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"Is it...?" The man's curiosity was piqued, without any further ado, he slowly and carefully unfurled another bandage and examined the blue-ish dirt that was left in the former place of the wound. Minutes after his expression kept changing, from frowning to thoughtfulness, sometime he will have an expression of enlightenment and sometimes his expression will turn blank.

"At first glance i thought this was Elven's Grace that can cure *any* wounds and turn them like what it was before but it's virtually impossible that this it since Elven's Grace can only be concocted using alchemy and needs to be injested not to be applied. But this is different, whoever my saviour was, made a *Lesser* version of it using common herbs that can be found almost everywhere but works identically with Elven's Grace which is, on it's own a very impressive feat."

The man's eyes glittered brightly, he felt extremely lucky to encounter a saviour that has an excellent apothecary skills. He thought of meeting this person right away but supressed it since he has not yet recovered at his peak, even though his wounds are now completely healed and his body is nowhere hurt, his cultivation base isn't recovered yet. With that in mind he saw down cross-legged and started his recovery, after quite some time he opened his eyes and gave out a wry smile...

"Spritual energy here is very thin and so impure, instead of helping me recover it might even cause some deviations on my cultivation base. Oh well, i guess you can't have them all, we're doing this the hard way then..." he closed his eyes again and let the impure spritual energy enter his body...

After an hour of many efforts he finally condensed a string of spritual energy inside his body, considering the time it took form him condense this trivial amount, many would think that's just useless, however he had other plans. He used this trivial amount of energy and took out an item from his ring. He had an interspatial ring and inside it are countless of resources he can use to fully recover himself.

Time passed by and soon it was the eighth hour since he started his recovery, a large amount of resources turnes into ashes that piled up next to him. Soon his entire body shook and as he opened his eyes, two strings of black lightning appeared for a moment before vanishing. A faint smile appeared on his lips...

"Considering the realm of my cultivation, advancing becomes pretty hard, but that fight really squeezed out my potential and pushed my cultivation base by a lot..."

He let out a snort and all of the dust from the resources he used vanished in an instant, he changed his clothing and stepped outside of the room.

It was an hour before midnight already and there at the recieving area of that hut, he saw a young man, laying there and sleeping peacefully. The man was shocked to see this young man in here, and was very skeptical to believe that this young man was his savior, but he didn't want to disturb his rest since it's also late at night already.

He was about to turn around and leave when in a strange feeling arose inside of him, a faint glitter appeared in his eyes and his pupils turned violet and the whites of his eyes turned blue. Then he saw something that shocked him even more.

On the body of the same young man were countless of black sinister looking threads whirling in and out from his body, he also saw numerous chains wrapped up inside his meridians, veins and blood vessels, last but not definetely not the least on the young man's brain, heart and dantian are three thick spikes pulsing with a very sinister energy as it wedged deep inside those areas...

"Who exacty is this kid?! What did he do to deserve this?! Demonic Spiritual Lock, Vitality Siezing Chains and Three by Three Thorns of Sin are casted on him!! Who exactly did he offend and how is he still alive?"

What the mysterious man just saw was three of the most sinister curses even from his home. Demonic Spritual Lock won't hurt a person but it will directly target that person's soul imprisoning it and devouring it to fuel it's own, leaving them no chance of reincarnating. Vitality Siezing Chains just as the name implies, sucks a person's blood essence also known as the source of the longevity. Three by Three Thorns of Sin is more of a ban instead of a curse, it prevents one to absorb any form of energy and in return banning them from cultivating. These three curses mutually supports each other, the thorns prevent the energy, the chains eats the blood and the demon locks the spirit. Truly sinister.

The man's vision darkened, he absolutely despised what he just saw, and from the looks of it, the young man doesn't even have any idea on what happened to him. The man can't just leave this alone and directly apperead next to the child. He knelt beside him and pointed at the child's head, he sent a *will* with his divine sense in him.

He saw multiple visions, he saw a very brief history of what the child had been through for all of his life and then he tracked the culprit who did all of this. Then a vision came on to the man's eyes and he saw a violet robed figure who is dragging a frail little girl with him. His lips formed into a sneer and said:

"All for his personal benefits huh? You can only blame your poor luck since you met this old man." The man snorted and and a black lightning appeared on his hands, he then pressed that hand pressed it to the young man's chest. The black lightning then moved from his hand towards the countless of black threads...

