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 Chapter 215 - Embrace

FenXiang Valley.

At the majestic Mountain River Hall, right now there was only silence, other than Li Xun and the group of elite disciples who have entered the mysterious ten thousand great mountains, this time most of the valley disciples, either rostered to be patrolling the grounds, or studying in their own rooms, not many would come to this FenXiang Valley master's hall. This place other than the late night, currently it was the quietest moment out of the entire day in the Mountain River Hall.

However, there were two figures, standing inside the entrance of the hall, in silence, gazing at the southern horizon.

In the far horizon, deep inside the mysterious and dangerous ten thousand great mountains, a colossal column of fire, was shooting up into the sky, bringing with it whistling red molten lava and clouds of black ashes, innumerable rock pieces were mixed in it, carried up high by the huge force and then like eruption, spraying in all directions.

Even though separated by a long distance but they seemed to feel the deafening angry roar which reverberated between heaven and earth, even below their feet, they could faintly detect the earth was trembling. It was already like this at a distance of more than a thousand miles, the location where the eruption happened deep inside the ten thousand great mountains, what kind of an unimaginable scene would that be?

Nobody knew, at least, the two people standing inside the hall, did not know.

Yun YiLan looked indifferent, after a long time, he did not speak even a word, quietly watched the colossal fire column which after erupting for some time, yet still showed no signs of weakening. And the person standing behind him, was his junior brother ShangGuan Ce, who was also watching the fire column but his countenance was clearly much complicated, his expressions also oscillated between dark and light.

A long time.

In the silence, darkness came quietly, the sky gradually darkened, a few disciples passed by this area but soon realized the abnormal atmosphere and swiftly retreated, until the end, following the disappearance of the last ray of dusk light, even if you looked over the distance, the strange occurrence in the horizon, gradually became indistinct.

Far away, at some corner of FenXiang Valley, a quiet insect cry started, it was irregular, seemed near and far, not knowing what it was calling but it complemented what was inside the huge Mountain River Hall, the deserted atmosphere like frost.

Yun YiLan's figure in the shadows, moved and then slowly turned around.

ShangGuan Ce looked at him quietly, Yun YiLan's gaze met his and then for some reason, turned away, slowly moved into the hall. ShangGuan Ce sighed in his heart, took a final look at the southern horizon and also moved in.

Quiet heavy steps, resounded in the still hall, yet seemed so loud!

Heavy footsteps, not knowing who's heart it was stepping on?

Yun YiLan at the hall's central seat, sat down, the sky had darkened but there was no light here, it was not that FenXiang Valley's disciples were loafing but a night like this, was different from usual, they were smart enough not to visit here.

Yun YiLan sat in the darkness, his face, seemed blurred, after a long time, he suddenly spoke, "Didn't expect, there is actually someone in this world who can destroy the Subdue Devil ancient cave, able to destroy that evildoer?"

ShangGuan Ce sat down below Yun YiLan, although he was his junior but his face, was much haggard than Yun YiLan, only his voice, seemed much normal than Yun YiLan, indifferently said, "Since Qing Yun sect DaoXuan is able to severely injured the Beast Deity, now that someone has thought of a way to kill the beast demon, this is not considered anything astonishing."

Yun YiLan was silent for a long time, did not speak, but after a long period, a bitter laugh, he shook his head and said, "Predictions by human in the end still lose out to Heaven's plans, hundred years of effort, down the drain just like this."

ShangGuan Ce hesitated for moment, as if secretly contemplating the appropriate words, slowly said, "Maybe, there are still other methods in 'FenXiang Jade Volume'..."

Yun YiLan humphed, ShangGuan Ce immediately shut his mouth, the atmosphere turned slightly awkward but Yun YiLan obviously was still in a bad mood, did not have the slightest intention to ease the situation, only sat there quietly, not speaking a word.

ShangGuan Ce's aged face, the wrinkles seemed to deepen in the shadows, his eyes reflected complicated glints, but not knowing what exactly he was thinking about.

After a long time, Yun YiLan suddenly called out, "ShangGuan junior brother."

ShangGuan Ce was surprised, said, "What?"

Yun YiLan indifferently said, "Others don't understand but the secret in my FenXiang Valley, only both of us know it clearly. The reason why our ancestors decided to set up the sect at this desolate southern border FenXiang Valley, you should know right?"

ShangGuan Ce sighed, a trace of tiredness in his voice, said, "It is because the founder found the ruins of the ancient southern border shaman tribe's 'Inferno Altar', and from it discovered the secret powerful and strange shaman power."

Yun YiLan nodded slowly, said, "That is right, it was because of that, FenXiang Valley sect then started lay its roots and grow in the southern border desolate grounds, established itself and flourish until today. The various ancient mysterious shaman spells, on top of the true way skills passed down by our generation of ancestors, created the status and reputation that our FenXiang Valley enjoys today."

Speaking till here, Yun YiLan's voice suddenly turned bleak, "But in the past several hundred years, despite our ancestors exhausted their efforts, in the southern border shaman tribe shaman spells, the strongest power, 'Heaven Fire', we only manage to grasp the tip of the iceberg."

