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 "System, display my information."

[Alucard Cadmus Di Beelzebub

Age: 13 Sex: Male Race: Vampiric Blood Fiend Were Leopard (Demon)

Affinity: Earth (P) - Wood (P) - Metal (P) - Fire (P) - Water (P) - Ice (P) - Air (P) - Darkness (P) - Light (P)

Laws: Space (I) - Death (I) - Life (I) - Soul (I) - Refining (A) - Blood (A)

Qi Cultivation: Mortal Disciple 4-star

Body Cultivation: Mortal Grandmaster 1-star

Soul Cultivation: Mortal Lord 6-star

Cultivation Technique: Immortal Blood Ocean

Blessings: None

Accumulated Divinity: 5

Accumulated Souls: 167

Enslaved Souls/Spirits: 84

Servants: 0

Familiars: 9

Descendants: 0 ]

After giving him such a nice experience Alucard could't part with Lance's soul, not even his body could be wasted. So after enjoying every last drop, he pulled his soul flame out and stored it separately from his collection, then with the wave of his hand Lance's body disappeared into his recently unlocked inventory!

Seeing that the sect would not be worried about him for a while Alucard, went around to the other side of the mountain to find a stream to clean up with. Being imprisoned for so long, his body was filthy and he desperately wanted a bath!

"System, while the sect is busy dealing with their other enemies, can we go over the rewards? What is the main questline?"

[Opening Main Questline... Authorized!]

[Hello Host! Thank you for fully opening System no. 0071321 Quest function! The system's main objective is to get you the Heaven Greater Cultivation realm! Helping you carve out a piece of heaven for yourself!]

Reading the system's text, Alucard began to frown. Although his memories were jumbled up he certainly had an idea of how powerful those Goldfinger systems were supposed to be. But for one to so brazenly say that it was here to help him not only reach the Heaven cultivation realm but also cut out a slice of heaven for his people. How much effort would that take?

Just this Immortal Blood Ocean cultivation technique took him several lifetimes to finish and he wasn't sure if it could even help him break past the Immortal realm, help him form his Godhead, or even allow him to reach the Earth God Realm.

"What are your abilities to help me break into the heaven realm?"

Even if he was a bit skeptical he wouldn't completely disregard what the system says. After all Alucard, better than anyone, knew that he should be dead, soul and all. But the system was able to shift him out of Chaotic space and give him a new body!

[System no. 0071321 is a world building system. The system will help you Cultivate your realms, helping balance ecosystems, provide resource hearts, manage laws, all the things you need to grow excellent worlds to help push your cultivation forward can be enhanced and provided through the system.]

Now Alucard was a bit frustrated. Being stuck in a 1-star realm without insurance of it being connected to any other realms, with only having a 4-star dimensional stone on him, and only being in the Mortal Greater cultivation realm! How in the hell was he supposed to use the system to his advantage?

He would either have to break into the Divine Core formation realm, or somehow make it to at least 5-star realm or higher before he could cultivate worlds or use the items he has. And if he used the 4-star dimensional stone he would only be wasting the true use of the system.

Ultimately even though he would be the owner of the four star realm, when the realm starts producing amazing resource. The lord of the primal realm, whomever it may be, would notice and they would surely send people to go look and try and capture the realm and Alucard would find himself back in the same situation again with him having to defend his home from invaders!

"So you're telling me that you're useless until i reach the Divine Core Realm? What kind of broken Goldfinger is this? Is this another one of those issues the administration caused at the Goldfinger planet headquarters? It's not like i have Dimensional liquid or seeds just lying around"

[Host misunderstands! With the systems help, few more breakthrough, and the Dimensional stone in host's possession, starting the Main Quest can happen any day!]

Alucard was visibly shocked! To start cultivating worlds after just being reborn? Alucard couldn't help but enter deep thought after reading what the system said.

"Does this system have a way to help me retain the cultivation base that i lost in my previous life? Holy shiit! If i break through too quickly, won't i have to suffer Heavenly punishment? Will i be able to recover my strength enough to fight against heavenly tribulation from a 1-star realm?"

While Alucard was agonizing about what to do in the presences of the 9 heavenly lightning bolts, the system continued on.

[Host lacks a proper Qi cultivation base to help stabilize the realm within thyself. Once the host breaks into the Qi Mortal Warrior Realm the system can immediately move to refine the dimensional stone in your possession into dimensional liquid and reforge it into a dimensional seed.]