The black threads suddenly trembled, for the first time that it latched on onto it's host, this is the first time it sensed a grim crisis that can result to it's death. It's like it saw an enemy that it had no way of defeating or even staying alive. The black lightning moved extremely fast and efficient, wherever they go black threads dissipated without any resistance at all.

After that under the mysterious man's control, the black lightning penetrated inside Sieg's body and also made a very quick work for those black chains that restricted him form a very long time now. Last but not the least, the thorns that are the cause on why he can't practice cultivation for the longest of time now were also disintegrated by the same black lightning, however the mysterious man's eyes glittered, clearly he has other plans.

"Since you showed me kindness then i'll grant you fortune. If someone wants to take your life when i'm around i will make that person's life a living torture that can't be escaped even with death." The mysterious man's eyes showed a ferocious light as he raised hand from Sieg's chest, as soon as he did the black lightning soon followed and it's forming a cage which is supressing some sort of a rune. The man's eyes raised two fingers and hummed a silent mantra.

"Deprive them of thier fate, deprive them of their fortune, deprive them of thier strength and make them none the wiser. Deprive them of thier luck, deprive them of the truth, and deprive them of that which made them whole. For this is my will." Everything suddenly went silent. The mysterious man's voice wasn't loud but it seemed to echo to every corner of the forest.

"The Will of the Darkin General Wilson!" As soon as Wilson's archaic voice fell, the whole forest dimmed dowm, surrounded by dark and ominous clouds. The black lightning in front of him vanished and formed a needle like rune which soon disappeared in a flash. It travelled so fast that it can't even be seen by the naked eyes, it flew off out of the forest and went north, where it found it's target and seeped into it's host without them realizing it. From here on out, the misery that Sieg felt for the longest of time would be transferred to them threefolds.


Sieg woke up before even the sun can be seen through the horizon, for some reason which is unknown to him, he felt extremely light. It almost seemed like a huge mountain was lifted off from his back. His thoughts were filled with positive vibes which was not normal for him and he had a hunch that this day is going to be awesome. Everything in his vision was bright and wonderful, the birds flying somewhere, the animals doing there own thing, the atmosphere is full of vitality which further boosted his mood.

Sieg however was confused since when he woke up, he looked to his room only to find out that the man he saved yesterday was missing, he was slightly worried for him since from what he recall his injuries were very severe. But he also thought that maybe the man already recovered from those and chose to silently leave. He figured that such should be the case since he can tell that the mysterious man was clearly powerful, he thought maybe he had a life saving medicine that he took upon waking up and completely healed him, so he just threw the thought at the back of his mind.

Since he had found a wild boar yesterday, there no need for him to fish for food so he climbed up to the roof of the hut and started his breathing exercises. He sat down facing east, relaxed every single inch of his body. He then closed his eyes and took a deep breath, holding it for a few seconds and letting circulate all over his body. And then, something happened...

*whirl* *whirl* *whirl*

"What in the world?!!" Sieg exclaimed, it barely his second breath when felt dozens and dozens of thin white threads entering his body, he was shocked to the core. This was his first time in 3 years that he had an encounted with *ki energy*. His shock lasted for just a second though since he din't want to waste such an opportunity, his again resumed his breathing exercises and again marvelled at the sensation of absorbing ki gave him.

*whirl* *whirl*

Dozens of ki threads flew towards his body, it entered throught his ears, eyes, nose, and mouth also known as *seven orifices*, from there it flowed through every corner of his body leaving him a sense of joy and strength that he never experienced before. Sieg's started to be so absorbed into his cultivation that he was starting to forget everything else aside from it. The feeling was just so pleasurable that Sieg doesn't want it to stop.

His absorption grew stronger and stronger that the air around him was being slightly distorted, his body was filled with strange warmth and comfort while also giving him profound strength. Minutes turned in an hour of absorption and at some point during that, a tremor happened inside his body.

Cracking sounds entered his ears, it sounded like something was trying to pry open something inside his body, the grew louder and louder but the strange thing was only Sieg can hear these sounds. The cracking sound went on for a while and then suddenly Sieg's whole body shook, his eyes flew open only to see that his whole body is covered with black goo.

"Urk!! It stinks so bad!! What is this?" Sieg frowned hard when the sharp smell assulted his nose, without any remorse, he jumped from the top of the hut and landed perfectly on the ground. This action prompted a surprise praise from Sieg, he smiled and ran directly towards the lake to take a bath.