His expression slowly turned into anger, coldly said, "When I took over as valley master, once swore before our ancestors, that I will definitely uncover the secret of the shaman tribe Heaven Fire, and lead our FenXiang Valley to dominate the world, to be the leader of the crowd. But I never expected, now that not only it is not so, instead even the only key to explore 'Heaven Fire', the Eight Savage Inferno Formation left behind by the shaman tribe, are all destroyed, and on top of that, even the utmost important Inferno Mirror, is also lost!"

In the darkness, ShangGuan Ce's body suddenly trembled.

[Pa!] a crisp sound, was heard from Yun YiLan's hand, in his anger, he had broke the chair's arm.

In the hall, for a moment silence.

After a long time, Yun YiLan heaved a long breath out, slowly stood up, his tone desolate, said, "That day while trapped in a tight corner, coincidentally from the southern border ancient books, discovered that other than Inferno Altar, there is another formation in the Subdue Devil ancient cave, and so hatched a scheme with the tiger, the matter today, a pity...ai"

He sighed a long breath, an inexplicable exhaustion on his face.

Outside the deserted hall, other than the cries of the insects, there was no other sounds, those disciples, most should be peacefully asleep! Who would know, in this night, two elders would be sitting quietly in the hall?

Yun YiLan seemed agitated today, the past composed demeanour was gone completely, revealing his turmoil mind, paced a few times and finally after heaving a sigh to the sky, laughed bitterly and shook his head, did not say anything then headed to the rear hall.

ShangGuan Ce sat there unmoving, watched as Yun YiLan was about to vanish into the dim dark rear hall, a glint suddenly in his eyes, as if hesitating, finally made a decision and stood up.

"Senior brother!"

Yun YiLan's figure paused, turned and indifferently said, "What is it?"

ShangGuan Ce slowly, as if every word was carefully thought out in his mind, said, "After thinking carefully, there is still hope for this matter."

Yun YiLan raised his brows, said, "What did you say?"

ShangGuan Ce, as if his mouth had turned dry, moved his throat and slowly said, "Now that the world already knows there are two places that once had the formation, Inferno Altar and Subdue Devil Cave, are destroyed, to study the enigma 'Heaven Fire' from this formation, I'm afraid that is only a slim chance."

Yun YiLan snorted, said, "That's right, then what do you propose?"

ShangGuan Ce, silent for a moment, said, "I am thinking, the formation is a non-living thing, if this way is not possible, then maybe, we can get from this person."

Yun Yilan was somehow impatient, said, "What person, would still know..."

Suddenly, his eyes grew large, his expression turned solemn, after silent for a moment, slowly said, "You mean after Subdue Devil cave collapsed, there is still someone from southern border shaman tribe who survived?"

ShangGuan Ce inhaled deeply, as if something heavy had been pressing onto his chest, but after the next moment, he continued, "I am not very confident but from my conjectures, after the cave was turned into ashes, those not-human-or-demon shaman tribe survivors, one of them, most likely would not be willing to perish with it together."

He slowly lifted his head, his voice for some reason turned hoarse, said, "If I am not wrong, this person might have survived, if it's so, this person would be in this world, the one who is the most knowledgeable about the ancient shaman tribe mysterious shaman spells, we can from this person, maybe get something, there might be a possibility."

Yun Yilan was silent but his face gradually turned brighter and focused, after a long time, he nodded, said, "That is right, junior brother you truly have keen insight, although the possibility is not big but it is better than being hopeless. Since it is so, then I will trouble you to make a trip to ten thousand great mountains, mainly to visit this matter and at the same time, take a look at how Xun'er and the rest are doing, this trip of his, encountering such a big change event, it is not what we could predicted, it is also hard on him."

ShangGuan Ce sighed quietly in his heart, stood up, nodded and said, "Yes."

Yun Yilan glanced at him, revealed a smile suddenly, said, "Junior brother, just now your brother me was not in the best mood, I could have said something not appropriate, you don't take it to heart."

ShangGuan Ce shook his head, said, "Senior brother you are too kind, I won't."

Yun Yilan smiled and nodded, then turned and walked into the rear hall, vanished in the shadows.

In the vast hall, leaving only a solitary figure, standing silently.

The darkness quietly swept over, swallowing his figure.

Southern border, ten thousand great mountains.

The deafening rumble that reverberated between heaven and earth, the roaring volcano which made the earth quaked, finally after three days and three nights of eruption, gradually weakened.

The sky full of fire and rain like a scene from doomsday, not knowing when it would stop, just that the numerous mountain summits, the rivers, the lands, everywhere had traces of burn, looking from far, it was as if there were numerous volcanoes, burning in this miserable land.

Just that, the dark clouds in the horizon eventually scattered, the warm sunlight again shone onto this land.

Even from afar, the air still contained traces of irritable sulphur burnt smell but at this moment, the light breeze blowing from in, most of it, were fresh smells.

