In grass field surrounded by trees,lay a boy sleeping and snoring while sometimes sleep talking nonsense. "Mom,let me sleep five more minutes...." Says he while moving a little. Because of his movements, he sensed that he is not in his bed anymore.

"Hmm?" drowsily waking up, he gazed at his surroundings. Seeing a completely unfamiliar place filled with trees and green, his sleepiness is gone almost instantly.

"Where i am? is this a dream?" he grabbed the grass in the ground and sensing the familiar feeling that grass gives like, he began suspecting that this not dream.

'Someone kidnapped me? No, there is no reason to throw me here then. Do i sleepwalked? No, i can't reach that far just by sleepwalking.' He began to think possible reasons for being here.

His name is Noah Williams, he is a just normal teenager who was sleeping to go to school tomorrow after reading his novels,when he suddenly woke up here.

He stood up and examined his surroundings once more, all directions except his front were filled with trees. Gazing at his front, he can see a city there.

'For the time being i should go there.' Thought Noah while running in that direction. After a long time Noah reached there while sweating and panting. In front of him is a city filled with ancient China houses and asian looking people.

"What the heck..." Says him while looking around like someone who has never seen a city. Some people passing noticed him and gazed at him like he was some bumpkin.

'Is this really not a dream?' He pinched himself to confirm it. Feeling the pain, he accepted that he was not dreaming.

Wandering around, he noticed people forming a circle and looking at something. He approached a middle aged man to ask what is going on.

"Hey sir, can you tell me what is happening here?"

"Hmm? You don't know about Blue Flame Sect recruitment? Did you come from a village or something?"

"Yes i come from a far away village" He nods while smiling. Nobody is going to believe him if he told that he suddenly appeared there and it sounds like a good excuse to ask about things.

"Hmph,You are really a bumpkin. To don't know even about Blue Flame Sect annual recruitment." he spoke with a haughty tone and gazed at the front don't bothering to talk anymore.

'Sect? What the hell? These chinese clothes,sects,and this cliche arrogant for no reason guy, don't tell me....' He began to reach a conclusion that even he himself don't believe.

'No wait, how in the world i'm understanding them? They are speaking some weird language that looks like chinese.' He suddenly realized.

"Low-Medium talent, you aren't qualified. Next!" He suddenly heard a shout at the front of the circle. There were youths forming a line with a table with a stone in front. There was a man sitting in a chair near the table. a youth was leaving with a sad expression and another came and put a hand in the stone. The stone suddenly started to glow with a green light and the man after a some time spoke.

"Low-High talent,you are qualified. Next!" The youth with a happy expression walked towards a space with another twenty youths. They were making arrogant and happy expressions.

'Oh shit....' Noah read enough novels to know what is going on. This looks exactly like some kind of sect recruiting disciples.

"Seems like i finally become crazy" He sighed while facepalming.