Divine Seal Monarch

Divine Seal Monarch
Author: ImperialDarkFrost
Sort: Xianxia
Update: 2019-01-08 10:39
Lastest: 3 Show me kindness, Grant you fortune
Intro: Since the dawn of time, countless of people rose and fell. Most of those people live a mortal lives living frugally and peacefully.Some of those people can summon wind, vanquish the clouds and can wield nature and even time.They made countless of things out of nothing but the power they wield is not something a mere mortal can even begin to imagine.The Divine Seal is one of those.An items that can banish or seal anything that it doesn't like. If it seals something then it means that it has a use for it, if it banishes something, then it will send to the void, impossible to seen again.Such a powerful item can cause seas of blood and mountains of corpses.What if this item was found by an 'Accused Child'?
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