Divine Ancient Demon Lord

Divine Ancient Demon Lord
Author: MurderKing
Sort: Xianxia
Update: 2018-12-28 03:33
Lastest: 5 Chapter 4: Devilish Scheme
Intro: The Ancient Murderous Devil Lord, Jefferson Mustache Devil Knight Was Been Sentenced And Murdered By The Celestial Emperor, For The Crime Of Murdering Their Fellow God Kins.He Somehow Reincarantes Into A Disgraced 16 Year Old Boy Named Can Hamburger. A Simple Reincaranation Story With The Goal Of Revenge!By the Way The Protagonist Is Evil And Stuff.+7 Chapters A Week At 1500 Words On Real Chapters, Unlike Prolouge And Auxillary Chapters. ( BTW This Is My First Story. Please Report On Any Spelling Errors Or Mistakes, English Is My Second Language. )
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