks totally messy. Her hair was all tangled. And at this very moment, this stupid girl is holding a comb to fix it.

Her hair was half wet and half dry. So naturally, it's very hard to comb it. Yun Shishi was in so much pain, so her tears almost fell down.

But, when she suddenly saw a man behind her through the mirror, she couldn't help but get startled. And in the midst of her surprise, Mu Yazhe took the comb in her hand and gently comb her hair.