Alucard was struck dumb! Refining a dimensional stone into dimensional liquid? If this was possible why has he never heard of it before? Alucard had spent many lifetimes pondering the laws of Refining. It was through the laws of refining that he was able to gain insight into the laws of blood and help build his current cultivation technique. Out of all the laws alucard has insight into Refining and Blood were the only two that he actually gained insight in himself.

That was the main reason as to why when he crossed over his status showed that his Blood and refining laws had reached the initial Aura level while his others were still in the initial internal level.

His last life gained insight into the Mortal laws of Refining impurities and the Blood force. While both of them were only at the lower and Mid mortal level respectively, comprehending a law when fighting against someone who hasn't can help shift the battle one sidedly!

But to be told that it's possible to turn a dimensional stone into dimensional liquid. No one from his past life would believe it was possible either. What level would the refining law be at to be able to do that, World?

After calming down and washing up in the river, alucard stood off to the side naked air drying contemplating what the system was saying.

"I already plan on devouring the entirety of this sect to help push my cultivation forward and to avenge the original host of this vessel of mine. With all the members in the sect, i should have no problem at all reaching the grandmaster realm at the very least maybe even the Mortal Warrior level. There are a lot of resources needed to cultivate a world as a new world is empty of everything but wasteland.

If i can take this sects Qi root, ill be able to have a Qi vein starting off inside my new world. With my cultivation being so low, having a way for my realm to produce its own spiritual energy will completely turn the cards around for me. Although the Qi here is lacking, When you're using the Qi to nurture the land instead of allowing people to use it to cultivate, it can have amazing effects on the growth of the realm.

I might be able to move some of the sects soil over too allowing me to cultivate some medicinal herbs. And there should be a few savage beasts roaming around in the vicinity so i can collect those too. Not to mention everything in the sect vaults!

Wow getting dropped here might actually be my lucky day as long as no one with a cultivation of Mortal Lord shows up then i'll have no problem clearing this entire sect out!"


Righteous Sword Saints of Light sect.

Palace Mountain Peak

Grand hall

Entering into the hall, you could see that all forms of decor and aesthetic were removed to give space to set up the mountain of spirit stones used to push the spell formation. The entirety of the mountain is shaking from withstanding those attacks from the Devil cultivators but there were other pressing matters at hand before facing the threat. Standing around the formation were many elders of the sect talking in low whispers.

"Everyone I, Elder Song, Take Full responsibility for the wrongdoings of the Hall of Order. After we get past this ordeal i will fully resign myself from the position.

There is no excuse how i allowed our enemies to enter into our midsts. So instead of running away or hiding, i have stepped forth to volunteer myself to drink the primrose elixir..."

In the midsts of his speech many small gasps could be heard from various locations in the crowd. Many of them knew they didn't have more than 70 or so years to live, if anyone one should be sacrificing their longevity it should definitely be them. Nevertheless no one stood out to object.

Many of the elders secretly blamed Elder Song as someone who was given the title hall master there is no room for mistakes in that position. They knew that if the sect wasn't on the brink of destruction the likeliness that he would have been beheaded in the middle of a town somewhere would be very high.

They might even place some false charges on him to help elevate themselves to the public and make it seem as if they were a no nonsense organization!

At the end of the day many of them new that he had a hidden agenda for drinking the elixir and what better agenda is there than to become a 7-star Mortal Warrior?

The song clan actually put all their hopes onto this elder, in 125 years they helped him break into the Mortal Grandmaster 9-star realm using every connection and resource they could muster. Many of the resources they used actually damaged his foundation a bit and caused him to look many years past his age. Instead of looking like a strapping young man in the prime of his life, his back was a little hunched, he was graying, and his beard reached his chest.

Although he may have suffered from cultivation deviations from overuse of low quality resources causing him to look like someone's great grandpa he still kept his head high for how many other people in this realm could say that they were as strong as him at their age?

With 175 years of longevity remain he would be able to push his cultivation to the 7-star realm and would be considered a power house able to walk sideways and backwards! Even if he only had 50 years of life left as long as they survived this ordeal, with such a powerful cultivation, wouldn't he be able to provide many resources not only to the sect but also to his clan.

Giving them an opportunity to have stable footing in the future after his passing? When those who stood forward today all come to pass, the sect should offer them a service and they will probably get a monument in the ancestral Hall!

With these thoughts Elder Songs eyes were glowing with confidence. That confidence seemed to be contagious as seven other 9-star Mortal Grandmaster elders stood forward proclaiming that they would also sacrifice themselves for the sect and drink the elixir.

With no chance of further breakthroughs it doesn't really matter if they don't even have a future to cultivate in.

