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 Hearing This Zuo Fang Immediately Burst Open His Doors. He Did Not Want To Kill Any One for At Least A Month But Then this Guy Arrogantly Came Here to Challenge Him. He Remembers Killing A Guy After the Guy Said He Killed A Guy.

" Get Lost! Or Else I Will Make It Painful And Make Sure You Never Cultivate Again! " Screamed Zuo Fang. This Arrogant Guy Dare To Come In Here And Challenge Him in Front of His Manor? Although the Previous Zuo Fang Had A Bad Reputation this Zuo Fang Is Different.

" Hmpf Your Just A Mere Son Of A Bitch! Your Mother Is A Whore That Is Lucky To Be With the Prince! I have to admit She Is Beautiful, But A Whpre Is Still A Whore! " Mocked Green Valley Older Brother. His Mother If Anything Is A Whore. To Fall In Love With A Womanizer, She Must Be Really Dumb And Lustful. That Or She Just Wants The Prince's Money.

Immediately After He Said this At 0.001 Nano Seconds He Felt A Sharp Pain In Front of His Eyes. Immediately After, He Could Not See! Also His Cultivation Was Crippled With A Simple Palm Strike Following The Eye Slash.

" Burp " Echoes the Discple As the Shriek Was Also Super Loud. So Loud that The Elders Of the Green Valley Sect Could Hear It. By the Way That guy's Cultivation Level Is at the 4th Soul Layer.

The Disciple Falls Unconsious And Zuo Fang Flees the Scene.

A Elder Of the Green Valley Sect Arrives to The Disciple. This Disciple Was A Core Disciple Of Their Sect and His Eyes Was chopped Off And Lost All of His Cultivation. ( It Was Actually Sealed Because Zup Fang Is A Void God And Knows A Technique. )

"This Bastard.... He Dares Pick A Fight With Us!?! Although He Is Strong We Elders Are In A Average Quality! (XD) Clan Which Means We Are Strong. " Talks To Self Elder And People In An Anime Or Novel.

They Were All At the 8th to 9th Soul Layer, And Some of them Have Even Reached the Profound Layer! Who Could Dare Go Against Them!


In A Forest


" From what I Heard their Elders Are At the Peak Soul Layer And Their Patriach Is At the Peak of The 1st Profound Layer! I Dislike This! Someone Dares Try to Kill Me! " Annoyed Zuo Fang. He Did Not Want Be Bothered By Any Restrains At All. He Was A Void God After All. All He Needed to Do Was Lay Low For A While So He Could Get Strong Enough to Kill People And **** the Women Here! He Was The Most Supreme Evil Existence Back Then.... Suddenly A Thought Came to Mind.

" Gehehe I Suddenly Have A Mysterious Plan That Will Be Revealed Right Now In The Next Chapter To Wipe Out My Enemies And Gain A Shit Ton Of Money! " Here Is A Hint It Has Something to Do With Some Zombies And Science. Haha