Planet Zarbok (Gallen Research Planet)

On a frosty February night in east New Moscow city at the Valdivostok Bar Professor Victor Lebyedev was have his first drink in 30 years. Just on the verge of getting his name in the history books. He had finally been able to figure out how to generate massive amounts of energy from "soul dew". His patented soul collider would be able to give the Gallean Federation a stable source of energy to run their starships at the lowest possible cost and explore the vast reaches of the Universe. Not to mention the great advance in weapon powering systems this soul dew could provide.

Thinking back to his lessons of ancient history in school, Victor remembered how the Human race had emerged from the Planet Earth. After the third world war, the Gallean trade federation created peace on the planet and focused completely on interplanetary transport. Discovering the Talis and Juris races and creating a federation to explore and harness resources from the universe. Eventually the Gargoyle like Hyphoon race was also discovered.

They were a warlike race with conquest and empire creation as their motto. After a million years of war, with each warring period being of approximately 1000 years, the enmity between the Gallen Alliance and the Hyphoon Empire of Gravask was all but sealed. Millions of lives were lost on both sides. However there was great peace in the inner reaches of both the alliance and the empire. Civilization continued to develop as the inner reaches where the rich and powerful lived would not get affected.

The previous thousand year war with the Hyphoons was finally won but soon after they had another alien race the Rashkins form an alliance with them and restart the war after 200 years of peace. The Gallen alliance was not able to match the speed and fuel efficiency of the Hyphoon- Rashkin alliance Cruisers and attack unit crafts. Another detriment to the federation was the extremely fast fortress ships of the enemy.

Viktor and his team had provided a lot of fast solutions to the alliance to overcome their problems, however all the advanced weapon system needed massive energy and that is something that was missing from the equation. After 30 years of research came in soul dew, and tomorrow was the day to give a formal demonstration to all three Race heads (Human Juris and Talis). How could he not be exited?

Viktor had messaged Ninyana to wait for him outside the bar, an hour after savoring his first drink in 30 years. Viktor drove over to Ninyana's place after meeting her outside the bar. Cars were more of a hobby for Viktor and Ninyana. Years ago they had met at a collector fair. They were both scientists dedicated to their work. Both were quarters and both of them were into cars, the curio of the bygone human era.

While almost all people in the alliance had some foreign blood in them by now, quarter and thirds were common terms to define racial purity. The quarters were the most common in all three race camps. While people with less than 25% foreign blood would cling to being purebreds. Viktor did not care for such things. He hardly cared for Ninyana either. He thought of her as a long time acquaintance with similar interests having similar physical needs.

Truth be told Viktor should actually be considered a half, as he had a lot of Juris blood in him too. While the Juris phenotypes never surfaced the abilities of their blood were present in Viktor. The Talis in him came out in his features prominently though. An ethereal blue tinge to the skin, pointed nose and very large pupils were proof of his Talis heritage.

Viktor never got into politics or he could have used his half status and applied to many important posts related to racial harmony. These could only be manned by people who had at least 25% blood heritage of all three races of the Gallen alliance. Viktor had no interest in politics. He was focused on creating new weapons and energy sources for destroying the enemy.

Most of what Viktor had loved had been destroyed when he reached the age of 60. While Viktor lived in the middle ranges of the empire, he had originally been an orphan from the outer war torn area. He was lucky enough to reach the middle zone of the alliance through some channels. He was luckier still to be adopted by the most loving mother and father. The mother was a half Talis and the father a quarter Juris.

They lived on planet Pellesteles, had their own farms and self sustaining life. Pellestelies was also where Viktor's first and only love lived. Right next to his own farm was the farm of the Menkorev family, whose little daughter was the love of Viktor's life. Enseya was like the first ray of sunshine in the morning. Her laughter was like morning dew. When she cried each tear was like a perfect pearl.

Viktor wanted to live all of his remaining 340 years with her. Human life had become an average of 400 years. Though, thanks to his Juris blood he would probably live to the ripe old age of 500 years. Have a big family with a lot of kids and grand kids and great grand kids was normal for middle and outer reachers.

While undressing Ninyana, Viktor remembered Enseya for a fleeting moment. Her sunshine like smile was etched in the depths of his soul. But with that came the pain. The pain of remembering that fateful day 202 years ago, Richard had just cleared his GSS (Gallen School of Science) He was to study for the next 12 to 15 years. He was exited and sad as well. After finishing the exam on Planet Hobski in the inner reaches of the alliance he was on his way back home to Pellestelies.

It happened when he was just 300 light years away from Pellestelies. The whole planet was destroyed. Right in front of his eyes his entire planet with all the people he loved exploded into smithereens. First it was shock then anger and finally hate. He hated the damn Hyphoons. He hated the fact that a one off straggling fortress ship would choose to destroy itself in Pellestelies. He hated the Hyphoons, hated the Rashkin, hell he even hated the Alliance Starship company that chased it towards Pellestelies.

From then on Viktor dedicated himself to creating new war technology for the Alliance. And tomorrow he would be able to create more problems for those two damn races. "Ha Ha Ha I can't wait for tomorrow morning" thought Viktor. His body intertwined with Ninyana's and his thrusts became more and more vigorous. His speed of in and out motions was incredible almost reaching a light year.

Next morning at 10:00 all the top Generals of the Alliance were assembled in the Zarbok GSS main auditorium. Anyone who was of any repute was there. Numerous eyes were on the Professor and his team. Even some influential family heads from the inner reaches were present here. It was rumored that even Hyphoon and Rashkin spies were attending in disguise. Although, if they were there, they would most certainly be faraway, way back in the crowd. Probably watching the hollow display rather than near the actual action.

With all eyes on Lebyedev, he was about to press the button to lift the curtain on his creation, when all went dark in front of his eyes. The nest thing he saw was the face of a Rashkin commander and asword in his heart.