When the Sect master saw so many elders step forward and sacrifice themselves for the good of the sect his mind shook slightly. Driving his cultivation he was able to stabilize his emotions and stop himself from acting unsightly in front of these brave Men and Women.

In a corner of the hall the Grand elder, protector of the sect could be seen with furrowed brows and a slight frown on her face. No one could tell what she was thinking in this moment.


Withered Mountain River

After bathing for a while and then meditating even more, Alucard could feel his Blood Qi cultivation stabilizing and becoming sturdier. Although he could continue to refine the blood qi he absorbed from others while battling, it was slow and if to much is swallowed in haste than it could cause issue down the line when trying to reach higher realms.

Breathing out a small cloud of turbid air Alucard finally opened his beautiful scarlet eyes. Looking at his reflection in the river he could see that along with his skin being sun kissed, his silver hair was very glossy and seemed so full of life, after being rinsed out only once.

After awakening his bloodlines and regaining some of his cultivation he was looking much healthier and after drinking blood he wasn't looking malnourished in the slightest. His hazelnut skin had slight hints of gold undertones not hinting at the massive amounts of blood stored underneath at all.

The Infinite Blood ocean cultivation technique, after many sacrifices was Alucard's best bet at reaching the heaven realm. Even more so, as long as he makes it to minor success in his cultivation then he will have no issue becoming near immortal. Thankfully he didn't have to rely on his own body to create new blood to refine it into his cultivation.

At least not having to worry about it in the early stages is what's important. Once a single drop of blood contains a sea, or an ocean... then he'll have to develop a method to help him cultivate. Unless he was willing to massacure entire countries of citizens there wouldn't be enough blood to drive his cultivation. That was why it's so important to advance his body cultivation along with his Qi cultivation.

The more life force and vitality the body has, the easier it will be for it to produce copious amounts of blood making cultivating much more relaxing. When every drop of blood your body produces is equivalent to a lake, or a river breaking through to the next level is only a matter of when and not a matter of how! Having a powerful soul is a must if he wants to utilize his powerful blood Qi and refine different kinds of talismans and artifacts. Without a powerful soul the blood would simply try to consume you in your entirety!

Looking in the corner of his eye a small glowing question mark could be seen hovering in and out of focus, after talking with the system all this time he realized it was the symbol for a new Quest.

"System, Show me the new Quest description!"

[Main-Quest opened:

Reach the 1-star Mortal Warrior realm to begin cultivating Dimensional seed

Rewards completion within time limits

5 years: Nothing!

3 years: Grade 1 spirit plant seed (Random)

1 year: Low Quality Water source, Grade 1 Spirit plant seed (random)

9 months: Low Quality Spirit root, Mid Quality Water source, Grade 1 Spirit plant seed (random)

6 months: Mid Quality Spirit root, High Quality Water source, Two Grade 1 Spirit plant seed (random)

3 months: 1-star Emperor Qi Spirit root, 1-star mountain soil, 1-star Quality Water source, Two Grade 1 Spirit plant seed

1 Month: 2-star Emperor Qi spirit root, 2-star mountain soil, 2-star water source, 2-star spirit plant seed bundle (random), System Artifact (random)

Less than a month: ?? ???? ??? ?? ?? ??? ]

Looking at the Rewards Alucard felt like he had been knocked stupid! This was his GoldFinger ability? Without deep pockets, or an amazing background, who can say that they have the possibility to fill their world with resources beyond the realms grade?

Just the 1-star water source is such a big deal, and the system was talking about also giving him 1-star mountain soil? This is what people sold their souls for 'figuratively of course'! But even just the award for having a breakthrough in 9 months was enough to make his mouth water!

"System! Are you saying that if i can break through in less than a month there is a possibility of greater rewards?"

[Hosts assumption is correct!]

[For main Quests, the System rewards for efficiency as well! So if you not only reach the goal within or before the time limit, if the quest is completed with a high evaluation then you may also be entitled to bonus rewards!]

[These are all rights within the systems privilege, if you couldn't be provided with at least this much assistance what would be the point of having a Goldfinger at all?]

Alucard nodded his head in approval. This is what he had been thinking from the beginning as well. What would be the point of a system that didn't actually help him?

The answers he got from the system this time around helped ease his heart a little but he was still vigilant, why out of all the beings in existence was he one of the few people awarded a system? He wasn't fond of being someone else's pawn, so although he would let the system assist him, he would still be sure to grow his own power base!

The thought of those promised rewards, lit a fire under Alucards ass! Now that he felt that his cultivation realm had stabilized at the Mortal Disciple 5-star realm after fully digesting all the blood Qi he had store, he dried his wet clothes off and looked to the west!

