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 Runaway Liu's Tears

"Gushi and Anfeng has fallen!" Xu Shu frowned as he read the information. Now that Gushi and Anfeng had fallen, Liu Bei and Zhang Xiu's armies are able to use Gushi as a base to attack Shouchun. They can go South and threaten Lujiang. Although these two were only small cities, they had become two nails stuck into Yangzhou. Had Gushi and Anfeng not fall, the battle could be fought on the field but now a siege battle would need to be fought.

"Send scouts! Have General Deng Yi at Lujiang defend it. He is absolutely not allowed to go out and fight!" Xu Shu once again issued the military order. Hefei can be lost but Lujiang must absolutely not. This is because Lujiang has a lot of shipyards.

"When is Marquis Wen's reinforcements going to arrive?" Xu Shu asked the official responsible for the Lujiang area.

"I don't know. Military advisor Chen Gong had sent a letter saying that it was possible for Sun Ce to wait for an opportunity to land at Yangtze River. On top of that, Lujiang's provisions were not sufficient. However, they would 'hurry' and give Xu Shu a reply.

"Sun Ce!" Xu Shu started to have a headache from the appearance of another conqueror. Right now, Lu Bu could almost be considered as being attacked from three sides. Sun Ce was looming at the Yangtze River. He even took the guards of Jianye, the thirty thousand navy out. It could be said that Sun Ce has gained the upper hand at the Yangtze River.

Zhuge Liang was avoiding battle at Jiangxia. This was because there is no chance of winning Sun Ce at that moment. Fighting would cause both sides to suffer. Zhuge Liang wants military leadership. He does not want to help Liu Biao obtain gains. That was why Sanjiangkou and Jiangxia was calm. Sun Ce had also vacated the area. The Lujiang River had the trend of the Sun Ce's navy with their warships floating, causing no small amounts of headaches even though they had been defeated at Anhui. Besides that, Jingzhou's navy did not suffer any losses. According to the truth, it was impossible for Sun Ce to land but it would be better to be safe than sorry. Zhang Xiu and Liu Bei had moved. Liu Biao would just sit on a mountain and watch them fight. If Sun Ce lands, they would be attacked from two sides.

That was why in the past few days, the provisions at Lujiang was allocated to the defenders, the Formation Breaker and Chen Deng's army. After all, Chen Gong and Lu Bu planned to abandon Shouchun as a last resort. The soldiers at Shouchun would naturally not be able to set out without provisions.

"How about you have Yang Hong help me bring one hundred thousand of the common people to Lujiang!" Xu Shu was also helpless without any soldiers. It would be difficult to defend against the enemy without soldiers. His reinforcements had also been stalled by Sun Ce. Shouchun was Xu Shu's bottom line.

"One hundred thousand of the common people?" This was the time to appease the common people. What is the use of sending them over?

"Tell them Lujiang is undergoing repairs and construction. Do not tell them that there is a war. Have Yang Hong take ten of the engineering and as many of the mountain people!" Xu Shu now placed his hopes on Liu Mang. Xu Shu was ready to fight a protracted war. The people from the mountains were all good at fighting. It could be said that all of them were soldiers. Putting a hundred thousand of the mountain people there would make it unlikely for only twenty thousand soldiers to be defending when Liu Bei and Zhang Xiu attack.

With a hundred thousand of the mountain people helping out, it was possible to hold out. Xu Shu's provisions was not much left.

After Gushi and Anfeng was Hefei and Lujiang. He hoped those two cities would be able to hold out for some time. Xu Shu had forgotten about a small town named Guangzhou. It was no wonder as it was weak. Xu Shu only knew that it only has one thousand soldiers. Liu Mang had also put an asterisk on the map instead of a friendly forces symbol. This meant that Guangzhou was dispensable. If even Gushi and Anfeng had fallen, Guangzhou should have also fallen by now.

This was Xu Shu's mistake.


Flags were everywhere at Guangzhou. Twenty thousand soldiers surrounded the small Guangzhou. At the side was another twenty thousand of the Xiliang Cavalry. Anyone who claims that they were unable to feel any pressure would be lying. On the walls, Hao Shao's arm trembled and could not help but swallow his saliva. However, Hao Shao remained calm on the surface. If he himself panicked, there would be no way to fight. That being said, there was still no way to fight this. How could this battle be fought? Hao Shao laughed bitterly. The total number of his soldiers were two thousand at most. This was also after his Young Master Liu Mang had given him one thousand soldiers. Hao Shao had used the provisions and gold to maintain it. Although Hao Shao had trained the soldiers in the past month, the enemies had more than ten times his number. Hao Shao now had the same feeling as Liu Mang when he was surrounded by Sun Ce at Anhui.

"People on the city walls. Listen up! I am under the command of the Emperor's uncle and I am the provincial governor Liu Pi! I am under Milord's orders to suppress renegades. Anyone sensible would come down the walls and opened up the gates to greet me into the city. You will be able to keep your life. Otherwise, the day the city is siege would be your last day alive!" Liu Pi roared loudly from below. Making the opponent submit without fighting is a strategy of a higher level. Liu Pi was very proud. If Guangzhou surrendered, his face would shine in front of his lord.

"Suppress renegades? Milord is the East General of the Han. Where is the renegade? My Little Lord is the Sagely King. How is he a renegade? Uninvited renegades like you should quickly withdraw." Hao Shao was not very afraid. He has followed Lu Bu for a long time. It could be said that he has experienced a lot. On top of that, he was also part of the Wolf Cavalry. To think he would surrender would be underestimating him.

"East General of the Han?" Hahaha!" Liu Pi gave an arrogant laugh. He pointed his finger at Hao Shao on top of the walls and shouted. "Are you talking about that Slave of Three Surnames? The Slave of Three Surnames go against the trend of times! Now is the time for him to be punished by Milord!"

