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 The morning started with excitement. A teacher from the Sky Peak Academy had come to the small Cold Weather province. He had been invited by the top 5 families in Curving River City. Raul Emerald a youth of the young age of eight was preparing for the days exhibition. The young lad was just about four foot tall a bit pale from cultivating inside with dark brown hair neatly cut and distinct eyebrows that gave him a stern look for his age. As he was about to leave outside the door he paused with his hand on the door knob.

A slightly gravely voice spoke "Bah what's taking that child so long how dare he keep us waiting."

"Great Grandfather hold your anger he is likely to become the head of the house in the future!" A young voice cam in surprise.

"Bah he's to willful and holds all in disdain with his choice of cultivation in a few years he won't even be a match for those younger then him let alone you." The elder spoke with disdain.

Rahl shook his head as he opened thee door. "Great uncle I fear I kept you waiting, this junior apologizes." Giving a slight bow to the elder he hid his disappointment.

"Well as long as you know. Thier isn't any more time to wait we can't keep the Teacher Theodore waiting." Waving his hand he didn't worry whether the boy heard him or not.

The youth that was waiting frowned as he began to follow his great grandfather with Rahl. Slightly taller then Rahl he had a noble appearance that had made many of the ladies in the family look forward to him growing up. Trevor Emerald was a year older then Raul. He slightly nodded at Raul as they walked down the hall. Not nearly as bold as his Sabino his great grandfather.

Soon they left the quiet Emerald manner for the battle platform in the city. A festive atmosphere was all around as the merchants plied their wares a long the street. With all the local powers in town gathering the merchants wanted to make money on all the entourage and young scions with money burning their pockets.

Trevor looked around with interest he had never seen the town so lively. Rahl having a more reserved personality only glanced at the clamorous market. Still he was young and seeing all the wondrous items on sale he couldn't help but be intrigued. "Rahl, you already get the best cultivation material the family can give." Looking sternly at the youth. "You're not thinking of wasting the family money on yourself as well are you?"

Rahl's excitement quickly turned into a frown. All the youths in the family members got a small stipend to spend. Yet it was like his uncle was stealing from him. "Great uncle of course not I was only a bit interested in what was on sale."

"You should take your Trevor out and treat him. It's not like you need anything." He sneered at the young scion.

Trevor looked away not wanting to be implicated in his grandfather's posturing. He still hoped for his grandson to be the family heir. Even with two powerful descendent's of the current head. There wasn't much hope so all he could do was make snide remarks.

As they reached the stage setup for the competition they saw the other large families were also arriving. The Akachi family were tall and lanky with a dark skin tone. One of the elders looked sharply around prepared to protect the young ones he was escorting.

The Kang family on the other hand was aloof and sure of it self not paying much attention to the others. They are one of the oldest families in the city the family gave off the feeling of imperialism. With great scholars and beautiful faeries.

The Dunne and Prodst families were allies against the Emerald family. They were newer to the city much like the Emerald family. They often fought in the streets over territory. They gave a dark glare as the Emerald family arrived.

The heads of the family were already inside entertaining the teacher that came. The citizens and local cultivators slowly poured in. Hoping to see carp turn into dragons. Also hoping the teacher would put them on the path to a great hero and catch his eye.