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 Inside the cave, when they ran inside, there was two white six tail snow foxes. They were both very small and cute, but their parents were ferocious. The two foxes had just hatched, and when they saw Zang Wai they purred with delight.

They were under their mother's butt and she was unaware they had hatched. Hence, when Zeng Bai scared away his parents, the first thing they saw was Zang Wai, and Shen Ju.

One of them, very cutely, purred before Shen Ju smiled and bent down.

Zang Wai did the same thing, and the six-tail snow foxes approached and purred. Shen Ju turned over to Zang Wai and smiled.

"Afortable around Zang Wai, and his body felt nice to touch. It was like she's meant to be his... and she really didn't wish to be touched by unwelcomed hands.

"I promise I won't do anything weird to you lass. Your dad must have been an eighth rank spiritual array expert to make this seal... Still I will remove it for you, and you'll protect Zang Wai for this old man, okay?"

"Wait... so my dad made me suffer all this time in the desert for a reason?" This revelation to Shen Ju was exactly not what she was expecting. After all, her dad was an extremely strong man at the essence gathering stage...

One night when she was asleep, he must have put this on her back. That night he left was so extremely disappointing for her, and she regretted ever going to sleep!

A light that seemed to be a star bloomed on her back, and then the array broke under the spell.

"Yes, and I also have a feeling he wanted to keep you away from men. You're gorgeous young lass, hahahahaha!"

Zeng Bai then turned to Zang Wai and pulled out a map from his storage capture space. "Heh, you two forgive this man he hasa chance to increase his age! I sense a dragon in the area, and... I'm sorry to have to abandon you beautiful younglings. I'll be back with a dragon, or die trying!"

"Uhmm, good luck sir ancestor.... Thank you for unlocking my powers!" Shen Ju felt her bodies power soaring, and Zang Wai was still trying to figure out what to do.

"You mean, you're giving me a map in a forest that I've never been to before. Leaving me here with a girl who may or may not be strong, and you're also telling me there is a dragon that can make you live longer! Well, good luck I suppose!" He folded his arms before Shen Ju mounted his back with her legs.

"Zang Wai, im sorry, but he's already gone." Shen Ju said as her pelvis rammed into his head. "However, this means we can start our adventure! Come on, let's go before we get struck by the flames of the dragon!"

Zang Wai sighed before the girl dismounted and began tugging him into the unknown forest. Inside of his body, he heard a small fox coo, and he began to wonder about what this world had in store.