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 After recovering from the shock,Xiao Yun thought that only soul body can see the altar in the inner temple since when he came to the inner temple previously, he never saw the altar.And even the inner temple was not as large and spacious as it is now.So the only possible explanation was his soul body.

Xiao Yun never accepted anything without proper explanation.Since childhood Xiao Yun heard many historical events and mythical stories from his his old grandpa.His grandpa told many stories about gods,devils,demons,elves,mythical beasts and many other types of races.

Once he asked his grandpa if these stories are real or fiction.Grandpa always says with a smile that they were to be explored and as an explorer it is our duty to explore their hideouts and expose them to the world. But for some reason when Xiao Yun saw that smile on his grandpa,it seemed to extort their hideout rather than exploring them.

He looked at the statues on the throne.On right side,sat a male with a face so handsome that no one on earth can rival him in this aspect .Atleast Xiao yun never saw someone as handsome as him.Not even in hollywood movies. "Of course not as handsome as me"thought Xiao Yun shamelessly.

The lady on left side was very beautiful and the smile on her face looking very kindly. The male god had a long weapon on his right hand but it was very difficult to identify the weapon as it seemed to change its shape frequently.On one look it seemed like a long sword on another look it seemed to be a spear.Its really confusing and Xiao yun ddint bother to think about it as all these are beyond his imagination and it will take a long time to comprehend them.

The lady didnt had any weapons on her hands,instead her right hand wrapped around the left hand of the male god and her left hand was holding a red lotus which seemed like a real flower.

When he saw them together for some reason he felt that both the statues are looking at him,infact the statues didnt turn their heads.How strange....thought Xiao yun.What he didnt observed that there were two tear drops fallen from the lady statue,but soon they were evaporated as they left her eyes.As time passed while looking at the statues more he felt that they were very familiar.But he never saw those statues at any temple nor he read about them in any historical books.

Then he looked at the kneeling statues around the throne.There were a total of three female and five male statues.All the female statues looked very beautiful.But the male statues were average.As a handsome man Xiao Yun never acknowledge anyone as handsome hurting his pride.

The first statue looked like a robust man in warrior suit with thick beard.His eyebrows were as thick as his beard.But he seemed to be very short like dwarf.He was holding a weapon in left hand which looked like axe with one sharp edge and the other blunt edge like a hammer.

The second statue looked like an elf male with a bow in left hand and arrows on his back. He had a handsome face, though Xiao yun not willing to agree but he really looked handsome like a romantic cold looking hero.

The third statue was that of a female with seductive looks and body.As soon as he saw this girl he was bewitched by her appearance and he stood before the statue appreciating her beauty.After a long while,there was a invisible light radiated from the fifth statue and he recovered and cold sweat formed on his forehead.He didnt understand why he was so engrossed into looking at her.He swept the sweat from his forehead and unintentionally looked at the statuebut for some reason sweat formed on his forehead again and his heart trembled for a moment.

"why do i feel like a husband caught for flirting with his secretary infront of is wife"thought XiaoYun while looking at the fifth statue."Are you trying to scare me the great explorer ,how naive"mumbled Xiao Yun and shifted his gaze to the fourth statue.

He was a monk with bald head.He wore a beaded necklace and had a staff on his left hand.his face looked peaceful and he had a long white beard.Xiao Yun saluted the monk in buddhist mannerism.

Xiao Yun walked infront of the fifth statue and saw she wore a cloak and her fascial features were covered by her cloak.He thought of how she caught him flirting with the third statue, he shifted his gaze grudgingly....there is no fun at looking a girl who hides her face.He left to look at the sixth statue.But as he moved his leg the fifth statue once again radiated a light and the heart of Xiao Yun trembled again,he immediately ran from the statue.

Xiao yun came infront of the sixth statue.He looked like a living beast in human form with wings on his back and a tail below. Xiao Yun looked at the chimeria like statue and stroked its fur like stroking a pet.He even kissed on its fur and said "I like this pet" and looked at the fifth statue like taunting.This time there was a visible dark light radiated from the fifth statue but soon disappeared. Xiao Yun saw that and thought how this fifth statue is different from the other statues and thought there had some issues while making the statue.

When Xiao Yun came before the seventh statue he looked like some devil reincarnator with horns on his head and wings on his back.He looked like an hellboy.But unlike the hellboy in movie,his two horns were sharp and long.

The eighth statue was a lady who looked like an elder sister.Xiao Yun always thought of having a elder sister like his neighborhood who pampered his little brother very much.He went infront of the statue and sat besides her called her elder sister unconsciously.as soon as he called her,he felt a warm feeling rose in his heart.