In the distance he could feel a massive amount of spiritual energy being directed. It was probably the heart of the sect's defensive spell formation. That would also be where most of the sects disciples would be as well.

Stealing his resolve alucard headed in the direction of his next meal!

"I'll be able to take a bloodbath soon."

A smile couldn't help but creep upon his face!


Righteous Sword Saints of Light Sect.

Above the 9 Main Peaks

Aboard a skyship

"Lord Prophet, Just like you said!

They have no reinforcements, and they put their Sect's defence up as soon as they noticed our presence. Even if they sent for reinforcements yesterday, it would still take them another week before they get here! We'll Definitely achieve our Gods Goals!"

A semi-transparent film covered the 9 main peaks of the righteous sword sect in an attempt to protect them from coming into direct conflict with the heretics until they can find a viable solution to the issue itself!

Unwelcomed in most major cities leaving them unable to purchase quality goods, the heretics still know how to travel in style!

Outside the Barrier was a small fleet of skyships with a majority of them being ships with only one mast, there was actually 3 ships that had two masts, and one very large ship that had 3 masts!

On the largest ship the presences the members of this ship gave off was almost suffocating just from the sight. If there was someone there to take an accurate measurement of the power level of those standing around the this particular ship. They would gasp at that the amount of Mortal Warrior's gathered!

"Yes my child, there is no more reason for us to keep our heads low! When our lord sent me that vision i knew exactly what it was he was trying to say! This Righteous Sword Saints of light sect will become our first major conquest in this realm!

As long as we can find the child mentioned in the vision and bring him to our side, there will be no one in this realm that can stop our ambition! Even just trampling this sect and having a proper base will help give our Devil cultivating sect much more stability and make it easier for us to grow in the future!"

Amidst the heretics the one who gave off the most domineering arua happened to be from a hooded figure that stood at the most center of the ship! Next to the hooded figure stood a young looking women that didn't seem to be more that 30 years old. Surprisingly her cultivation base was at the 7-star Mortal Warrior realm already and she was practically kneeling towards the other figure.

Although you couldn't make out his looks, his robes spoke volumes all on their own. With gaudy gold chains fit with tiny skulls hanging around his neck, a different ring on every finger, Jade bracelets, a stave that is giving of an ominous energy, and the slight sparkling of the circlet hidden by his hood! This man was RICH!!!!

"Don't worry prophet after moving all of our treasure with us the formation plates we have should be enough to destroy this shield within a few hours instead of days! After that massacring this hypocritical sect should only be a matter of time!"

The young women with the profound cultivation base quickly turned towards the other Mortal warriors standing around the ship and started giving orders!

No matter to whom she spoke, all they did was nod and began their task! Soon enough 30 Mortal warriors at the 3-star realm surrounded the entirety of the barrier protecting the sect! In each of their hands was flat jade plate with different runes and engravings lining them!

Seeing all the formation plates properly setup up, the young women shouted for all the heavens to hear!

"Begin the Formation!!"

Just like that all those Mortal Warriors started to drive their cultivation to the limit and when they looked like they were on the verge of exploding, they beat on their chest with a mighty fist and hacked up their vital blood Qi and spit it on their respective formation plates!

Immediately all of their auras grew weaker by two notches! Sacrificing two stages of cultivation to help power this formation, you could see the heretics resolve in winning this war in one fell swoop!

Upon contact with the vital blood Qi the formation plates shone like 30 tiny stars lighting up the sky during the day! Soon each formation plate sent a beam of light out to connect with the plate to its left. This continued on until the formation circuit was complete! The barrier seemed to have a halo gently placed hovering right above it!

Though the aesthetic was breathtaking, the fact of the matter is that it wasn't that off from the actual situation! Inside the Grand hall of the sect every member was unable to take a breath because of the massive suction force that was drawing out all the spiritually energy helping drive the sects defensive formation!

The force was so strong that even the air around them was being robbed its spirituality! The mountain of spirit stones they had prepared were already beginning to lose their luster and even some of the smaller ones were beginning to crack!

Seeing the Qi gathering formations plates working the young heretic women had a smile on her face as she looked up towards the one called Prophet! With a slight nod back and forth she turned back and kept her attention on all the things happening below the barrier so as to be more prepared when they initiate their attack!

If this women had the ability to see through walls. She would have noticed that the lone protector of the sect under great duress pulled out a jade from her sleeve and crushed it into fine powder. Under the protectors breath all that could be heard from her lips was a simple sentence.

"Please let this work..."