Everything, eventually would need to end.

Day and night, shuttling back and forth; changes in the position of the stars, who could see through the world's vicissitudes of life?

The cluster of stars twinkled, the initial rise of the bright moon.

Gentle breeze of the night breeze, trees moving in waves.

The peaceful night, quietly descended here.

A quiet low cry, like a baby asleep, subconsciously she stretched her hand out, what did she catch?

Warm skin, steadily, just beside her, solid and never once left. Her lips, as if receiving much assurance in her dream, a faint smile.

In the night, under the stars, gentle breeze quietly blew.

Slightly messy hair, a few strands, moved gently in the breeze, landed on her jade-like face. She gently frowned, a child-like expression, that kind of beauty in disorder, in the peacefulness, seemed to permeate deep into the soul.

Ghost Li quietly watched this sleeping face, she was just at his side, as if never been so close before. She quietly slept, breathing in the fresh air of this southern border night breeze, the wind blew past, her chest gently rose, her lips smiling.

He suddenly looked up, that bright moon, had shifted right to the center, giving off gentle and warm light, illuminating the world.

The moonlight like water, spilled onto them.

Clothes like snow, person like jade!

This was a clift somewhere on the lofty ten thousand great mountains, the solitary cliff jutted out from the summit about one zhang, because it was located further from the Subdue Devil cave, and so the huge volcano eruption did not impact much at this place, only when the fire and stone pieces from the falling rain and fire, started a few fires but the fires soon were extinguished.

And on the lofty clift, the aftermath of the catastrophe could still be seen, leaving only numerous ashes.

The two of them, escaped with the protection of the Inferno Mirror, due to over-exhaustion, soon both felt unconscious, and when Ghost Li woke up, he discovered he was already at this clift with Lu Xueqi.

After the chaos, was this kind of peaceful cool night.

Suddenly, a soft exclamation, he turned, that beautiful lady in slumber, after a faint smile, slowly opened her eyes.

Clear, gently, eyes that reflected his figure...

Suddenly, as if the world had stopped, deep inside his soul, somewhere it cracked quietly.

Then, after staring deeply, she slightly, as if still having a few amounts of shyness, smiled.

That smile, in the deep night, in the darkness, like a bright and beautiful lily!

After a long time, but yet like in a short time, the light lost its meaning, but who would care?

Ghost Li smiled too, warmly, that smile, was like that youth.

She stretched out, wanted to hold his hand and never let go but discovered, their hands were already together, never once separated. Her face had a flush of red, slowly, sat up.

Clothes quietly fell, it was Ghost Li's outer clothes covering her, she glanced at Ghost Li, did not say anything, only the smile at her lips, deepened.

The night breeze blew gently, like a gentle hand brushing past, in the distance, the trees rustled, reverberated in this night.

Lu Xueqi looked around, not far from them, beside the cliff, TianYa sword was pierced into the rocks, the blade like the radius of autumn waters, erected in the wind, and beside TianYa, Ghost Li's Soul-devouring was also lying quietly beside on the ground.

The two weapons, right now, seemed to be so quiet, who would know, what past did it had? The dark-green light on the stick glimmered, reflecting together with TianYa light blue, this pair of weapons which had once entangled with thousand years of enmity, right now, looked like they complemented and merged.

A quiet roar behind, both turned, a huge figure flashed past in the forest, it was the TaoTie, it seemed somehow irritated from its sounds but soon, a familiar [zhi zhi zhi zhi] rang out, as if consoling it. After a moment, the TaoTie became quiet and did not make any noise anymore.

Both turned over, looked at each other.

Ghost Li slightly hesitated, said, "That is TaoTie, I came for it. Tomorrow, I should..."

Then he did not continue, because at this moment, a fair gentle hand, lightly covered his mouth.

He instantly became quiet, his body seemed to tremble.

The night breeze blew, fluttering her hair. In her eyes, in this kind of night, seemed to be blurred.

But, that smile, never left.

Lu Xueqi only smiled and looked deeply at him, this was the man she had searched countless of times in her dreams, after a long time, lightly, quietly said, "Don't bother about tomorrow, alright?"

The night like frost, descended into the mortal world.

Ghost Li stared blankly at her, watched that unparalleled face and warm smile, watched that stubbornness and faint grief behind that smile, the night breeze was still blowing, her hair on her shoulder, gently danced, a faint fragrance, lingered in the air.

Her figure, was so thin, but, that kind of beauty, was something numerous vicissitude of life of the mortal world could ever erase.

Don't bother about tomorrow,


The bright moon, dense stars.

The night was boundless.

He held her hand, held in his palm.

The boundless firmament, who would bother about this tiny happiness in this world?

The thin body, as if trembling in the wind, the emotions pulsing secretly, as if time had paced for thousands of hundred years in the river of time.

In the horizon, was there someone who was smiling and gazing afar?

Was it joy? Was it pain?

Don't bother, what is tomorrow, what will tomorrow be, why care?

Embrace into bosom!

Gently embrace you, into my bosom...