Slave of Three Surnames? Hao Shao's mood turned bad. His gaze turned sharp. As someone from the Wolf Cavalry, Lu Bu was always like a God in his heart. Lu Bu was the alpha. Hao Shao was unable to endure someone saying bad things about Lu Bu. Lu Bu himself could be considered a faith. If it was not for the fact that Hao Shao prefers defending instead of attacking, Hao Shao would not have left the Wolf Cavalry. Even then, he would not allow others to disrespect his lord. Those that insult his lord would die.

"What about your lord? Isn't your lord the Emperor Liu's uncle the Left General Liu Bei?" Hao Shao endured the anger in his heart and asked Liu Pi despite knowing the answer.

"Why? Do you feel afraid now that you know Milord's name? Then quickly come down those walls and wait for me to deal with the offender!" Liu Pi enjoyed Hao Shao's appearance with arrogance.

"Afraid. Of course I am afraid! He is the Han Emperor's uncle. He was personally awarded the title of Left General. He is ungrateful Liu Bei and does not spare a glance to the great teacher just because he did not want to get involved. He is the Liu Bei that breaks his faith by seizing Prime Minister Cao's Xuzhou." The things Hao Shao mentioned was all heard from Liu Mang. To embarrass Liu Bei even more, Hao Shao even flattered Cao Cao.

Ungrateful? Breaks his faith? These two words were difficult to wash off by anyone involved. During troubled times, it would cause people to be cast aside. Even someone like Lu Bu knew the importance of reputation, much less someone like Liu Bei.

Pang Tong glanced at his own lord. He did not know about the ungratefulness but he knew about the faith breaking. This was because Cao Cao had been very good to Liu Bei. Not only did Cao Cao gave Liu Bei military leadership. He even gave Lu Bu's Red Hare to Guan Yu. He even testified to the Han Emperor that Liu Bei was a Han clansmen and the Emperor's uncle. Nobody expected Liu Bei to sell off Cao Cao. Not only did Liu Bei kill Che Wei and seized control of the military power at Qingzhou. He even occupied the entire Xuzhou. This were dishonest acts done by Liu Bei. However, these were turbulent times and stabbing someone behind the back was normal. When spoken out, it was as disgraceful as Lu Bu's Slave of Three Surnames and Cao Cao's slaughter of Lu Boshe. For the sake of benefits, nothing could be done about it. This was an unwritten rule during turbulent times. However, when it is said out loud it was no longer fun.

Zhang Xiu also looked at Liu Bei. Just like the time Zhang Fei had called Lu Bu Slave with Three Surnames. At that time, Lu Bu's face looked as though it was burning. It was shameful making Lu Bu unable to bear meeting with others. The three Peach Brothers could defeat Lu Bu because he was too ashamed to stay and got himself defeated to leave. This scene was now given to Liu Bei.

"Wah! Wah!" Sure enough, hermits have their own strategy. Crying was an art. After all, there was not good to explain it. The young general from the Lu Bu's Army was correct. Liu Bei was truly an ungrateful person. For his own future prospects, Liu Bei did not dare to offend the Ten Eunuchs. This was why he did not step forward. However, Liu Bei was also helpless. He was not Yuan Shao, neither was he Cao Cao. He does not have any friends at court that could help him. They could rain curses on the Ten Eunuch and not depend on them. When Liu Bei became well known, the Ten Eunuch does not even need to bother with him. Those that wanted to curry favor with the Ten Eunuch could punish the three brothers on their own. Liu Bei had initially wanted to make use of Cao Cao to chase Lu Bu away from Xuzhou and then occupy Xuzhou himself. This was a good strategy but it was perfidious.

Liu Bei was unable to explain. Since he could not explain, he would not explain and use his ultimate trick. Crying!

His mouth was stretched out and his eyes were squeezed tight. Liu Bei's eyes was already full of tears. He exaggerated it and his tears flowed down like rain. Liu Bei then knelt on the ground and howled. "Teacher, teacher! I, Liu Bei, Liu Xuande have let you down. This is all Xuande's fault. Xuande should not have done this. Teacher has instructed that we must be prepared to solve important issues despite humiliation. We must endure the self-imposed hardships. But this is impossible. In order to save the Han and the country, Xuande could not bear to meet with you. In order to save His Majesty the Emperor, Xuande had no choice but to be perfidious. Xuande is tired. I beg you to leave! This one is prepared to shoulder the infamy but he is not willing to see the Han destroyed. This one does not want to see the common people suffer from the flames of war. Teacher!"

"Milord! Please get up! This is not the fault of Milord! It is the fault of this subject! Milord has the power of the state but endures hardships and humiliation for the Han. It is the fault of Milord's incompetent subjects that you have to go through hardships. Shi Yuan should be the one asking for forgiveness!" Pang Tong also put on an act.

"Shi Yuan must not! Shi Yuan must not! Shi Yuan is a hero of the Han. This one still needs to depend on Shi Yuan. Let this unfilial disciple be the one to apologize!"

Liu Bei and Pang Tong sung a duet. If Hao Shao learned about Liu Bei from Liu Mang, he would also be influenced. The man cried as though he was heartbroken. Even Zhang Xiu was moved. For the sake of the Han, he endured not meeting his teacher. For the sake of the Han, he endured being cursed by the common people. For the capability of having the Han Emperor acknowledge the thief Cao's control. The man was truly loyal to the Han.

"Milord! Military advisor! Watch Liu Pi obtain the head of the young man on the wall to seek justice!" Liu Pi was a fan of Liu Bei. Liu Bei had cried so well that Liu Pi also broke down. In anger, he pointed his spear at Hao Shao who was on the walls. "Young man! Accept your death!"