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 Getting up, the boy reanalyzed his surroundings. Currently he was surrounded by a green forest but the spot where he stood was all dried up dirt. It seemed to be the concentration spot for many disasters.

"Pardon the intrusion." the boy said while walking towards the forest and leaving the woman dumbfounded.

His looks were truly mystical as if he was the living manifestation of every young and old woman's dream man. Although he looked young, it didn't stop the woman from staring at him with awe.

"You brat! Who are you and why are you here?" Yem said as she was the first to get out of her trance.

Stopping, the boy turned his body towards Yem and said directly towards her

"I am the successor of the God Of Creation and Battle Prowess, Xian Li. As for why i'm here.. To gain experience and further my knowledge about the worlds I will be maintaining in the future." Xian Li said as he turned around and continued walking.

Yem was left speechless. She didn't expect this kind of answer so how could she respond? In her mind, although this boy's looks had no match, his brain was complete shit.

"Brat, I don't know how you got in but it's no use trying to escape! All the beasts in here are kept inside that barrier." Yem said while pointing towards the sky.

Looking up, Xian Li did indeed notice a barrier put up. the barrier looked transparent except for the fact that it held a slight distortion where it was covering giving evidence for the barrier covering all the way from the ground up till the sky.

"Surely you four can break this barrier by yourselves so why haven't you broken out yet?" XIan Li asked confused. Although this barrier was strong, it wouldn't be enough to stop a Divine Realm being from breaking it.

"How do you think we ended up here? A few people pressured us to stay in this forest for eternity and if we went out they would find and kill us." Yem said sourly. She didn't know why, but she felt compelled to answer every question this boy asked as if it was her pleasure and duty.

"Why did you get pressured?" Xian Li asked intrigued as if this was a children's story told when you were young.

"They wanted our territories. But if we died then the territory in which we rule will lose all of its precious resources wilting away to nothingness. So they pressured us to stay in this forest since we don't want to die yet, we listened to them." Yem said completely contradicting her fierce personality.

"I see. Quite interesting." Xian Li said while pondering over something.

"Oh right, I almost forgot. How about you four be my guides and in exchange i'll protect you from whoever comes to kill you?" Xian Li suggested. In his mind, wouldn't being able to explore this vast world with him be better than rotting away in this forest?

"Huh? Did you even hear a word I said and why would I lower myself even more to be a mere guide for you?" Yem retorted as she was clearly agitated by what Xian Li said.

By now, the three other girls were watching the conversation between Xian Li and Yem as they really had nothing better to do. Hearing that Xian Li was asking them to be his guide, they all got agitated as well except for Yu who was actually pondering over this request.

"What if he actually has the power to protect us? He was able to go inside this forest undetected by all of us." Yu thought and then she said

"How do we know you can protect us?"

Xian Li, who was listening to Yem scolding him turned towards Yu and said "How do I prove it?"

'You said your the God of Creation or whatever right? If you are able to make something worthy of us to follow you then we will."

"Oh okay.. Then advancing you to the next sub realm would probably be good enough right?" Xian Li said while stretching out his hand.

In this world, their were 4 realms with sub realms in each.

The realms included in order from the beginning of cultivation


Mortal Realms sub realms: Mortal, Martial Mortal, Origin Mortal, Profound Mortal, Half step Immortal


Immortal Realms sub realms: Immortal, Earth Immortal, Sky Immortal, Immortal Emperor


Saint Realms sub realms: Risen Saint, Core Saint, Holy Saint


Divine Realms sub realms: Divine Shredder, Divine Walker, Divine Soldier, Divine Emperor/Empress


As he was previously analyzing the woman before him, he noticed they were all in the Divine Shredder Realm so in order for them to break through to the Divine Walker Realm they needed to immensely fortify their bodies but it seemed instead of doing that they were just focusing on making their cultivation more and more thick which wouldn't help them break through to the next realm.

Xian Li stretched out his arm half way and opened his palm, a spacial crack appeared as if the air itself was shattered like glass and four pure white pills fell out of the crack. These pills exuded a strong but pleasant medicinal smell which made it seem like it was a sweet dish instead of a pill.

"Here swallow these." Xian Li said while tossing the pills to the four woman.

"What do we have to lose." Yu said while swallowing the pills followed by the three woman shortly after.