Primordial Sovereign

Primordial Sovereign
Author: DeusNox
Sort: Xianxia
Update: 2018-12-27 16:05
Lastest: 3 A Harrowing Chase and a Near Miss
Intro: The light approached him hesitantly. As it grew closer it began to resemble a fist. The fist was covered in strange runic markings that pulsed along with the flaming cascade that engulfed its entirety.Suddenly the fist began blossoming like a lotus flower. Within the palm, a small pebble sized stone was contained. The stone emitted an intense pressure that seemed to both disturb and calm the environment around it. The profundity of it surpassed the limits of the world.--------------------------------------------------Hey guys. I'm kinda new to the writing game and I am just publishing this book for fun. Uploads might be a bit random but if you like the first couple chapters I am sure I can pump out on a regular basis!
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